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How to be a Vegetaran
I have lots of Vegetarian & Vegan info on my web pages, but this is an excellent starting point if you want to become a Vegetarian right away, and then go back and check out my more detailed pages at HEALTHMENU

Whats so bad about being good?
Beef, Lamb, Pork, Veal, Chicken, Fish, canned or boxed foods which contain Natural Flavors, Lard, or other animal ingredients.  Why people tend to hesitate being a vegetarian is, they cant help but think that Meat has some sort of special value.  All you need to replace meat is a Protein Suplement 50g (women or small man) or 75g (men or large women) of protein/day, Isolated Soy Protein, Seitan (wheat gluten), temphe, and soy milk (or rice milk); Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and especially B12; and some Flax Seed Oil for Omega 3 oil (also found in fish, but a fish is a animal, vegetarians don't eat animals, so they get Omega 3 oil from Flax Seed Oil, which you must keep refigerated, if it gets too hot, it spoils and smells like fish)
IMPORTANT: If you try going on a Vegetarian or Vegan diet make CERTAIN that you get 100 to 300 mg of Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and at least 1000 mcg of B12 (B12 is in mcg not mg) else you get seriously depressed MORE INFO
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UPDATE 2003.08.28
Perhaps I have been too detailed, so to keep it simple and clear
Brown Rice daily (insoluble fiber)
Fresh Salad with diced raw veggies daily
including a Carrot or 2 daily
Apple or Apple Sauce or Prunes (soluble fiber)
Beans once or twice a week
a Yam or Sweet Potato once a week
use a Tblspn of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Canola instead of butter or fat
Soy Protein daily (soy milk, soy juice, temphe, tofu)
Men=75 grams & Women=50 g of protein daily
(but you can get by on less, look at most of society, a hamburger is only 14 g of protein ( as per Idiots Guide to Eating Smart by Bauer pg 29), and all other meats (fish & bird inclusive) are around 26 g protein for every 3 oz of meat (without fat, bone, grissle); and I don't condone eating meat of course, just a comparison for New Vegetarians).

Lots of Good Quality Drinking Water, (not at meal time)
Suggested Brands: FIJI, EVIAN, ICELAND (Walgreens), (or even Dasani)
(stores no longer stock "Distilled Drinking Water", and the regular "Distilled Water" has given me cankar sores, so I no longer suggest Distilled Water

Different foods are good for different Blood Types (O, A, B, AB), and Yes type O can be vegetarian vegans (like me).

Multi Vitamins & Multi Minerals (non-gelatin caps)
Vitamin B Complex 100 to 300 mg
B-12 1,000 to 5,000

This is just a suggested list, and the reasons Why are on this page and my other pages, this is a very healthy Basic Diet
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BASIC SHOPPING LIST: (ORGANIC PRODUCTS USUALLY PERFERED, unless filled with bugs, vegans don't eat insects, at least we try not to, how bout you?)
Soy Milk (protein); Brown Rice (insoluble fiber); Apples or Pears (soluble fiber); Vitamin B Complex (100 mg, not 25 mg, read lables, & B12 is in "mcg"s); a Multi-Vitamin (which have Vit D 1000 IU & Vit E 400 IU ("Natures Plus" brand (yellow label) has chewable tablets of Vit E)); a Multi Mineral (1,000 mg Calcium, 150 mcg Iodine, Zinc & Iron; Men can pick up a Zinc suplement of 50 mg, women need extra Iron); (Andrew Weil MD has upped the suggested daily intake of Vit D from 400 IU to 1000 IU, vegetarian especially, yes your body makes Vit D from sunlight, but its good to take 1000 IU/day; AND one doctors suggest cutting down on Vit E (due to links to heart disease), as Vit E is already in many oils, however, this opinion may be swayed by Vit E's association with sexual function, perhaps the doctor has a low libido? Shari Liberman says Vit E has no impact on sexual function, but I think it does for men). LIST CONTINUED: Canola Oil and or Olive Oil (get a Tablespoon measure spoon, 1 or 2 per day max; on your veggies and rice, after cooking); lots of Fresh Vegetables (including Carrots); "Good Quality" Drinking Water. You could easily get by with a Multi Vitamin and Multi Mineral and most important a B COMPLEX, but I want you to have the OPTIMUM ammount, not the bare Minimum set by the RDA (US Gov guidelines for bare survival). 2 carrots a day and you have your Vitamin A, one apple or pear a day you've got your Vitamin C. "Braggs" brand Liquid Amino sauce (soy sauce, but its Vegan OK) get the large refill size at your health food store. "Annies" brand salad dressings and sauces. "Dr Bronners" brand castile soap, for everything, bathing, clothes, floors, and get shampoos labeled Vegan or "no animal products" (health food stores). White Wave "SILK" is an excellent brand of Soy Milk, excellent pH and organic. Chinese stores sell various brands of "Soy Juice" (aka Soy, Water, Sugar) with more protein for less price, but read the labels, not all brands are the same; Chi-na-town). NOODLES: pasta with no egg, just regular pasta (noodles are non-esential but fun). Add Soy Sauce "Braggs" for Chinese style "noodle"; perhaps some Snow Peas? raw sliced fresh Ginger, and 1 min microwaved diced garlic?, uncooked celery, the heat from noodle enough; (sandlewood or jasmine insence and jasmine tea, with a CD from Chi-na-town), or Pasta Italian Style with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and garlic microwaved 60 seconds for Itallian Style with Basil & salt. HEY! Candle light, Wine (with at least 50% water to the wine to raise the pH to a safe level), and Thou. (end of noodles) Mexican food: black beans (dash of Canola oil) , brown rice, avacado mixed with toasted garlic and celantro, chips with no Natural Flavors, some Tequila (no worms, worms are animals). (Santana/Abraxis CD or Linda Ronstat CD). Tortillas (get some Soy Flour, add some water, mix, maybe a dash of Canola, pat out and microwave 1 min). end of shopping list

