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Higher Intelligence Vercus Meteorites:

The Moon has been hit by many large size meteors, so has the earth (the evidence has been hidden by wind, rain, and time), and every time earth gets hit by a large size meteor, most of life on earth has perished. How many times has this happened since the dawn of man? How many times have we evolved to a civilized society, only to perish and revert to primitive anarchy? (we came real close to being hit again in 2006). Archeologists and Anthropologists have found "widespread evidence" ("prehistory" before the Sphinx was built in 10,500 BC), of Slavery and Human Sacrifice (cannibalism), a culture where life is not so nice, and not very long.

Jupiter was hit by 6 to 8 major size meteors back in the late 1990's
(NASA photo of Jupiter being struck by the meteors)

We the World, now, are possibly barely capable of doing something about it, with NASA rockets, and nuclear warheads, we might be able to throw meteors off track, maybe; but that requires great power, and preparedness (if we do anything about it)

By ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

Man is not the only creature with a LARGE BRAIN
Man is not the only creature with a large BRAIN TO BODY RATIO

On the chart of Brain size in relation to Brain to Body Ratio, Dolphins are located on the same area of the chart as humans; while Elephants and Whales are perhaps smarter

The recent 10,000 years of Recorded History, prior to which was unrecorded history, which we know little about, is just a very small piece of history in the evolution of the Human Species, Homo Sapiens, which we are today (Humans 10,000 years ago were of the same intelligence as we are today).  Anthropologists point out that we humans did not evolve out of Apes, but instead, that we Humans as well as Apes all evolved out of (a) similar type(s) of creatures.  They also hint, that by scientific definition that we Humans are just another type of classification of Great Ape (Humans, Orangutans, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Samaungs "Howler Monkeys", and the more newly discovered Pigmy Chimps who have long lived in Kenya, near the Equator (and are notoriously very sexual, and vegetarian, unlike the regular Chimps who are less sexual and who eat animal flesh).
Astronomers point out, that even if it were possible to travel at the theoretically Fastest Possible method, at the Speed of Light; that the nearest Star, the nearest Solar System other than our own, is Thousands of Light Years away.  Thus space travel is slower than Evolution, and our only possibility of contact with Higher Intelligence is right here in our own solar system.  Unless life has already traveled from another location in the universe to this planet, which possibly could be us.   As we humans continually classify ourselves as different from everything else.  
When studying Chemistry, we see that a Proton with one electron revolving around it is Hydrogen, and 2 electrons is Helium, 3 is Lithium, etc, etc.   We see that there are only a limited possible number of combinations possible, and that when we combine these basic elements, we get predictable chemical reactions, thus the Universe follows the same guidelines, be it here in our own solar system, or out in the Universe, many light years away.   Thus we conclude, that not only is there a chance of other life in the Universe, but that it is quite possibly, there is Similar Life to our own, all thru the Universe, and that since Solar Systems (and Galaxies which contain many solar systems) come and go, and that ours is relatively new, that more intelligent life does exist thru out the Universe.  And in fact, the Universe is Rich with Life, more evolved than our own.    Our best chance of contacting them is thru LIGHT COMMUNICATION SIGNAL (be they, Radio waves, Light waves, Sound waves, they are all communicate able, all of the waves having the same basic properties, just being a different Frequencies.  We hear lower sound waves, we see higher sound waves, and there are many waves beyond and in between that we do not sense, but can pick up as radio signals, x-rays, gamma rays, etc).  We have been looking for Higher Intelligence in Radio Waves, and we should be sending out our own Signals of Intelligence (we are just now trying to figure out where, a likely place, perhaps we should send them everywhere).   But due to waves being limited to the Speed of Light, and the nearest Stars and Solar Systems, our closest neighbors being thousands of light years away, we can not expect any return message for Thousands of Year.   Unless our ancestors already sent signals.
Since mankind is so slow to evolve, it is possible that our intelligent ancestors did send signals into outer space.   Anthropologists, Zoologists, and Human Evolutionists point out that those who built the Ancient Pyramids 10,000 years ago, were just as smart as we are today.  Why then? we ask, did we so suddenly evolve from Horse and Buggy, to Airplane, to Man on the Moon, in less than 100 years?  Does this not denote a rapid increase in intelligence?  The experts in these fields say NOT.   It is not an increase in intelligence, it is an increase of Population Density promoting greater Communications ("Necessity is the Mother of Invention").    Thus as the world continues to grow, and thanks to greater communications such as the internet (and cell phones may help too (not while driving please)), we can expect more rapid advancements in the near future.   

