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Drinking Water (not at meal time)
Water is not only a mandatory requirement for cleaning out your system, most importantly, water maintains a safe "high level" of pH (see "pH" below). The good news is that water is one of the highest pH substances you consume at pH 7.0 (your trying to maintain a pH 7.4, thats close, but not close enough, read about "Baking Soda" below, and "pH" below that).

WARNING on DISTILLED WATER: Howard Lyman, President of Earth Save and author of Mad Cowboy (former cattle rancher turned health food vegetarian) used to work for the Federal Government, and interfaced with people in the Federal Govmt who know that America's Water is Polluted, filtering helps, Howard Lyman said that Distilled Water is way better (as per a lecture I attended in Orange County CA, where I spoke with him personally, on the question of Distilled Water, right after the lecture in order to clarify and get more info); WARNING: I have had cankar sores from some brands of Distilled Water (Arrowhead, Whole Foods, etc), SO do BEWARE (its a dangerous world, and most of the danger is from what you stick in your mouth, be it food or beverage). Upon inquiry, a spokesman from Arrowhead said that this is due to "mineral buildup" (what ever than means?). It could be from just using bad water to begin with. Sparklets Distilled Drinking Water has been of good quality. I would be careful about consuming Distilled water, unless is its specified as "DRINKING" ("Sparklets Distilled Drinking Water" has this specification, but they have Discontinued this product since the original writing of this article, disconinued in 2004, and now only have "Sparklets Distilled Water", which is just as bad as the rest).

"Evian" is the Best Water in my estimation (used exclusively by some hospitals, and I measured its pH as 7.4, perfect), but is quite expensive (I am not certain if Evnian and Fiji are distilled, but they are of better quality). So I do not think that the actual process of Distillation is bad, as much as improper concern for Quality of product by certain manufacturers, being the cause for cankar sores (very bad, cankar sores). Non-distilled Arrowhead brand water has been of reasonable quality (I take that back in 2005), and Whole Foods Markets is a good store (but I don't trust their water, their distilled water was very bad). I think that Distilled Water should be labled SPECIFICALLY as DRINKABLE OR NOT DRINKABLE (as some manufacturers wrong assume that it is used for Ironing Clothes or Car Radiators Only).
And Tap Water, what we Bathe with, is a whole other story and great danger. I advise taking a Bath and adding Baking Soda (good idea, even if you have good tap water, which is doubtful anyway). But I certainly would not Drink Tap Water, or not much of it (thats what restaurants serve).

This page originally posted stardate 2003.12.03 around 6:30 AM (after another bad batch of water)