What does meat supply? (protein, B Vitamins, and fat, but the worst kind of fat, "Saturated Fats" abreviated "SAT" on some lables) and how can you replace those items?

Basically, all you need to eliminate meat from your diet, is get another source of protein, and a B-12 supplement (a B Complex would be good too, a B Complex contains enough B-12, and you can get that anywhere they sell vitamins, pharmacy or grocery store, but it would be nice to get a powerful B-12 from the Health Food store, with at least 3,000 mcg of B-12), a Vitamin D Supplement, and some Soy Protein. But to ensure better health, I have added more info on Fiber, Calcium & Vitamin Suplements, etc.
Meat (its all bad for you) Provides
Protein: 3 oz of any meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish) equals 26 grams of protein (except ground meats are less, 1/4 lb hamburger = 14 g)

Meat Substitutes (its all good for you): Soy Milk, Soy Juice, Tempeh, Tofu, Vegetarian Protein Powder (should have 26 g per scoo) aka Isolated Soy Protein powder (can be Binding, easy, mix with soy milk). Read labels to see how much protein you are eating

Requirements: 50 g Women, 75 g for Men, or, weight in pounds times 0.4 = grams per day

You can easily get by on less, most meat eaters do.  Warning: protein overdose can cause frequent urination, and soy products contain high amounts of potassium which is excellent for you, and prevents or cures cramps, but excessive potassium daily can cause cramping).  Olympic Workouts may require up to 0.9 X body weight in pounds = grams of protein.  If you don't work out that much, then use less.  Most people who exercise daily don't need that much, lets say body weight X 0.6 = grams of protein.   Even the 0.4 X body weight in pounds = grams of protein daily, is not really needed, it is an ideal, which most people do not get, even meat eaters (1/4 hamburger = 14 g, not much, and if it is 1/4 lb which include grain fillers, then its even less, and besides hamburgers, hot dogs, ground meats, sausage, and even chicken or turkey or ham "loafs" are all very high in deadly saturated fats).  A doctor from the Mayo Clinic told me, that he wasn't a vegetarian when he first went to work at the Mayo Clinic, but after working there one week, and hearing of all the deadly diseases associated, some which can kill a person within hours, he quickly became a vegetarian, and vegan is way healthier (he was/is probably a vegan).  And even if you live, your body will be much better of on a Vegetarian (no-meat) Vegan (no meat nor dairy) diet. Remember, if its from the Scientific Classification of ANIMAL KINGDOM, you don't want it.

Health is your only true wealth. 

