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RECIPIES (& COOKING TIPS at bottom of page) by ARCHURE
Tofu & Tofutti Sandwich
(I liked it so much I had to photograph it)
2 slices of Bread (toasted)
2 slices of Tofutti (non-dairy) Cheese
- - (Mozzarella & American flavor) - -
1 slice of Tomato
2 slices of pre-baked Tofu (health stores)
- - photo: "FURAMA" TOFU from Chi-na-tOWn - -
1/2 Avacado (mashed with fork)

with Onion Powder & Sea Salt

Make some Pasta (no-egg), which is low in glycemic index, and gives you Energy for many hours (unlike high glycemic index foods which give you engergy for one hour maximum). Take the pasta once cooked (or you can use Rice instead), and add some Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (heat spoils oils, add it AFTER the cooking is done). Then add lots of ONION POWDER (Onion Powder, not onion salt); and some SEA SALT (better for your, does not cause dammage to Arteries like processed salt does). Then add lots of Wheat Germ (which is very high in both Potassium (strong alkaline/base, good for stability) and also strong in Phosphorus (a healthier alternative to Cashews, which are high in Phosporus, but have a negative pH Reactivity, etc). HOWEVER, some blood type O persons are alergic to Wheat (pasta and wheat germ). I am a type O but do fine with Pasta with Wheat Germ and Onion Powder and Olive Oil. And it tastes fantastic. You'll love it, and healthy for you.

sprikle 1 part pure Cocoa over 3 or 4 parts unsweetened apple sauce, mix, and enjoy (low callorie, low sugar, low fat), delicious
(note: read lables, some Brands of Cocoa have additives, get only a brand which says "Ingrediants: COCOA" (100% and nothing else, no sugar or dairy, nothing

New Recipe by ARCHURE
"Chi-Na-tOWn Dragon Delight" (serves one)
1 Yellow Onion diced and microwave 8 min (by its self)
1 large leaf of Bok Choy diced
1 stick of Celery diced
2 large clove pieces of peeled Garlic diced
1 Roma Tomato diced
microwave that together for 4 minutes
(do not mix in onion yet)
1 inch of Broccoli stalk, and 2 Broccoli pieces, diced
1 to 2 tablespoons of diced Ginger (trim off crust first)
do not cook the Broccoli nor Ginger
Then add all item together
add around 1 to 2 tablespoons of Braggs Liquid Amino Sauce (soy sauce), and optional 1/2 tablespoon of oil (Extra Virgin Olive oil, or Canola oil, or Sesame oil, or Flax seed oil (flax seed oil only if its cooled down a bit) MIX ALL UP and eat with chop sticks or spoon (juicy).
OPTIONS: you can add diced carrot (cooked or uncooked) and Raisins (uncooked), and/or you can eat it with Rice (brown or white), or Barley, or Noodle.


Sweet Potatoes (or Yams, depending on blood type, either (both) contains DHEA natural hormone, which helps the pituitary, which in turn manfactures natural melatonin, which helps me sleep). Microwave, then cut up into bite size.
I have since heard, that only "Mexican Yams" or "Caribbean Yams" have DHEA, and that unless properly processed, the DHEA in the yams can't be utillized, but I cast some doubt on that (manufacturer hype?), as Sweet Potatoes do help me sleep, and they are not dangerously high in Glycemic Index)

THEN add Tomato aPaste (thin paste along edges of bowl), AND in the center, Lima Beans (my fav), and Peas, then microwave again (with sweet potatoes or yams which were pre cooked, and cut up into bite size), cook till a bit of paste burns.

Then add a generous portion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (too much, due to the paste), a generous ammount of wine Vegan OK Wines, and add some Garlic aPowder, and aBasil. mix it up, salt with Sea Salt, and YUM (only if you appreciate good Italian food, and I am not Italian, Hey).

I will sleep good, and am doing well on my diet in the long run. I should have added Zuchini (anti cancer properties, same with Olive Oil and Tomato), maybe next time.

I also make other good health foods, like Mexican foods, and Chinese foods, yum, and healthy too.

MistrMoose Lunchtime/Breakfast Snack Meal

Black Beans 1/2 can (read labels to avoid bad additives, then rinse & drain several times), microwave 4 mins.

