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Brown Rice and Pasta and/or Beans. Get a Rice Cooker (let cool, keep rice in the fridge)
1 (or 2) tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you need 80 grams of healthy fat per day
update Nov 2017 I HAVE SWITCHED FROM CANOLA OIL (cruciferous) TO OLIVE OIL, or SOYBEAN OIL but have not updated the entire website yet. As Canola is Cruciferous making it difficult for weight loss. Also have some Soybean Oil and refrigerated Flax Seed oil (omega 3) around also, to be honest, I don't like Flax seed oil
Fresh Raw Vegetables, diced, with some salad dressing, I use a bit of Italian dressing, then some wine and some olive oil, some raisins, and some coconut
Fresh Fruit: The #1 Favorite Food of all Great Apes except humans
Vitamin Supplements: Multi Vitamin and Multi Mineral, details (SCROLL DOWN)
Protein 50-75 g/day: Tempeh (compressed fermented soy patty), Wheat Gluten, Tofu, Isolated Soy Protein powder mixed in unsweetened Soy Milk. BEANS, LEGUMES, LENTILS, SEEDS, and NUTS are vegetarian protein. Pesticides used on SEEDS causes FINGER CRAMPING tell your sports friends, it's not the ball. Pepitas/pumpkin seeds are high in Zinc, good for Libido and sports, 50 mg tabs are an alternative. You don't really need 50 to 75 grams of Protein per day, some people only get 20 grams from a burger. 5 grams of protein in a slice of bread. In fact, too much protein can damage the kidneys (protein leaves residual nitrogen which antagonizes the kidneys), but the biggest problem today, 2020, is that SILK brand soy milk has changed its process and it is hard to digest. The Chinese Market brands such as Furama and Mighty Soy are very excellent being slightly fermented to aid the digestion of the protein, an excellent choice, the added sugar helps prevent coagulation. If you get the sugarless, shake the bottle to see if the liquid is thick, don't get it if it is thick. 20 years back when I was dieting and working out I drank 2 bottles a day for 144 grams of protein, which is Olympic level, if you are working out
MANDATORY: a Vitamin B COMPLEX 25 mg to 300 mg is Mandatory, even if you get a multi with the B vitamins in it, you MUST get a separate B COMPLEX, DAILY, every day. to avoid depression, and help the mind Its also good to get a Multi Mineral, and B 12 at least 1000 mg, and 5-HTP 100 mg for neurotransmitters to think clearly
CRUCIFEROUS plants Crucify or Destroy the body, say some, others declare it a rumor. I think there is more truth to it than not. When preparing a cabbage, "Core" the cabbage, so you are only eating leaves, not the toxins in the core. You should not eat the young of any species. Thus Brussels sprouts have to be the worst, they are baby cabbages, and they don't core them. CRUCIFEROUS plants are very dangerous. Cauliflower pulls Iodine out of your Thyroid gland, which is where your body stores the needed Iodine, resulting in thick neck or goiter. Broccoli too is Cruciferous. Radishes are my favorite, but a bit of radish can regenerate and live inside your tummy. Canola oil is Cruciferous and makes it harder to lose weight.

4 Food Groups concept from more specific

Golden Chart by archure based on, the world eats 50% grains

CHART BELOW from Wikipedia "Veganism"

