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SOMNIA by Will Chris Holley

I recall that BEN FRANKLIN suggests that when he cant sleep, he gets up, pushes aside the blankets to air out the bed, opens up the windows to get some fresh air (not certain on the fresh air at night? or if I am confusing this with his daytime "air baths" standing nude in front of an open window), lighting a candle burns up any residual gas and the open window brings in fresh oxygen. Franklin said after the bed was aired out for a few minutes, he could get back to sleep. He even went so far as to have 2 beds, so that when he awoke from one, he could open up the blankets and crawl into the other one and get back to sleep.

MELATONIN (especially if over age 40, as the body makes Melatonin naturally, but ceases after age 40): famous health & nutrition author Andrew Weil MD suggests not using it every night, but perhaps a couple of times a week. I have used it solidly, then intermittently, then not at all. Currently I am not using it at all. When I did use it, it helps to have a DARK ROOM as Melatonin is "Light Reactive", making one sleepy if the room is dark, or making one awake when it is light. Using Melatonin, I found I could get by with only 5 hours sleep, feeling quite refreshed anyway (but feel that in the long run, perhaps this drains the mind in the long run, as sleep is very important for the unconscious mind, an intrical function of the total mind). Shari Lieberman suggests the dosage for Melatonin used to treat Insomnia be 1-8 mg (best if taken 1-2 hours before bedtime).

DHEA (found naturally in Yams) is available in health food stores. Shari Lieberman advises ("The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book") to start out on low dosages 5 mg for women, 10 mg for men, then increasing by 5 to 10 mg per week to 25 mg for women and 50 mg for men.
Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw's "Life Extension" says that "SYNTHETIC VITAMINS" are just as good (and much cheaper than) "Natural Vitamins". Natural Melatonin comes from animals, while Synthetic Melatonin comes does not. I sleep better knowing that I do not harm animals in order to try to get some sleep.

Of course, when its been 24-33 degrees F every night for months, and around midnight March 7-8 2002 the STRONG WINDS are blowing in the predawn, perhaps I find myself writing when I should be sleeping.

Society tends to follow SUN UP = AWAKEN; and SUNSET = GO TO SLEEP. But Isaac Newton proved that the pull of Moon is 4.5 times as powerful than the Sun when pulling on the tides. Thus, when the Moon is up, so is there a tendency for people to be awake.
NEW MOON = both Sun & Moon are together, thus "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" -Franklin
FIRST QUARTER = since the Moon rises around 52 minutes later each night, the first quarter (a week after the New Moon) finds the Moon rising somewhere around Noon(ish), and setting around Midnight(ish), not an exact thing, due to the fact that everyone does not live on the equator, and due to the axis tilt of 23 degrees and the seasons.
FULL MOON = a tendency to stay awake All Night Long (especially around midnight). The Moon rises around Sunset, and the Moon sets around Sunrise. I have noticed (after many years of being an astrologer) that during the daytime near a Full Moon, that people have a tendency to be quiet by day and nothing much is going on (in the daytime).
LAST QUARTER = the Moon is up from around Midnight till Noon.
Then a week later, its back to the New Moon again.....
IT IS NOT EASY TO SLEEP AS THE MOON RISES, but one can get right back to sleep right after it has risen (if one should happen to awaken as it rises).

EVOLUTION is a very slow process. Anthropologists and Human Evolutionists say that Man has not changed much in the past million years (let alone the past 12,000 years of recorded history). Those who built the ancient pyramids, were just as smart back then, as we are today. "Why then (I asked my Anthro Professor, Mike Merrifield) did we go from 'horse & buggy' to 'man on the Moon' in less than 100 years?" He said "perhaps, higher density of population, combined with greater communications". MAN'S ORIGINS ARE OF A NOCTURNAL CREATURE, BEING AWAKE AT NIGHT, AND SLEEPING IN THE DAY (or perhaps we followed the Moon rise and set?). By the way, science says that we did not evolve from the other Great Apes, but that we evolved from a similar ancestor. In other words: 1) our common ancestors are long extinct, and 2) we are technically, a Great Ape by scientific classification. This is in contrast to the Religious View which has us as "not an animal" but rather a Near God, being made in the image of God (the man with the long white beard, sitting on the throne in the clouds, who watches you be good in church, but does not have time to watch you play those Flaming 7 Slot Machines in Las Vegas, nor time to watch you Dance in Sin at Studio 54). Religion holds that we humans are not animals, and that animals do not have feelings, they do not suffer, they do not feel pain nor fear, thus its OK to eat them. I have become a vegetarian and vegan, after many years of push and pull between health & morality versus the sway of modern religion & mainstream society. Modern Science also says that the FASTEST EVOLUTION is due to MUTATION. Thus: Mutate and Evolve (like the Mutants in the Sci Fi movies of the 50's & 60's). Vegetarian Health Food Info at (which includes quotations from famous vegetarians Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein).
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