The most modern decision is that, when viewing spectrums of distant stars, and noting a "red shift" of known spectrum patterns (hydrogen, helium...), that the reason or cause and effect is a visual Dopler type effect, that all stars are moving away from us, and secondly, that the farther away the star, the faster it is moving away from us.   Simple logic shows that these conclusions whould put us at the Center of All Creation, a mistake made by our ancestors that insisted that the Sun revolves around the Earth, that the Earth is the Center, and that You the beholder are the Center of importance.

  Perhaps there is another reason for a Red Shift.   When viewing a Rainbow, a refraction of the Suns rays, you will note, that the Red portion is on the outer part of the circular structure, and that Violet, Blue, and Green stem from the inner portion of the curved hues.   Also note that modern telescopes have a large reflector mirror in the center of the telescope, to increase strength of view, while decreasing the length of the housing. Could it be that this mirror, in the center of view, tends to block out the center of refection, and center of refraction?   Thus causing a shift towards the red hues?   When asking an astronomer, how come the mirror does not get in the way; he responds that the light from a star comes in from around the sides. But when dealing with concepts of Refraction in addition to Reflection, it is clear to me, that the mirror is causing the Red Shift.

More Notes of Explanation.....
The 2nd Mirror would block the center of what you see thru the eyepiece except that the 2nd Mirror is not in the FOCUS area thus it may not block the actual picture, but due to the Refraction of Color (color tends to go off at different angles, when shown thru a lens or reflected in
a mirror) the Center Colors have a Tendency to get blocked out. Thus the tendency towards the Red Colors and "Red Shift"

The mirror is causing the Red Shift. Thus eliminating the new "Big Bang" concept of only a few years back, that the entire universe is moving away from us, the further away, the faster.   Now we can reinstate the older, more genuine concept of a "Steady State Universe" which is Endless, and Limitless; where stars may move to and fro, but no center exists, where no universe started, where no universe will end, where no time will end, and where time has always existed, a universe that will go on, in spite of the fact that glorious you may only live to 100 (maybe more, maybe more if we are lucky and and spend more time studying nutrition & health).