Based on What the World Eats (mostly grains: rice in equatorial areas and wheat in temperate areas), Rice has Fiber (and is OK with medium glycemic index) and Pasta is a preferred low glycemic index (giving you energy for a longer time, if you don't over cook it) but provides no fiber, so I now combine the 2 (both pre-made, keep in the refrigerator, then mix both and reheat), with an accent on Whole Grains (wild rice, brown rice, etc), Organic Whole Wheat Pasta. But vegetables are needed to provide essential pH (especially cucumbers), sometimes I mix my salad in with my rice/pasta. Beans are also very good, but need to be over cooked, then recooked to prevent flatulence. I get liquid beans in the form my soy milk, with added Isolated Soy Protein powder (26 grams of protein per scoop), and as per the experts, I am drinking more fruit juices, for health and anthropological reasons. I have currently lifted my personal ban of night shade plants, but only on a small limited scale, the less, the better, and if I get any aches, I back off entirely. You must learn about Nightshade in order to eat them, else you can end up very ill. Once they get sunlight after harvest, they start to produce Solanine poison, and potatoes turn green, means disease, not freshness. Some experts say ban the potato, go whole grains, and go organic. (Potatoes may be very tasty, but are a strong nightshade causing aches and pains, and are high glycemic (make you pass out after an hour), they only provide essential potassium, which can be found in many other better sources, carrots (or juice), beans, etc). Best Sources of Fat: Olive Oil and Avocado. (Andrew Weil says "everyone asks me where I get my protein, no one asks me where I get my fat"), certainly limit your fat, but it is essential RDI 78g fat per day, get fat from the best sources.
Drinking Water (not at meal time)
Water Pollution is very serious in the world. and you need to drink 8 glasses a day. I am afraid of tap water, and I read and he was going on out about DISTILLED WATER, so for years I have been echoing DISTILLED WATER, now 2020, I go to read again and Dr Weill NOW SAYS "well, you can drink Distilled Water, IF YOU WANT TO?" as if, what kind of fool? sure, go head, try it. So what else are you supposed to drink? I used to know that guy in Mendocino around 1969? 1970? I used to see him and would chat with him and he also chatted my grandmother Mimi Vashkulat who liked to read Adell Davis nutrition books. In Mendocino, like most other areas of the country and the rural world, the water table runs thru wells and septic tanks on its way downtown the water table goes thru several graveyards, and then is blended with liquids from the San Andreas Fault, tectonic gap between the north american plate and the pacific plate.

1 pear or 1 apple or some prunes (not with veggies)

1 or 2 sweet potatoes or yams
but see if you can get a potato or yam without nightshade poison?

Once a month or whenever (not at mealtime) put a half tablespoon of Baking Soda in a half glass of water, stir for 90 seconds (not just to mix, but 90 seconds to chemically react) and drink it, but not at meal time (you don't want to neutralize the digestive acids at meal time)
This will help your pH

Easy on the Fresh Fruit & Fruit Juice, its good for you in "limited" amounts
You can live without: Coffee and Alcohol (mix with water for your pH), Alcohol kills germs, the best time to drink to kill germs is Sunrise, and also Moon rise, or a new moon sunrise should work real good

Fat (read labels), you need around 80 grams of fat per day, but good fat from good sources such as Olive Oil or Soybean Oil, not Canola, which would be good except it is cruciferous

Sodas, hot spices, all Meats (fish & fowl too), all Dairy products
spices can be ok, but they can contain Solanine poison found in peppers/nightshade plants

Eat to Live, don't Live to Eat



TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, and/or, read more below and at http://www.ARCHURE.NET and select "HEALTH" or


