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SAVE YOURSELF in 13 Easy Steps (print this out)
Instant Free Guide to Physical & Mental Health
(a summation of my Health Articles)
by Will Chris Holley 147 IQ genius
in order to help maintain proper pH
(but not much 2 hours before or after mealtime as you need to allow the stomach acids to digest). 
Avoid acidity: no sodas, only small amounts of citrus at most, alcohol in moderation and add water to raise the pH.
Example: 1/2 glass of beer, add 1/2 glass of water, same with wine.  Scotch & Water or Bourbon & Water (not soda).
WHY?:  Acidity breaks down your immune system and makes you:
A) more vulnerable to colds, fevers, flu, cancer, and other ailments
B) acid diet denotes acid personality
C) signs of low pH: chapped lips, canker sores, itchy, burning, calluses
Your body tries to maintain a pH 7.4 (safe zone pH 5 to pH 9), but most foods are pH 4 to 6 (and Sodas pH 3, Alcohol pH 3 (except Beer pH 4). Water is generally the best, being around pH 7.0 (Evian pH 7.4). Many gallon size bottled waters are pH 8.9, too high for regular consumption). So mixing Water pH 7 with Alcohol pH 3, blends to around a pH 5 (Water 7 with Beer 4 = 5.5), within the safe zone of 5 to 9. The more water, the better pH. Water will not diminish the intoxication value. I add water to my Ale (50/50), and follow that with another glass of water. Drinking lots of water not only wards off dehydration, it raises your pH. Medically: It's a "War Against Acidity".
Your body tries to maintain pH 7.4, but you keep feeding it pH 3 to pH 6, add much water 7 to equal pH 5 (after digesting, you don't want to neutralize the stomach). But you need something Higher to balance to pH 7.4
Baking Soda & Water = pH 8.3
External Solution: applying Baking Soda externally (add water to make it a paste), helps counteract external acid contact.
ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK (not within 2 hours before or after a meal). Put a half table spoon of BAKING SODA in a glass of water (or get a bottle of water and put a half of a bottle cap of baking soda in). MIX OR STIR for one minute to not only mix, but to chemically react. DRINK it (a pH 8.3, within the safe zone of pH 5 to 9, and balances out all your low pH consumptions). Warning: use a brand of Baking Soda which not contain Aluminum lest you contract Alzheimer's. MORE: pH BALLANCE
2) Get a "B Vitamin" Supplement
i.e.: B Complex or B Stress Formula or B 1000 at any store which sells vitamins. It should contain 100 mg of: B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B6 (Pyridoxine), and also 100 mcg of B12 (Cobalium), as well as Folic Acid & B3 niacin (or niacinamide, niacin is better). Take 3 per day (or all at once, may be taken on an empty stomach), totaling 300 mg of B1, B2, B6 (and 300-400 mcg of B12)
A) The B Vitamins are the Vitamins of THE MIND, they keep you Happy & Coherent
B) the RDA for the B Vitamins will keep you alive, but not happy
C) many people, low on B vitamins suffer from Depression & Melancholy
D) Dr Shari Libermans "Real Vitamin & Mineral Book" specifies 25 - 300 mg of B1,B2,B6 daily
B Vitamins:
Most Psychological complaints,  leading to consultation, stem from.....