B-12 and other B Vitamins:
Meats are high in B Vitamins, especially B-12.  Vegetarians must get B Vitamin supplements, they are available in all major grocery stores, pharmacies, Wall Mart, Trader Joes (cheap), and Health Food Stores carry brands which contain no animal products at all, such as Natures Life & Natures Plus & Country Life, etc.  Warning: even these brands have vitamins in Gelatin, which is made from animal hoofs and legs, so, avoid Capsules (unless they are vegetarian capsules).
SUBSTITUTES:  get a B-COMPLEX  sometimes called B STRESS or B-1000 or B-100 (various names for
(optimum daily ammounts, as per Dr Shari Lieberman)
B-1 or Thiamine,  25 to 300 mg (energy and immune system)
B-2 or Riboflavin, 25 to 300 mg (makes new brain cells & body tissue)
B-6 or Pyridoxine, 25 to 300 mg (cures depression, makes you happy)
B-12 or Cobalium, 25 to 500 mcg per day (mental/physical coordination)
(I get 25,000 mcg or more, of B12 daily)
Note: B Vitamins are in mg = mili grams, and B-12 is in mcg = micro grams

WARNING: B-6 or Pyridoxine is the only B Vitamin which has an official overdose level, of 2,000 mg per day, which on a daily basis can cause temporary nerve damage (in the extermities), thus I keep my intake of B-6 or Pyridoxine to less than 1,000 mg per day (safe, you would have to take 10 B Complexes a day to get even that amount, the most I have ever taken in one day was around 700 mg, and not every day). Note: you could probably overdose on B3 too (niacin or niacinamide, Niacin being better for you). Just stay at a reasonable level of less than 10 B Complexs (of the 100 mg size) per day.
OVERDOSE NOTE: B-6 may be cumulitive, and after over doing the B Vitamins for quite some time (over 1,000 mg per day), I had some nerve issues in my feet, so I got seperate B1, B2, and B12, and Niacin (B3) with no B6 for several days, then resumed B Vitamins (100 mg) for a week, then back up to 300 mg of all the B Vitamins for another week, and then back up to 700 mg. I had to do this twice, as the first time, sympotoms came back, but after doing it the second time, it went away, since then I more accurately sense potential re-occurances and trim down on the B's for a few days, with no issue. These days I try for 700 mg of the B vitamins /day with 25,000 mcg's of B12 (or more). Previously I had heard that overdoseages of B6 cause "permanant" nerve damage in extermities, but Dr Shari Libermans "Real Vitamin and Mineral Books" has downgraded the scare to Temporary Nerve Damage.
WARNING: lack of B-Vitamins can cause severe depression. Vegetarians are more prone to this, and MUST get a B Complex daily, Mandatory. Esential for mental clarity.

WARNING: 300 mg of each B Vitamin + 5,000 mcg of B12 (like I get daily) can cause uncontrolled laughter, excessive humorous attitudes, and exessive smiling

Meat also provides Saturated Fats (all meats) and Omega 3 Oils (fish only, or vegetable sources of Flax seed oil (best) or canola oil)

Everyone loves the taste of Fat & Salt, so instead of tormenting your body with dangerous Saturated Fats, use healthy Vegetable Oils, and use Sea Salt or granular Rock Salt

Saturated Fats are the deadly fats which clog your veins, however, just a little bit of saturated fats from vegetable sources is considered healthy (proper porportion of fats to saturated fats) and can be found in Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil being best), or Nuts (easy on the Nuts, they can cause fat deposit buildup in your system).    GOOD OILS to have around the Kitchen (add one tablespoon, and rarely 2, to your meals, if at all): CANOLA OIL, OLIVE OIL, FLAX SEED OIL (Flax Seed Oil must be kept refrigerated, and let the food cool before adding it, as it spoils upon contact with heat, and then it smells fishy if it spoils).  Use 1 or 2 tablespoons of Flax Seed Oil in one meal per week (or 2).  Refrigerated Flax Seed Oil can be found in Health Food Stores.  (Thomas Jefferson grew Flax Seed, and Hemp, aka Marijuana). 
Don't cook with oils, add them after cooking.  If you must cook with them, Almond Oil makes a good high heat oil.   Canola Oil is 2nd (to Flax oil) in Omega 3 oils.  Most other oils and vegetables contain Omega 6 Oils, lots of Omega 6 prevents the absorption of Omega 3 oils, so keep the Flax oil separate from other oils (except its OK to mix with Canola, and/or Olive Oil, which contains no Omega 6).  As per John Robbins' "Diet for a New America", Cancer is more frequent in high fat diets (countries where people get 60 grams of fat per day), while low fat diets (30 g) show less of a chance of cancer, especially when low in deadly saturated fats (found in meats, dairy products, and even easy on the nuts)

EAT BROWN RICE & APPLES or PEARS & occasional BEANS (legumes)