WHY?detailed info below
Brown Rice and/or Beans see blood type
Provides INSOLUBLE FIBER (lack of fiber can be fatal). White Rice and Wild Rice only provide less than half the amount of fiber per serving than Brown Rice. Brown Rice has the highest Fiber to Calorie or Fiber to Carbohydrate Ratio. Beans have even a better Fiber ratio than Rice (but does produce GAS). Getting Beans which are Right for you Blood Type really helps avoid the GAS (soaking dried beans over night or longer as apposed to only 3 hours, also seems to help). However, Beans can be GASEOUS, if you live with others, or are in a profession where GAS may interfere, you may want to take it easy on the BEANS (as much as I love beans, they are delicious with a dash of Vons organic extra virgin olive oil, some salt and seasonings, due to my having to be around others, I save it for a day off. I am OK with soymilk, a soy bean derivative. I can't help be believe that Wild Rice is good for your health anyway, and if you have White Rice and/or Wild Rice, you can always mix it in with some Brown Rice (50% Brown rice, 25% White Rice, and 25% Wild Rice equals around 75% of the same amount of fiber as straight Brown Rice, and the variety tastes good). NEW NEWS: white rice (given the downplay in the 20th century) is Lower in Glycemic Index than brown rice (that's good, get Shari Lieberman's new book on Glycemic Index of foods, and see my article on GLYCEMIC INDEX). I have seen Brown & White Rice, as low as 50 cents per pound, they make only a bit of profit on that, everything else is mark up; $8/lb for Canadian Wild Rice "A"? (I doubt if it's Canadians pulling the extra profit, since their dollar went down to 50 cents per US Dollar (used to be $1.07 when I was a kid), their Gold Reserve went away, their import tax on Books went up, I think thats the real shame, they should do away with that). To cook rice, put one cup of Brown Rice in 2 cups of Boiling Water, and let the water boil out till it sizzles with the last of the water, and you have "Rice Rice Baby".

1 to 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
You need just a bit of healthy fat to avoid constipation, and various other reasons, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest Fat, as well as a well known cancer preventative. Also around once or twice a week you should get an "Omega 3" Oil, such as Flax Seed Oil (keep refrigerated), or Hemp Oil (best to eat a large fresh hemp salad every morning). Omega 3 Oil spoils on contact with Heat and then smells like Fish (Fish are high in Omega 3 Oil, but by the time they get sold at market they are spoiled, and too much trouble for so little protein, leave the fish swimming in the sea). So when you add Flax Seed Oil to your Rice and Beans, allow the food to cool down first, then mix in a tablespoon or two. Canola Oil (from Canada "A"?) is semi-high in Omega 3 oil, and less likely to spoil. The only kinds of oil I keep around are Olive Oil, Canola Oil, and Flax Seed Oil. update Nov 2017 I HAVE SWITCHED FROM CANOLA OIL (cruciferous) TO SOYBEAN OIL

Fresh Raw Vegetables, diced with some salad dressing
Fresh Raw Veggies are the best foods for your pH, see "pH" at bottom, and you need to eat something Fresh every day (something not frozen, canned, or boxed).

Unsweetened: Soy Milk/Juice, Tempeh, Tofu, or Granulated Soy Protein
Soy is the best quality of protein available, with lots of protein (Typically, Men need 75 g/day, Women 50g/day, or, your body weight in pounds times 0.4 equals grams per day (if you are working out for the Olympics, up the 0.4 to as high as 0.9, excessive protein can cause frequent urination and lack of absorption of calcium) ). Soy has all the essential amino acids, without the deadly saturated fats and carcinogens which meats contain. Soy is also easy and cheap to produce (17 times more protein per parcel of land than meat products, and using far less water (those cows & pigs get thirsty)). Unsweetened Soy Milk is greatly preferred, as we consume too much sugar. One third of America is or will be Diabetic. Your body gets all the natural sugar it needs from Carbohydrates found in Rice, Beans, Veggies, and Fruits. You don't need to add sugar or buy anything with sugar in it. But Tempeh, Tofu, and Granulated Soy Protein are usually unsweetened to begin with. Tofu is the most fattening of the soy products (except ice cream substitutes made from soy, those are very fattening), but soy is a healthier fat (I am on a diet myself, so I have to avoid certain products, and note that excessive fat can lead to obesity, heart disease, and cancer, avoid Nuts or eat very few). Most people do not get the protein they require, and yes you don't really have to have that much, but it helps. Meats of all types are 26 grams of protein for every 3oz of lean deboned meat Ground meats are only 20 grams of protein/3oz and hamburgers only 14g/3oz as per Idiots Guide to Eating Smart pg 29. Hot dogs, sausage, pressed meats like spam and compressed turkey, are low in protein, with more of the bad stuff, fat, gristle, etc, for filler (the "etc" has to be the very worst, and what do you get for eating it? certainly not health). All meats contain deadly carcinogens and deadly saturated fats; and meat products are cruel to animals whom God put on the Earth to share, not to be enslaved. I spoke with a doctor who works at the Mayo Clinic (leaders in Health) and he said he was not a vegetarian when he first started there, but became one within a couple of weeks, being frightened by all the diseases stemming from meat (and dairy products, dairy products can and do cause cancer and obesity just like meat does), some of the meat related diseases he spoke of can suddenly overtake the body and kill a person within a few days. So he was frightened into becoming a vegetarian (and well he should be, if you knew what they know at the Mayo Clinic).