A) Lack of Sleep
B) Lack of Sex
Note: low pH (acidity) and meats, also cause psychological problems
Healthier Sleep may be attained by
1) DHEA (natural hormone) found in Yams & Sweet Potatoes
(blood type O persons should eat Sweet Potatoes, other type A or B or AB eat Yams)
2) Melatonin 1 mg for persons over age 40
Melatonin is hormone, naturally made by the body till around age 40. Note: Synthetic is just as good as Natural (Natural comes from animals)
Women need 10 minutes foreplay, 20 minutes is optimum. (Women, you need to keep it clean please). Practice SAFE SEX: USE A CONDOM to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
Reading: Dr Ruth Westheimer "Sex for Dummies" & "Encyclopedia of SEX"
More: SEX 101
Dr Ruth Westheimer says...... "Everyone needs a sexual outlet. In an ideal world, that outlet would come in the form of a spouse. But many people, for whatever reason, cannot find a permanent partner or even a series of irregular partners. That they end up taking their sexual frustrations out on others should not come as too big of a surprise. Given outlets for this sexual energy -- and erotica assists greatly for one such outlet, masturbation -- these people end up having better control over themselves." (Sex for Dummies by Dr. Ruth Westheimer page 325)
Dr Ruth Westheimer says..... "In my opinion, prostitution should be made legal everywhere in the United States, not just Nevada. I held that opinion before the onset of AIDS, and now I believe in it even more." (Sex for Dummies by Dr Ruth Westheimer page 324)
Dr Ruth Westheimer says..... "In ancient times, prostitution was generally accepted; in some cultures it was even linked with religion, as 'temple' or 'sacred' prostitution. Cultures in which prostitution flourished included those of ancient Greece and Rome, Persia, China, and Japan. But while prostitution is legal today in many European countries, in the United States it is outlawed in all states but Nevada." (Encyclopedia of Sex by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer page 222)

I say, I would rather have a long term relationship, as short term relationships although desireable (variety is the spice of life), are too few, and too far in between; and besides, long term relationships are deeper, with more love and affection. However, I take what I can get
A) Dr Gary Null, famous nutritionist & author advises "GET 12 minutes per day of CONTINUAL CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE". Cardiovascular meaning, getting your heart going, for the weak or elderly, this may be just walking for the younger & stronger this could be jogging or jumping jacks or dancing. BUT GET THE HEART THUMPING FOR 12 MINUTES NON-STOP, PER DAY
Most military & gym class stretches are just modified Yoga. Yoga gets ALL of  your muscles exercised, not just some of them. Yoga is easy, simple, and fun (you don't have to do the complex advanced stuff, just do what you can do).
a) Idiots Guide to Yoga , Yoga for Dummies, book store or library
b) Yoga class at: gym, community center, yoga center
c) Yoga Video Tape, follow along (better than a book)
6) SUPPLEMENTS for Exercise
A) MSM SULPHUR is good for young and old, it helps take the pain and strain out of exercise.  It is used by weight lifters, runners, joggers, the elderly, and helps arthritis.  It is prescribed by doctors, but is available over the counter,  no prescription needed.  Pill form is more expensive, powder may be added to a Protein Drink
You need 50 to 75 grams of protein per day.
2 cups of Soy Milk with 2 scoops of Protein Powder added (Vegetarian Protein Powder, or Isolated Soy Protein, are usually the same thing, each scoop containing: 25g protein, 0g carbohydrates, 1g fat, read the label).   Warning, excessive protein can cause frequent urination and lack of absorption of calcium. Other soy products..... Tofu, Tempeh, Soy Beans, Texturized Soy Protein, etc..... (warning: many brands of protein powders contain "whey" but not much protein, read labels)
C) L-GLUTAMAIN (optional if you Got Soy)
is an amino acid, already found in soy products (soy contains all the essential amino acids).  L-Glutamine is used by weight lifters, and can be purchased in pill form or powder from (add to a protein drink)
Your conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg.  The unconscious mind is vast and remembers everything you know. If you forget where you put your keys, your unconscious mind knows. If you say "I will never find my car keys" then you instruct your unconscious to not divulge the info to your conscious mind. But if you instead say "I will find my car keys, and find them right away", then just put everything out of your mind, clear your thoughts, you will go right to your car keys.  Thus, pessimists who say "I'll never get anywhere" should learn to say more positive suggestions to their unconscious self (same with prayer, or positive manifestation).
BAD:  "Your not going to like this, but..."
GOOD: "You'll like this when you hear me out..."
Your unconscious mind is powerful and very aware, and leads you around.  You may be driving somewhere, and unconsciously turn down another street just to see some place or someone that you wanted to see or go to. Trust in your Unconscious. And use your Conscious mind to program your Unconscious mind with Positive Suggestions.
8) AVOID PROCESSED FOODS: sugar, candy
WHY?: Processed Sugars are "Empty Calories" (no fiber, no protein, no help to you)
They cause:
A) initial boost of energy followed by drowsiness
B) agitated personality, hyper personality
C) possible weight gain
D) it rots your teeth out
DO EAT "Complex Carbohydrates" (natural sugars): fresh fruits & vegetables
Potassium can be found in eating.....
A Banana, a hand full of Raisins, a pint of Carrot Juice.  (Carrot & Raisin Salad, is good food). Lack of Potassium causes: Cramps, and Craving for Foods (leading to Obesity)
AVOID: Animal Fats (they are high in deadly Saturated Fats), lard, butter, ground meats
VERY LIMITED: Nuts (they are high in deadly Saturated Fats)
USE DAILY: (measure up to 1 tablespoon): Olive Oil (or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, bitter but better).