INSOLUBLE FIBER:  White Rice tastes nice, but contains NO FIBER.  For FIBER, everyone should eat BROWN RICE daily.  WILD RICE can be added in for extra enhancement.  BARLEY is very low in Glycemic Index and an excellent source of Fiber (but not good for blood type B persons, see my list on which foods go with which types

And YES, blood type O's make good vegetarians, like me).  Oatmeal is good fiber, but not for blood type 0, as it eventually clogs the system and promotes excessive bile which is uncomfortable).  BEANS (LEGUMES) are an excellent source of Fiber (make certain you get beans that are right for your blood type, see my list), but Beans also cause GAS (especially if you get the wrong type for your blood type), so Easy on the Beans, maybe once a week.  BROWN RICE & BEANS combine (even if eaten of separate days) to make a "PERFECT PROTEIN" (all the essential amino acids, but Soy Milk or other soy products  also contains all the essential amino acids)

How to cook Brown Rice:
2 parts water, one part Brown Rice (typically 2 cups water and one cup of Brown Rice), I cook it at high heat, till the water has boiled away and it starts to sizzle.

SOLUBLE FIBER: eat an Apple a day, better yet, a Pear, as pears are one level of pH up from apples, and thus better for you.  I would advise going to the Health Food store and getting only ORGANIC APPLES OR PEARS, because not only is the pesticide they spray on them dangerous, but it also tastes bad, which you may not notice on a conscious level, but unconsciously people don't eat apples for that reason, they buy them and never eat them.  But if you buy Organic Apples and Pears, you will eat one a day and love it.  APPLE SAUCE also provides a great deal of FIBER.  Actually, apples and pears provide both Soluble and Insoluble Fiber, you need both. 

WARNING: lack of Fiber can cause death, you need lots of Fiber, every day.  Eat Brown Rice every day (or barley or wild rice) AND get an Apple or Pear every day.  Apples and Pears also contain lots of Vitamin C.  You need around 25 grams of fiber per day.
400 IU of Vitamin D:  (IU = International Units)
Vitamin D is found in Milk products and Sunlight.   You should avoid milk products as they clog your system, can cause cancer, and are not required for any mammal past the weaning stage, its un-natural for any adult to consume any dairy product.  Remember, your body is a product of millions of years of evolution, only in the past few thousand years has man taken up the bad habit of consuming dairy products, and this has not changed our bodies except to hamper them (and for kids, dairy products from other species was not designed for human consumption, only human mothers milk is good for babies).  Vitamin D is also found in Sunlight, by getting 20 minutes to one hour of basking in the sun, you should get enough Vitamin D, but ultra-violet sun rays can cause cancer, especially due to pollutants in the air, so I would advise avoiding the sun in general, and get 400 IU of Vitamin D per day. Some brands or types of Vitamin D are from meat products, get a Vit D marked "Vegetarian"
400 IU of Vitamin E:  (IU = International Units)
Vitamin E is very important, and is found naturally in vegetable Oils.  However, one must consume fattening & deadly large quantities of these normally good oils, in order to get enough Vitamin E.  Thus, I would advise getting a Vitamin E Supplement (very expensive, but essential).  Most brands come in Gelatin Capsules which are animal products, good brands are in Tablet form (such as chewable Vitamin E). 
Vitamin A:  (IU = International Units)
5,000 to 50,000 IU is the optimum amount of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.  You can get the Tablet form on days when you don't eat a couple of Fresh Carrots or a pint of Carrot Juice (more than one pint can cause a painful rear, due to acidity, and too much daily can cause a potassium overdose, which might cause cramps, soy milk also has lots of potassium, which is basically excellent for you, but if you get too much of anything, it is not good, so if you get cramps, and have been consuming too much carrot juice and or soy milk, cut back, raisins are also high in Potassium.  Note: lack of Potassium is more likely to cause cramps, so if you normally don't get lots of these products, and happen to get leg cramps, grab and eat 2 handfuls of raisins, and the cramp will disappear within a couple of minutes at most).
CALCIUM:  1,000 mg is essential, I am currently upping that to 1,500 mg (I am a big guy, 6 feet 1 and 200 lbs).  Do not exceed, as too much can cause the lack of absorption of protein.  How about this Coral Calcium? Classy, and Expensive.  I get Vegetarian Calcium from the health food store, cheap.  But like those Coral Calcium TV ads say, Calcium is essential, helps prevent cancer, and helps your bones, etc.  I say more power to them, let them sell their Coral Calcium (pardon me if I can't afford it).  Good for them.  Good stuff. 
Vitamin C: 
You get enough in an apple or pear, but its nice to have around the house.  I would advise getting a 500 mg size (hard to find) or a 1,000 mg size and then break them in half.  In general, 500 mg per day is the best for you.  But if you have been in contact with some illness, take 1,000 mg to boost your system, and avoid anything Acidic (vinegar, wine, alcohol, tomatoes, soda pop or sodas of any type or brand, which you should avoid anyway, and if you drink Alcohol, it is best to drink High Proof, measure it out with shot pour or mini paper cups (3 oz size, and measure 1/3 per shot), then put in a 16 oz glass or cup, and FILL WITH WATER, which will raise the pH to a safe level without diminishing the intoxication value.  Beer or Wine on the other hand, is a large volume of low pH, which can break down the immune system, attacks your vital organs, thus putting on extra weight (from mere pH acidity alone), and makes for a cranky or acidic personality.  Ben Frankin said to avoid rum, but if you do drink it, add lots of water (and then its better for you than wine or beer, beer is the same pH as yeasts and fungi, which live in your tummy, expanding it to large sizes, called a "beer belly", just a bunch of yeast living inside you. 
YOU CAN GET VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS COMBINED, as many people do not like to take "too many pills", HOWEVER, once you know the right amount to take, and start reading labels, you will find that getting the vitamins in separate tablets is essential to getting the proper amount, because the Multi Vitamins always have too much of one, and not enough of the others, which you need.   And this way, you can say, well I had some Carrot Juice today, I will skip the Vitamin A or Beta Carotene tablet. 
DO, also get a "MULTI MINERAL" CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT (also has other esential minerals) & a B-COMPLEX (contains ofther esential B Vitamins)

