The Mysteries of Science Revealed
(ssshhh, trade secrets, ssshhh), just like the Wizard of Oz, you go behind the curtain and pull these levers....


All you gotta know.....
DEMOS from YOUTUBE but NOT by ARCHURE (just the same equipment)

Video of someone else
on Guitar: thru a ROLAND GR-20 demo /// sounds like Flute, Sitar, Sax, Piano, Bass, Bells, etc

Excellent for playing a regular 6 string guitar thru BASS patches: regular electric bass, synth bass full cadence, fretless bass, and stand up double bass which is such a struggle to play, but real easy on a regular 6 string electric guitar. I highly recomend this for BASS. The GR-20 is ideal for this. The newer GR-55 only has only one Bass patch that I recall, but you can download a variety of patches online from ROLAND, I have not seen/heard the selections. Most of my music is GR-20. But the GR-55 has the Best Electric 12-string Richenbacher, and a honky tonk jacked up telecaster, and very cool rock guitar selections. THE GR 20 ROCK PATCHES are not as Rock as the Gr 55 rock patches. The GR 20 is more Synth instead.

another fine ROLAND GR-20 demo Rob Marcello

another fine ROLAND GR-20 demo Rob Marcello

THE GR 20 IS NO LONGER MADE but still availabe
REPLACED BY THE NEWER GR 55 downloadable patches
another fine ROLAND GR-55 demo Rob Marcello

another fine ROLAND GR-55 demo Rob Marcello

another fine ROLAND GR-55 demo Rob Marcello

MIDI GUITAR SAMPLES BY ME: VIOLIN & BELLS: Clear as day, SITAR: Meditation Mn0Ar, TRUMPET SOLO 1:50 Skies At Night, FLUTE: RockNRoll is Cool

Most of the Piano and Organ is really done on guitar (but I do have keyboards I use such as Korg and Casio etc listed below

many of the patches are easier to play on the GR 55, and you can Download patches; but I still enjoy the many conveniences of the GR 20

GK3 PICKUP IS REQUIRED on the GR 20 or the GR 55, it is cheaper to buy the pickup WITH the GR 20 or 55. The GK3 PIckup might not fit on all guitars, it fits EASY on a Epiphone or Gibson with a Tune O Matic (special adapter for Gibson) with a little kit for fixing it on a Fender Stratocaster. The difficult part is that the pickup must be very close to where the bridge meets the string, which may be way back with some guitars that have a one piece bridge/tailpiece, or Telecaster, or a Floyd Rose. However I have seen some guitarists manage to do it.

You can shop online thru SWEETWATER, SAM ASH, GUITAR CENTER, MUSICIANS FRIEND, they all have web pages.

MicroKORG THE $35,000.00 KEYBOARD (for only $600, oops $480) and worth every penny
Keyboard: micro KORG /// mini keyboard with arpeggiator (computerized scales based on chords) with quality sound (KORG)
WARNING: there are a few variations of models but most are the main mass produced kind (what I have)

More in depth tutorial on MicroKorg you don't have to go this in depth but can

Another in depth tutorial on MicroKorg you don't have to go this in depth but can

ENTIRELY MicroKORG except the drums, and all by me. WithoutEnd
but it took at least 4 tracks to record it: 1) String Synth, 2) Bass, 3) Arpeggiator, and 4) Solo track,
plus 5) drums Yamaha TDXpress (around $999, now replaced by a newer Yamaha version)
AND, AND, AND, MicroKORG also has a VOCODER Baby Love Me
You play the notes on the keyboard, and mouth the syllables into the microphone and it comes out like a mechanical voice, there are other brand names of vocoders, but MicroKORG comes with one

DRUMS: I am partial to my Yamaha TDXpress $999 in 2001 with 50 presets, #41 is my favorie setting. no longer made /// Stereophonic and well balanced. The only drawback with the Yamaha is they have some Automated riffs on some of the settings if you hit the ride cymbal or the floor tom it starts playing a little song for you to play along with, if this happens in the middle of a live performance? oops? and if someone comes in and starts adjusting changes to the individual drum settings (possible) one must reset the factory settings. But it is very well balanced, most drums I hear in concert, depending on where? such as Mandalay Bay Beach, only 1 mic on the drums, cant hear much, and this is much better, and stereophonic, or 1 plug mono is still balanced. When you start comparing, Electronic is a good way to go.


same thing but with better foot pedal, adaptable with rapid pedal gear


Keyboard: Casio CTK-611 /// a child's toy and full MIDI capable keyboard with built in riffs

NEW 2016

Brand NEW 88 Key full size Roland Juno DS keyboard as of June 2016
You Tube Sample (not me)

NEW 2016 Roland GR 55, just like the GR20 listed above, but different patches, as of Sept 2016 I have not used it as much but will soon
This sample was done with the Roland GR55 midi guitar converter AND the Roland Juno DS keyboard combined

ORGAN midi Roland GR20 Guitar really done on GUITAR

ORGAN Roland Juno DS keyboard (2 tracks) Roland Juno DS Keyboard

(Gear is slang for "Equipment")

People certainly have had their doubts, but just play the 4 GEAR DEMOS below: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, and Casio, NOT BY ARCHURE, but you will see and hear how Archure does it, and it will make Archure's story a bit more believable, because its all true, Archure does it all