Once a week: 1 tablespoon of Canola, or Sesame, or Safflower, or Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oil
Vitamin B3 Niacin: causes you to turn red and flush deadly saturated fat deposits (while B3 Niacinamide, does not cause you to turn red, but does not work as well). Niacin is perfectly safe, Suggested Dosage 250 mg per day at mealtime. 
WARNING: you go into a restaurant and ask "what type of oil do you cook with?", they go back and check, saying "Vegetable Oil".  But if you read the Fine Print, it may say 51% Vegetable Oil, 49% Lard (deadly saturated fats from meat). So ask "Do you cook with Vegetable Oil which is 100% vegetable oil?"
Everyone loves FAT & SALT (potato chips, French fries, etc...), so use only the Healthiest Fats, vegetable oils (Olive oil is best). Regular Salt is heated to 1700 F to adhere chemicals, but after heated, and ingested, it will not break down in your body, and thus causes damage to veins & arteries;  while ROCK SALT (granular) is not pre-heated, and Will break down in your system.  However, Rock Salt does not have any Iodine added, and blood type O persons need extra Iodine (I advise 1,000 mcg per day, kelp tablets, liquid (better), seaweed).  Lack of Iodine (especially in type O) causes Hypothyroidism: thick neck, lack of energy, dry skin, hair loss, sleepiness, apparent laziness.
More: DIET
(Vegan, i.e. no animal products at all, no meat, dairy, eggs, etc. is even better for your).
Meat leads to a higher rate of Cancer, Obesity, Heart Disease, Temper problems
PCRM Cancer Prevention:
PCRM Vegetarian Info:
The Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic
PROTEIN: 50 to 75 grams per day, Soy Milk, Soy Protein Powder, Tempeh, Tofu, Beans
FIBER: 20 to 25 grams per day, Apple 3g, Pear 3g, Rice, Beans, Fruits & Vegetables
FRESH:  you need to eat something Fresh every day, not just canned or frozen
VITAMINS: You need a multi Vitamin every day AND a separate B Vitamin Supplement
(synthetic is cheaper than natural, and just as good)
KARMA: "What goes around, comes around"
Don't Disturb other peoples Sleep
Don't Disturb other peoples Sex
(sex is perfectly natural, healthy, and normal. The basic instincts, eating food, drinking water, using the restroom, sleeping, and sex, are all natural and primary instincts.  Oppression or Suppression of these natural instincts leads to Psychological Problems.  Eating meat causes Aggression (anger, oppressive personality, threatening behavior).  (note: Aggression (anger & rage) is a different word than Assertiveness (active))
Suggested Reading:
The Expanded QUOTEABLE EINSTEIN collected & edited by Alice Calaprice
Ideas & Opinions by Albert Einstein (scientist, pacifist, vegetarian)
Include ANIMALS on your list of OTHERS to not disturb
As per Anthropologists and Zoologists, You are an animal, as per SCIENTIFIC CLASSIFICATION
You are a PRIMATE, a HOMINID.  We did not evolve from the other Apes, but we do have a common ancestor. Note: Evolution is so slow, that any evolution in recorded history is negligible The people who lived in ancient times (ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids, and the Sumerians), were just as smart back then, as we are today.  Any advances in Technology are attributed to Greater Population Density and Greater Communications
Those Oxygen Bars really do help you (the flavors are too much for me, I prefer the plain). That's why they use it in hospitals. The Oxygen kills off germs for one thing. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE can be used to oxygenate your skin (the bodies largest organ). Use a plastic container (1 gallon size), and mix 900 ml (or one quart) of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, with HOT WATER, in equal parts, 50/50, just to warm up the Hydrogen Peroxide. Then pour it all over you in the shower, and use your hands to spread it around. Let it sizzle for around a minute. This will kill off all sorts of germs. However, the Hydrogen Peroxide is a low pH, so follow this by WASHING OFF THE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, THEN TAKE A COUPLE OF HANDFULS OF BAKING SODA, AND SPREAD THAT ALL OVER YOUR BODY while still wet in the shower. This must me done AFTER washing off the Hydrogen Peroxide. Let the Baking Soda stand for at least one or 2 minutes, then rinse that off. You have done 2 things....
1) Killed germs on your skin with Oxygenization
2) pH balanced your skin (Baking Soda must be step 2)