Rice (pre-cooked) combination of Brown, Jasmine, and Wild rice (more rice than beans)
(or just Brown Rice or Barley)

Re-Heat Rice & Beans, let stand to cool, then add

1 tablespoon of oil (2/3 flax and 1/3 olive extra virgin, or just canola, whatever)
Onion powder (generous portion)
Thyme (generous portion)
dash of Caraway Seeds, Oregano
one green onion, diced, raw
one clump of raw broccoli, diced, raw
1/2 of a small avocado (or 1/4 of a large avocado)
warm a Pita Pocket (read labels to avoid bad additives)
place items in Pita, salt to taste (rock salt), and Yum
(you can always add more raw veggies to your liking)
Served with a glass or 2 of non-sugar Soy Juice on the side
And a handful of Raisins for desert

VEGAN Will Chris Holley

COOKING TIPS (with Recipes above, YES?)
1) Instead of using canned tomato paste (which is a good deal, they take the ripe tomatoes, which are too ripe to make it to market, they would begin to spoil before they get there; and, you get more product for your buck), instead, I have been using Fresh Tomatoes. I core the top, and the tip of the bottom, slice 6 to 8 ways, then microwave them around 8 minutes or more (especially if its more than 1 or 2, it takes longer). PERHAPS, a dash of wine Yes? Do not COOK Z Wine, NO NO NO. You add Z Wine AFTER you cook Yes? Vegan OK Wines
You need to cut off both the top and bottom of Z Carrot'. Should you be Z Carrot' your self, and have to face Z Gillotine (SP?); would you prefer to have your feet sliced off first? then your head? OR, you prefer to have your head sliced off, then your feet?
How does Z Carrot' feel on this issue?
Z Carrot prefers to have its Head (where the greens come out) off first, then the tip. Less suffering. Why is this important? Should you mistakenly slice off the root tip firs, Z Carrot' will not like that, and will send "signals" thru Z Carrot that it is being attacked, and will NOT TASTE AS GOOD.

Z Carrot: Top first, then the tips. Z Radish is like Z Carrot' Yes?
Now that we have concured Z Carrot' (and Z Radish yes), let us examine both Z OnIOn and Z GarLIC. Do they resemble Z Carrot? NO NO NO. Z OniON and Z GarLIC are both "BULBS". With Z Bulb, which should you cut off first? Z Root? (narley, inside its the double end or white end) or Z Shoot? (pointy, inside its the green end). Should you mistakenly cut off Z Shoot side first, you shall encounter Z BITTER OniON (this is why many PeoPle say "I no like Z OniON"), but should you cut off Z ROOT side FIRST (then the Shoot side), people say "I LOVE Z OniON, Z OniON, is my FAVoRite, YES?" Z GarLIC is a Bulb too. BULBS= ROOTS FIRST, THEN SHOOTS. If you mistakenly do other wise and then realize your mistake, TOSS IT. (The SECRET of Z French, Yes?). Everyone LOVE's Z OniON. Yes? (NEVER serve me Z GREEn side of Z OniON lest you prepare to Duel with Z Master Swordsman, "Touche' .").

ADDENDUM: PEELING GARLIC: after slicing off both ends of the garlic, THEN cut lenghtwise on the Outer or Convex side (easy to peel), should you mistakenly slice the Inside or Concave side, it is much harder to peel. Garlic is good for the blood & heart (but may cause GAS, cook it in Z microwave for 2 minutes, diced). Dice Z GarLic
3) I MICROWAVE things like Z Onion (8 minutes), or Z GarLIC (2 mins), Z Tomato, mmmmwhA, 6 to 8 minutes.
4) Last but not least. After preparing Z DElicious French COoking, you add Z Dead AniMal? Yes? NO NO NO, you FOOL, you American PIG YOU. You RUIN Z French COoking. You NEVER add Z dead AniMal to Z DElicious French Meal.
Vegetarian Info
5) You COOK Z Broccoli, Yes? NO YOU SWINE, You RUIN Z Broccoli, get OUT of MY KITCHEN, NOW, idiot. You Never COok z Broccoli, you serve z Broccoli raw
6) Cook Z Carrot'? Only just a little. Add a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and perhaps a smidge of wine, Yes? Vegan OK Wines
Z Vegan Chef is Z BEST CHEF in all the World. You don't eat meat, you don't eat nor use animal products, then you must learn to cook for yourself (without ruining it with meat, Idiots), then you BEcome Z Frech Chef yourself, Yes? You learn about SPICES, and SAUCES, yes? A BEE is Z AniMal? Yes? YES. Steal from Z Bee and you are Z THIEF, not Z CHEF. Z Fish and Birds are AniMals Yes? 2 Eyes, yes? Don't RuIN Z meal.