Almost all the music on my front page is Improvisational Music
I sit down and improvise a Rhythm track (chord progressions), then I add track after track with various settings (flute? pan flute? sitar? voices? organ?), and add electronic Drums (see Yamaha TDXpress demo link above), this takes around 30 minutes at most unless I take a break, then I balance the volume and adjust the pan (left or right or center) for each track (try to keep the original rhythm track and bass to the center, some of the MIDI sounds sound better centered (due to stereo echo) and then I go in and try to edit out any Oops, just highlight the oops and delete, clean it up, takes an hour sometimes, then I convert to a MP3 file, it if is over 5 meg I have to lower the sound quality and re convert it to MP3 till its less than 5 meg then I upload it at this web site (I don't really have my own server, I tell people "Get your own Server from Dell" but I just use Yahoo Web Hosting, start a free email at Yahoo and search for Yahoo Web Hosting, mine is $12.95 per month but they have cheaper plans, HTML books on O'Reilly Press: HTML in a Nutshell, HTML Pocket Reference, and The Definitive Guide to HTML. I use HTML 4 (the newer HTML 5 incorporates Flash etc but with HTML 5 one can not use color backgrounds etc, no good) I am sticking with HTML 4, and HTML beginners "HTML Goodies" by Joe Burns (great book easy) not the "More HTML Goodies" sequel, not that, just "HTML Goodies" by Joe Burns. I asked lots of Web experts (when I was a cab driver in Las Vegas taking web experts to a convention, all day for a week, "What is the best web hosting?, most answered Yahoo (my pals), Thank You Yahoo!

This page of songs, is mostly Improvisational Music (not pre-written).
Archure has studied "IMPROVISATIONAL" Music, Acting, Comedy, and Art (with teachers, tutors, professors, classrooms, acting groups, stage performances, rock bands). says on Improvisation:
"Improvisation is the practice of acting and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of ones immediate environment. This can result in the invention of new thought patterns, new practices, new structures or symbols and/or new ways to act. This invention cycle occurs most effectively when the practitioner has a thorough intuitive or technical understanding of the necessary skills and concerns within the improvised domain.

The skills of improvisation can apply to many different abilities or forms of communication and expression across all artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic and non-academic disciplines. For example, music, cooking, presenting a speech, sales, personal or romantic relationships, sports, flower arranging, martial arts, psychotherapy, the arts, and much more"

end of quote

Basis for Improvisation:

"There comes a point where the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there. All great discoveries have involved such a leap" -Einstein

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the Mysterious; it is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true Art and true Science" -Einstein

"Transcendence is a function of the psychological Id" -Archure


ALL DRUMS by ARCHURE on a Yahmaha TDXpress. MIDI drums (.mid) sound different from MP3 drums (.mp3), but its all on the Yamaha TDXpress.

MIDI: Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, (all other sounds flute, sax, strings, bells, kalimba, etc) are MIDI sounds performed on keyboards or guitar).

MP3's: HOW DOES HE DO THAT? GEAR: How does ARCHURE get all those sounds like Flute and Sitar and Horns etc, out of a Guitar?

DEMOS from YOUTUBE but NOT by ARCHURE (just the same equipment)
ROLAND GR-20 /// micro KORG /// Yamaha TDXpress drums /// Casio CTK-611 /// MIDI at wikipedia
2012 PRICE RANGES Roland GR-20 ($730 new), Micro Korg v1 of 2 (was $500, have seen $400), Yamaha TDXpress (was $1000, now $900, Casio CTK-611 Im guessing $130 to under $200 range, I got mine at the Casio oulet (Las Vegas) at the Outlet Mall south of the Airport on Las Vegas Blvd (formerly Belz Outlet Mall) for around $100 and they had various other types, cheaper, but they might not be there anymore? dont see them on the Mall List. Casio's can be found in music stores all around town. Notes: Archure has the earlier version of Micro Korg (2 current versions). The GR-20 requires a Roland GR-3 pickup. and may be run thru MIDI and/or AUDIO. Going thru MIDI with a GR-20 and GR-3 is Polyphonic (each string has a different pickup and thus you may play full chords, while other MIDI devices for guitar are often only Polyphonic, plays one note at a time, no chords), playing the GR-20 with Audio has the features shown in the 2 videos above, better quality than Midi. My MIDI tunes are done with a GR-20 and or Casio Keyboard CTK-611 (only around $100.00 (the expensive model) around 10 years ago, at the Casio outlet in the Outlet Mall on Las Vegas blvd, just south of the airport) and DRUMS: Yamaha TDXpress electronic drums. What I like about the Yamaha drums is they are stereophonic and well ballanced, with a variety of sounds. Compare with a regular drum set that has to be properly miced, which at many concerts I have been too, just never happens (rarely do they properly mic the drums, probably due to the Sound Engineer that comes with the stage "sorry, I only have one mic available for the drums", Ive seen it, heard it, too often, big name bands, and you cant hear the drums). The Yamaha drums work mono or stereo, but sound best stereo. Archure also has a 250 Watt (sterophonic 125 Watts per side) Radio Shack amp (more bang for the buck in that wattage range, but it does require a preamp, I use a Behringer Eurorack, good product, good price)

Even this song by ARCHURE EarlySFdaze, the 12 String Guitar, the Nylon String Classical Guitar, flute, and Bass, are all really done on a Gibson ES-335 electric guitar thru a ROLAND GR-20 using a ROLAND GK-3 pickup

I also enjoy playing my Fender Stratocaster (also MIDI capeable)