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SUGAR & GLYCEMIC INDEX of FOODS. Pancreas issues? this is the place for you
Why are Pearl Barley, Beans, Fettuccine, and Veggies so good for you? {low glycemic: provides energy for many hours}. Why should you cut back on, or avoid, potatoes, gator aid, candy, alcohol, malt, figs, dates? {high glycemic: energy is gone in one hour, needing more sugar every hour, can make you a diabetic}. Advice, if you go out drinking, drink lots of water (balance your pH, see pH article), eat Legumes (beans) and or Pasta before you go (to counterbalance the glycemic index), and continue drinking water before, during, and after you drink. {eat low glycemic foods like beans, soy, pasta, and maybe some medium glycemic Basmati Rice for extra fiber, Basmati is better for you}. Beware of Jasmine Rice which is higher in Glycemic Index (sleepy)

Cancer Cells feed off of sugar, they love sugar, see link;
Reduce your sugar, and your G.I. glycemic index level intake

America eats way too much sugar, processed sugar. And even Natural Sugars (Carbohydrates) with a High "Glycemic Index" can cause SLEEPINESS (one hour or more after ingesting). It is better to eat foods with a lower "Glycemic Index" I was reading about this in "Eating Well for Optimum Health" by Andrew Weil MD (great writer, one of the best). And he lists the Glycemic Index of many foods on pages 56 & 57; and I went to Borders Books and the Las Vegas West Charleston Library (Medical Section in this one library) to research towards a greater list (below). NEW: get Shari Libermans new book on Glycemic Index of foods (I will upate this page with info from her new book, when/if I have time), in the mean time, if your into it, get her book on GLYCEMIC INDEX of FOODS Less than ten bucks and can save your life

WEB PAGES on GLYCEMIC INDEX: various data may differ from various sources

They gave test groups 50 grams of carbohydrates of various foods, then tested their Blood Sugar Level later. People who ate regular Baked Potatoes or Maltose or Dates had way too high of a blood sugar level, while those who ate Barely or Soy had a much better blood sugar level. High Glycemic Index foods give you a Boost for around 1 hour, then your dead on your feet; while Low G.I. foods keep you going, giving you energy, for a much longer time, without the initial over burst of wasted energy.

LOW G.I. FOODS (prefered) below 55
MEDIUM G.I. FOODS (ok) between 55 - 70
HIGH G.I. FOODS (avoid) more than 70

LOW G.I. FOODS (prefered) below 55
Pearl Barley 27 (can mix with rice, or by itself in the rice cooker)
other Barley products are around G.I. 66, only "Pearl" Barley is 25 - 27
Eat Pearl Barley & Beans, and veggies; it just has to be "the best" for you! Barley is good for all blood types except type B
Most Fruits (but eat Fruits separately from other foods, as per Suzzane Sommers (expert except she is not a vegetarian), and easy on the fruits, they cause an acidic reaction (not good) but they are one of the essential food groups, eat some fruit. That's what Bonobos do, they eat fruit and hang out in the jungle.
Peanuts 14 (high protein, but watch the fat, and not for blood type O (inhibits thyroid function in type O))
Most Beans (except Broad Beans)
Soy Beans rank best at 18
Kidney Beans 27 (not for blood type O)
Butter beans 31
Chickpeas 33
Navy Beans 38
All Bran Cereal 42
Limas 32
Soy Milk 31 (non-sugar, unsweetened, is best)
Grapes 43
Pasta (non egg) 41 (excellent, but not as much fiber as rice or beans)
Snickers 41 (a non-vegan item, and contains peanuts)
Twixt 44 (a non-vegan item)
Orange Juice 49
Peas (green) 48
Chocolate 49 (Andrew Weil MD says "no palm oil", palm oil is one of the worst things for you. "avoid hydrogenated oils", and "no milk", get Unsweetened Dark Chocolate)
Yam 51
Sweet Potato 54
Potato Chips 54 (come on, you can eat healthier than that, but it is low GI)

MEDIUM G.I. FOODS (ok) between 55 - 70
Pop Corn 55
Brown Rice 55 (better than White Rice, but Barley is better, and just as much fiber)
Sweet Corn 55
Pita Bread 57
Barley 66 ("Pearl" Barley is 25, much prefered.) Eat Pearl Barley & Beans, and veggies; it just has to be the best for you. Barley is good for all blood types except type B, source?
Carrots 72 (a bit high & acidic (not good), but carrots are an excellent source of Potassium (very important), and Vit A and Beta Carotene). Carrot Juice is a much lower G.I. and preferred, and in moderation (8 oz for me), with a meal
Raisins 64 (do eat Raisins (handful/day), very high in Potassium
Mars Almond Bar 68
Life Savers 70
Skittles Fruit Chews 70

HIGH G.I. FOODS (avoid) more than 70
Maltose 105
Dates 103 (I was shocked, not more dates for me)
Parsnip 97
Potatoes (baked potato) 93 - - {and I love potatoes, peel and microwave}
Rice Cakes
Red skinned potato 88
Pretzels 83 (again, I was shocked)
Jelly Beans 80
Broad Beans 79
Gator Aid 78
French Fries 77
Bagel 72
Corn Chips 72
White Bread (av) 70
Whole Wheat Bread 69 (marginal)

Avoid all breads, muffins, and cakes, they are high in Glycemic Index, the harbor bacteria and yeast creates acidic fermentation which attacks your glands (thus your body must store alkaline (to conter act the acidity) in fat, creating weight gain too.