Background Photo of Lightning by ARCHURE from Las Vegas MGM Hotel parking structure 5th floor looking east (ironic that it is photo #0123, see Psychic Phenomena)

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Weatherspark Las Vegas NV USA - peak average hi temp July 13 104 F? Try 110 thru Sept 5 enter your location
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CURRENT and RECENT-PAST 3 days, posted hourly: KLAS data
note: pressure of 30 = fair weather, below 29.5 = storm aka low pressure system, it typically starts raining when the pressure lowers to around 29.5 or 29.6).

AND 3 Day History NWS Ntl Weather Serv


LISTS: CURRENT and FUTURE CONDITIONS, then below that on the right side, more than 50% down the page, it says: "Additional Resources" (shortcut to specific items below)

SATELLITE click on SATELLITE picture, then scroll 1/2 down the page and find INFRARED: Northeast Pacific "ANIMATION"
This view you can see the storms come in from Siberia or the Tropics, but there are other views, close up, regional, east coast, etc, link and scroll down for various selections and views

Tropical Pacific ~ Southern NEVADA ~ American Samoa

You have to check this out, don't miss it, ever so handy....
FORECAST GRAPH CHART ** Hourly Weather Forecast click on GRAPH CHART picture. Chart shows Forecast of what "time of day" you can expect winds, temp changes, humidity, etc.

NWS your town
FACEBOOK WEATHER: search for NOAA and search for NWS (national weather service) as well as NWS in your area such as NWS Las Vegas or best yet: NWS Your Town

MOON, SUN, PLANETARY RISE TIMES put in your location if not in Las Vegas, near the top left of page
FUTURE RISING TIME FOR PLANETS, set ahead for any date month year 2/3 down the page put in your location if not in Las Vegas, near the top left of page
Social Weather: people get hungry and interested in social activities when the Moon Rises, then they go to their favorite restaurant and stand in line with the others who got the same urge. But by the time they get to the food, the moon has long risen, maybe an hour later. But if you plan your day off or at work to include Moon Rise, then you can make reservations and get in a bit early. People are sleepiest when the Moon is I.C. or Nadir aka where the sun is a true local midnight (the Meridian is where the sun is a true local noon).
Timeanddate is so kind to list the rising and setting and meridian positions but not the sleepy Nadir, but HALF WAY DOWN THE PAGE they have a Chart showing the MOON and you can interact with the chart to find when it is 0 degrees North or sometimes it will just show as 360 degrees north. Thus NAP TIME is MOON 0 degrees North at least 5 minutes before, and 5 minutes after. (They should work this in with GPS car location gear to let you know when to pull over if sleepy).
The best time for LOVE is VENUS RISING and they list it.
MARS can be good for passion, as well as Dance, Yoga, and Cardio.
NEPTUNE is the planet of 420/Rx, as well as Art and Music (shares with Venus). It does not show Venus Nadir or IC, best time to get your beauty sleep, but its around 12 hours before/after Venus Meridian. Venus Meridian is a social highlight time for the day
JUPITER is the planet of Celebration and Good Luck. So to start any venture, trip, new job, night out, with Jupiter Rising or on the Meridian is considered very good luck.

FUTURE RISING TIME FOR PLANETS, set ahead for any date month year 2/3 down the page put in your location if not in Las Vegas, near the top left of page


RISING OR ASCENDANT: activity and interest (sun rising)
M.C. OR MERIDIAN: focus consciousness and clarity (sun at local noon)
DESCENDANT OR SETTING: joining together with others (sun set)
I.C. OR NADIR: nap, sleep, home life (sun at true local midnight)

Sir Isaac Newton, the discoverer of Gravity, proved that the Moon pulls the tides 4.5 times more than the Sun does. The moon is all powerful astrologically.

CURRENT WEATHER US National Weather Service (current conditions) maps & graphs

METEROLOGY GUIDE (a great explanation)

WEATHER MAPS: H = Fair, L = Storm, wind generally blows west to east, green dots are Doppler Radar = Rain
USA Weather Map with High & Low Pressure systems

Reading up at Wikipedia, I estimate that Las Vegas being around 2000 feet above sea level, is usually around -5 (kPa), so at sea level if it was 1010 (kPa) then perhaps it would be 1005 (kPa) in Las Vegas (2000 feet above sea level). See link to chart, but note their elevation is in Meters not Feet

WEATHER DATA (they lie, add 10 degrees to summer Las Vegas temperatures)
some say that Las Vegas only gets to 101 in Summer, what they don't tell you is that is at 5:00 AM, the daily minimum temperature in the summer
Las Vegas:
Las Vegas:

Climate at a glance (US Gubment)


US Geological Survey:
USGS has changed everything, to find the Large World Quakes select Earthquake Lists, Maps and Statistics Then scroll down past By Year, World, to select Significant Earthquakes, or go to.....
US Geological Survey:

My Article:


U.S. National Weather Service (NWS)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA NWS Weather Prediction Center

US National Weather Service Las Vegas Nevada

1013.25 mb (millibars) = 20.92"Hg (in Merc) = 1.0 atm (atmosphere)

"You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" -Bob Dylan

but generally it goes from west to east.

So if you see a H or High pressure west of Los Angeles, it will soon be over Las Vegas (maybe a day or two?)

And if you see a L or Low pressure west of San Francisco, it will soon be over Reno Nevada and Lake Tahoe

stormy LOW PRESSURE is counter clockwise (reverse that south of equator)

fair HIGH PRESSURE is clockwise (reverse that south of equator)

North of the Equator you Ground the Negative
Zinc has a negative charge

South of the Equator you Ground the Positive? (i hope so)
Aluminum has a positive charge

The North Magnetic Pole has a Negative charge

The South Magnetic Pole has a Positive charge

Electron flow goes from negative to positive so the Aurora electrons must be going from the North pole to the South pole, and possibly, protons go from the South pole to the North pole? in the form of gases? makes sense?

MUSIC on this page: "Wind That Brings The Storm" � 2005 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

Mandala of Science, by ARCHURE

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