There is strong evidence pointing towards Previous Advances of Intelligence here on earth, most of which has apparently vanished ("Dust in the Wind").   As humans have a short lifespan of only 80 years typically, at best.  Thus information must travel from old to young, with loss of information along the way due to misunderstandings, lack of coherency, lack of competency, and lack of desire to follow intelligence ("if were all going to die someday anyway, what the heck, who cares" attitudes).  

There is also strong evidence of great, vast, civilizations and knowledge, being wiped out, totally wiped out.  Such as the legend of Atlantis (real? or myth? perhaps truth, modified by teachers thru the ages), the Library at Alexandria in Ancient Egypt (the beginnings and edge of Recorded History, perhaps history prior to 10,000 years ago was too gruesome to admit to, perhaps our intelligent ancestors tried to get us on the right track by wiping out certain pre-historic records, and replacing them with religious stories and myths to instill decency within civilization?  I have heard of electronics circuit board "like" items being found in ancient Egyptian ruins.  This area has long been populated, and the area combed over and over thru ought history, probably not much has stayed unaltered, unfound.   Perhaps we previously had Flying Machines, Telescopes, Traveled the World (before Columbus).  In fact, evidence of plants (including some "controlled substances") from North America were found in the Pyramids of Egypt, and other evidence also points to long established Inter Continental trade routes, long before Columbus, before Leif Erickson; it has all just been lost with time, lost with teachings.  

Scientists point out, that if a simple, common, meteorite, of only 6 miles wide, were to hit the Earth (ocean or land), that it would cause so much havoc in weather patterns, heat, and dust making a new Ice Age, that it would wipe out most of the life on the planet, with only a few survivors.   Imagine if that happened in our lifetime, if you were one of the survivors, taking what education you had, and trying to survive the storm of several years, and the resulting Ice Age, traveling to a less hostile location on earth, trying to survive with what was left of society and technology (not much left).   This is what happened to our ancestors, time and time again.  The universe is filled with randomly propelled meteorites, rocks tumbling thru the Universe, occasionally hitting anything in its way, be it the earth, or the Moon.  Look at all the Craters on the Moon.  The craters on Earth have all been eroded by Wind, Rain, and Life, but we have been struck just as much and as often as the Moon.   And each time some survive, despite most of civilization being wiped out, some survive.   And when it survived, who remained?  People with Technology?  People with Culture?  People with Religious Morals? or just a vast sea of those who said "what the heck" and went back to Primitive Cultures?  To enjoy their own lives without concern for intelligence, the future, the next generations to come; looking no further than their own noses.

Thus Mankind, as well as all of Earth kind, has been repeatedly, continually wiped out from time to time.  And each time we have re-evolved, thru primitive society, into a more complex culture as the population re-increases, being forced to live with one another, forcing the need for religious morals and better technology, for a better, more worthwhile life for everyone.   As a world with a few beneficiaries and many slaves serving them, is not desirable for the masses of slaves.  Thus we must strive to make life better, better for us all.   We must seek better health, an easier life, more pleasant social contacts, and less wars, less strife, less disease.   Life can be easy, or life can be hard.

SCIENCE is the Intelligent Key to Success, and always has been.  We must listen to the intelligent, to the educated.   We must change over to Solar Power, we must start eating Healthier Foods (as what you eat affects your friendliness, versus aggression and anger, we live in a world of angry people).  We have to stop building multi story buildings in earthquake zones.  We have to stop putting up mobile home parks in tornado stricken areas.   We have to stop ahnileating all other life other than ourselves, lest the rest of the animals become extinct, and the world be paved over with no life, just smog and our own lonely selves, and our own improperly disposed waste products to live with. 

Science always has a better answer, but politics and special interest, greed for a few at the expense of everyone, keeps getting in the way.  This is what politics is supposed to prevent, but politics has become the tool of the devil.   Einstein said that we as individuals must resist violence, war, and aggression.  And he implied that we as individuals must all struggle for survival, together.  Life is not so easy, we have some fun along the way, but the fun does not have to be at the expense of yourself and society.   There is a better way.  There is Peace, Sharing.   You can feed 17 times as many people with a plot of land growing Soy, than if the same land were used for meat production; and Soy is so much easier to harvest than cows (growing food for them, feeding them, slaughtering them; and meat consumption leads to greater chances of disease, greater temperament problems, and resulting social ills).    We have to live with one another, we have to COEXIST.  We have to work together, we need to listen to intelligence, education, and science. 

