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Estrogen (female hormone) and Testosterone (male hormone).
This page is still under construction/research

12 minutes of Cardio Vascular Exercise a day (non-stop), be it mild walking, or more strenuous, will get the Adrenalin glands going, which in turn stimulate the Pituitary (master gland, which regulates the other glands).
typo corrected: (blood type O and type A must not have Yams, type B and type AB may enjoy both Yams and Sweet Potatoes)
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1) DHEA helps both genders, and is available in most health food stores. It comes in various dosages, up to around 50 mg. And it naturally occurs in Yams and Sweet Potatoes. Blood type O and type A must not have Yams, type B and type AB may enjoy both Yams and Sweet Potatoes. DHEA helps both female and male hormones, very excellent stuff. I would start out with a pill supplement AND either Yams or Sweet Potatoes (depending on type), then discontinue the pills after a couple of months, maintaining the Yams/SweetPotatoes once or twice a week.
2) For Estrogen (female hormone), Boron apparently helps. I (a male) get "Boron-ates" by Natures Plus vitamins for another reason, good for the bones. I don't take it every day, but Shari Liebermans "Real Vitamin & Mineral Book" advises it as good for Estrogen.
3) Melatonin hampers Estrogen (female hormone), info source?
(forgot where I got that info, I hope to ivestigate this further)
Contrary to that image (even if slightly different), says....
"Recent research has concluded that melatonin supplementation in perimenopausal women produces a highly significant improvement in thyroid function and gonadotropin levels, as well as restoring fertility and menstruation and preventing the depression associated with the menopause."
I used to take Melatonin, to help me sleep. And as of April 2007 have restored my interest in Melatonin, initially for sleep, which led to better music the next morning (music with more depth, more meaning, more mystery, more inspirations). See my article on Melatonin at
The body naturally makes Melatonin, until around age 40 (thats why older people have a hard time sleeping), but I found that instead of replacing the bodies natural Melatonin with an artificial source, I could instead take DHEA to get my hormones going again, and it worked, made me quite horny of course, not that I wasn't to begin with, but I was then able to sleep.
4) Sex also helps the hormones, as it stimulates the Hypothalamus, which stimulates the Pituitary, which stimulates the ovaries and testis, it sort of gets the whole Endocrine System revitalized (with the Pituitary being the key to the Endocrine system). Vitamin E supplements (400 IU to 800 IU, or even up to 1200 IU per day), is good for sexuality, which helps the Endocrine system. UPDATE: However, expert nutritionist Dr Shari Liberman says, in "The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book" that Vitamin E does NOT help anything to do with Sex. So I guess we can negate that common missunderstanding. HOWEVER, Vitamin E is very good for you, and very hard to get from Natural Sources (Vit A eat a carrot, Vit C eat an apple, Vit E drink 10 gallons of vegetable oil? no way). I stand coerrected

Vitamin E Update: a local Las Vegas doctor has advised me to limit my Vitamin E, as it can cause heart issues, I have investigated that claim, but have found nothing yet. I have read that Vitamin E deficiencies are rare, however, I think I have personally observed that less Vitamin E diminishes sexual function, so I am still investigating everything (perhaps the doctor or the study which the doctor refered to, was done by someone with a low libido?).

STILL TRUE: Sex is good for your health in general, in that it helps the Endocrine system, which maintains your body in many ways, not just sex.
5) For everyone, and especially for Blood Type O persons (the most common type), get an Iodine supplement (liquid drops, seaweed, or pills, at your Health Food Store). The Iodine gets the Thyroid going, very important in type O blood types like myself. The Thyroid affects the Endocrine System (the bodies Glands, and they all interact directly or indirectly). 1,000 mcg/day of Iodine for blood type O, and 225 mcg/day for all other blood types.
6) Low pH (acidity) attacks your organs, so easy on the Alcohol (and mix it with large quantities of water when you do drink), avoid all sodas, avoid orange juice and oranges; Do eat lots of raw vegetables (big salad daily), and drink lots of Water (not near a mealtime). This will increase your pH, helping your Endocrine system.
7) ZINC (50 mg per day for men, while women need only 15 mg), creates Testosterone, the male hormone. A plate of oysters (sometimes toxic) has around 40 mg of Zinc, but you can just go to any store which sells vitamins (grocery, pharmacy, health food store), and get a 50 mg supplement (per day, for men). Its fairly inexpensive.