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from "Weight Loss Made Easier" c1994 Chris Holley

Take your Weight (W) times "11" (12 for men)
this equals your optimum caloric intake daily

If you want to Loose, then decrease Calories
If you wish to Gain, then increase Calories

It takes a loss of 3,500 Calories to loose one pound, a stable constant for everyone. (formula from Straight Talk About Weight Control, a Consumer Reports book).

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EXAMPLE: a 200 lb man

200 X 12 = 2,400 Calories to stay stable
If he was to intake 1,900 calories daily
2,400 - 1,900 = 500
a loss of 500 calories per day or 3,500 /wk
Thus he would loose a pound a week
"DIET" more detailed version of this page

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But the hardest part is to KEEP IT OFF
(most who do loose, do not keep it off)

To keep it off, requires a Total Permanent Change in Diet
(and even then, I am still overweight myself, but under what I once was).

It has been stressed that although it is Theoretically possible to loose pounds thru EXERCISE, the amount of exercise per amount of weight lost is virtually like a man trying to flap his arms in order to fly.
HOWEVER, exercise is very good in general, and helps "Tone" the body. Join a Gym (don't hang out in the locker room, I just show up dressed for the occasion, with a Towel), and best yet, get "Idiots Guide to Yoga".

UPDATE 10/23/2002
I have long ago gone back to a tblspn of Olive Oil on Rice, with occasional Lima beans, or Black beans, or Soy Tempeh, all good for blood type O, see list of blood types at I still advise Canola Oil for weight loss, Olive Oil and Flax Seed Oil for maintaining lower weight (do not heat Flax Oil, must be kept in the refrigerator, heat food, let cool, then add Flax Seed Oil (very healthy, Omega 3 Oil)
A doctor told me carbs (all of the above) for breakfast, and protein (soy milk with isolated soy protein) at night (he said to get some fat with it, but I am dieting).

Daily: 1 pint or carrot juice or a handful of raisins for potassium daily. I am now down to 195 lbs (and have been there for a year) having previously lost around 35 lbs in around 14 months before that, but getting everything I need. Some people are on a Carbohydrate diet, some on a Protein diet, some on a high Fiber diet, but you need it all, in the least calories possible, I get it all, including vitamin & mineral suplements.

UPDATE 1/8/2001
I have found I loose more weight using one or two tablespoons of Canola Oil per day, than Olive Oil, and I have lost quite a bit of weight by drinking Soy Juice or Soy Milk (non-dairy) for Protein (72 grams daily for men, 50 g for women), getting Fibre (rice is soluble fibre and good for the colon; prunes (dried plums) are insoluble fibre and good for the upper intestines; apples are both types of fibre), getting vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, B Complex supplements, and drinking water, getting some exercise, and avoiding eating anything and everything that is not 100% healthy. Eating is not for pleasure, eating is for survival, and when you start eating for survival, it tastes even better that all that other junk. Note: people who have lost 20 lbs are often low in Potassium. Shortage of Potassium can cause damage to cell membranes. Thus, include in your diet, foods high in Potassium: Raisins (the strongest source), Wheat Germ, Limas (extra good, as is high in Alkaline), and Dates (also alkaline, but easy on the sugar, even if natural). Raisins are also high in Iron (good for women, but may have a slight laxative effect on men), Other lesser sources of potassium include potatoes, acorn squash, bananas, (AND avocados cashews roasted-almonds (not good for loosing weight, so avoid those last 3)). Eating Potassium, in addition to preventing damage to cell membranes, also gives a feeling of fullness, so that one is satisfied, and less inclined to nibble. RECIPE: bowl of precooked rice (source of fibre), with limas (source of alkaline & potassium), after heating in microwave, add one tablespoon of Canola oil (needed for proper digestion), seasonings (salt, onion powder, garlic), and lots of raisins. YUM.

Lastly, get a CALORIE CHART listing specific foods.