IODINE: it is good to get some Kelp tablets 150 to 300 mcg per day (blood type O, maybe up to 500 mcg). Avoid Iodized or processed (additives) salt, get "sea salt" or granular "rock salt" does not cause hardening of the arteries

Men: get a 50 mg Zinc tablet daily (for testosterone)
Women: get an Iron suplement 25 to 30 mg

This is what million of years of evolution have adapted our bodies too.  And you don't want to cook Broccoli anyway (tastes terrible, while raw is delicious).  Veggies (especially cucumber) are very good for your pH (and staying skinny).  While Fruits tend to ferment in your system, causing a bit of acidity (not as bad a meat and dairy products, but still, easy on the fruit).  You can put raw veggies in your cooked rice or with other foods, or in salads. I cook some veggies, some of the time.

Veggies go good Raw in a Salad, or Raw on the Rice, or some veggies you may want to cook (our evolutionary ancestors did not). But I sometimes cook some Bok Choy or Microwave an Onion (till slightly browned on a couple of edges). Onions and Garlic are "Bulbs". "Bulbs" cut of the knarly root side first, then the tapered shoot side last (it affects the flavor), while other veggies (carrots, radishes) cut off the top first, then the roots. The fresher the veggies, the better. Why have canned tomato paste when you can microwave or cook some fresh tomatoes in a pot? or slice them raw in a salad (easy on the tomatoes, they are acidic and can cause cankar sores). Add some Fresh Celantro.

Avoid eating in restaurants. They say "we can make you something vegetarian" then they cook it on the grill next to hamburgers wtih all that saturated fat, or, they make you something with "Vegetable oil" as the label is marked, but if you read the fine print (which they dont) it often says 51% vegetable oil, 49% lard (pig fat)

No Leather, No Wool, No Silk. And avoid products made by companies like Proctor & Gamble who abuse animals see I have non-leather shoes & boots from and more info from and I have a nice non-wool non-silk suit, no silk ties, non-leather watch strap, non-leather wallet

There are 5 living Kingdoms of Scientific Classifications
*Fungi (mushrooms)
The last 3 (Fungi, Protozoa, Micro-organisms) are hard to avoid, being in everything) but Fish & Birds are members of the Animal Kingdom (as are snails, ants, and bugs); and that's Official


LASTLY: DRINK LOTS OF "QUALITY DRINKING WATER" the best, as the worlds water supplies are poluted. Water hydrates, cleans, and pH ballences you. Get a half gallon to a gallon or a bit more per day
BASICALLY that's what you need to know (I probably left something out, and will amend this) but in general, armed with this info on this page alone, you can be one of the Healthiest people on the planet. 

Read my other articles for more details. 


MAYO CLINIC with their Vegetarian advisory with info from The American Cancer Society