We seek higher intelligence.   Have aliens landed?  Are they amongst us secretly?  If so, they have probably long been here.   Are there really other creatures that live secretly, more intelligently that ourselves?  Be they Big Foot or Yeti?  Or some advanced Humans?   If so, they have to live in a world full of common, average intelligce persons.   And the advances in society and technology were not brought about by common average 100 IQ persons (the average IQ is 100, 50% are between 90 and 110 IQ, while 2/3's of the population are between 85 and 115 IQ).   We seek help from the Intelligent, from Geniuses, with High IQ's.  
In a wise attempt to get more Intelligent People together, MENSA (the worlds High IQ Club) was formed back in the 1940's.   But people who attend, often find many members (132 IQ or above) to be outcasts of society, financially deprived, and their intelligence ignored.  This is because of several factors 1) "Birds of a feather, flock together"; "there is safety in numbers"; people of average IQ tend to hang out with one another, and 2)  this society tends to exclude intelligent persons, as they are different from the "norm".  

Society tends to be a "grab for yourself" venture, and thus we discriminate, against those different from ourselves, be it based on intelligence, skin pigmentation, cultures from other areas, or any dammed excuse, from favorite baseball team, to preferred potato chips, we exclude others, as there is apparently not enough room for everyone, so we must fight and grab what we can, and declare others as "Unworthy" by declaring their education as unsuitable, or giving them an arrest record for having been found in the possession of mind altering natural substances which have long been possessed by intelligent persons in society, found in the Pyramids of Egypt, found in the grave sites of obviously respected and intelligent persons of long ago.  We come up with any excuse for Discrimination.  Most of society eats meat, but if everyone ate meat, there would not be enough to go around, some must starve to death, and they do.  While with a Soy and Plant based diet, there is enough room for 17 times as many people, and the resultant Temperament associated with the plant based diet is Friendlier and more Accepting of others than is the Meat Diet Temperament, which is inclined towards greater Rage, Violence, Discrimination, Destruction, Greed.  
Obviously, Science is proving that society as a whole is much better off, both physically and socially, going Vegetarian, and better yet Vegan.  Better Health, less hard work, better personality characteristics, a better life (and better Karma, if you believe in "what goes around, comes around", certainly better health in general, as pointed out by the Mayo Health Clinic, former US Surgeon General Koop, many doctors.   And better Temperament for living amongst ourselves, as pointed out by Einstein, Psychologists, Doctors, Better Karma, as, if we make efforts towards a better way, we live a better life.   But when people are afraid of change, and seek to grab and be greedy, and are suckered into many tempting or apparently convenient foods, or are discriminated against because of attempting to live a better life, it makes people afraid to change for the better.   Many have made a change for the better, only when doctors have informed them of how seriously ill they are, and how much better their chances are for survival and/or a better life, if they seek better, healthier foods.  
So too should we seek SOLAR POWER, HYDRO POWER, WIND POWER, POLUTION CONTROL, BETTER WASTE MANAGMENT (nobody wants to deal with that stuff, and in ignoring it, it pollutes our environment, and make life stinky miserable and causes illness).  We need to switch to Electric Cars without getting Battery Acid all over, without draining all the electricity available, without having to bury Radioactivity just a few miles from water and population centers.  

WE NEED TO INVEST IN SCIENCE, WE NEED TO INVEST IN EDUCATION, WE NEED TO INVEST IN INTELLIGENCE, WE NEED TO CHANGE, but CHANGE CAREFULLY, CAUTIOUSLY, but CHANGE FAST, without special interest, without the benefit of a few enslaving the masses (we need to change Unions from being organizations that benefit a few while excluding others, which they do, and evolve Unions to organizations which help everyone, and provide an equal share thru organization, science, and intelligence).  We need to make a better world, a more competent world, a world of Hope, in spite of tumbling Meteorites which occasionally strike the Earth wiping out most everything.    We've got to pick up the pieces, in spite of expected disaster, and make it easier to recover from future, massive disasters.
We need to repair our Social Lives.   We live in a sexually hung up world, where many men do not know how to properly stimulate a woman to orgasm, due to taboos of proper education of this private subject.  We live in a world where women dominate and take advantage of men, with lures of sex that go unfulfilled.   We live in a world afraid to use Contraception which will prevent overpopulation, while allowing natural instinctive behavior of sex, passion, and love.   We live in a world of Romantic Relationships which exclude the natural desires for other persons, or in the opposite extreme, break the hearts of others; relationships filled with Aggression, Anger, Domestic Disputes, Financial Advantage (and relationships torn apart because some Personnel Dept gave some one the Pink Slip).  

WE CAN HAVE A BETTER WORLD.  But it requires EDUCATION, not just of Intelligent persons whom the bulk of society will igor, but BETTER, MORE PROPER EDUCATION of the BULK of SOCIETY, thru the MEDIA, thru the INTERNET, thru the GOVERNMENT, which are now all, unfortunately DOMINATED BY SPECIAL INTEREST in FAVOR OF A FEW, AT THE EXPENSE OF ALL THE REST.  
ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley), 9/5/2001 3:45 am