The Mayo Clinic and American Cancer:
"A vegetarian diet is consistent with many nutritional recommendations. For instance, the American Cancer Society's 1996 guidelines on diet, nutrition and cancer prevention include these suggestions: Get most of your food from plant sources, and limit high-fat foods -- especially those from animals." -Mayo Health Org.

Vitamin Supplements: Multi Vitamin and Multi Mineral, details
Most people are Vitamin and Mineral deficient. Yes you can live barely survive like that, but you would do better to get proper supplements, starting with the B VITAMINS which keep people Happy, Rational, and Coherent. The B Vitamins are the Vitamins of the mind. I have read that Vitamins don't do much good unless you are also getting essential Minerals.
MANDATORY: a Vitamin B COMPLEX 100 mg to 300 mg is Mandatory, even if you get a multi with the B vitamins in it, you MUST get a separate B COMPLEX, DAILY. Lack of B vitamins makes people depressed and incoherent. The B Vitamins are the vitamins of the mind. They help the brain function, they help with growth of brain tissue (B2), as well as the rest of the body (its all tied in an interactive.

Drinking Water (not at meal time)
Water is not only a mandatory requirement for cleaning out your system, most importantly, water maintains a safe "high level" of pH (see "pH" below). The good news is that water is one of the highest pH substances you consume at pH 7.0 (your trying to maintain a pH 7.4, thats close, but not close enough, read about "Baking Soda" below, and "pH" below that).
WARNING on DISTILLED WATER: Howard Lyman, President of Earth Save and author of Mad Cowboy (former cattle rancher turned health food vegetarian) used to work for the Federal Government, and interfaced with people in the Federal Govmt who know that America's Water is Polluted, filtering helps, Howard Lyman said that Distilled Water is way better (as per a lecture I attended in Orange County CA, where I spoke with him personally, on the question of Distilled Water, right after the lecture in order to clarify and get more info); WARNING: I have had cankar sores from some brands of Distilled Water (Arrowhead, Whole Foods, etc), SO do BEWARE (its a dangerous world, and most of the danger is from what you stick in your mouth, be it food or beverage). Upon inquiry, a spokesman from Arrowhead said that this is due to "mineral buildup" (what ever than means?). It could be from just using bad water to begin with. Sparklets Distilled Drinking Water has been of good quality, Evian is the Best Water in my estimation, but is quite expensive (I am not certain if Evnian and Fiji are distilled, but they are of better quality). So I do not think that the actual process of Distillation is bad, as much as improper concern for Quality of product by certain manufacturers, being the cause for cankar sores (very bad, cankar sores). Non-distilled Arrowhead brand water has been of reasonable quality, and Whole Foods Markets is a good store. I think that Distilled Water should be labled SPECIFICALLY as DRINKABLE OR NOT DRINKABLE (as some manufacturers wrong assume that it is used for Ironing Clothes or Car Radiators Only).

1 pear or 1 apple or some prunes (not with veggies)
Provides SOLUBLE FIBER (lack of fiber can be fatal)
There are 2 main types of fiber Soluble (fruit) and Insoluble (brown rice, see top of list)
Pears are one step better of a pH than Apples are, but all fruit is semi-low in pH and should be eaten in limited amounts.

1 or 2 sweet potatoes or yams
Regular potatoes (white, pink, russet) are all way too high in Glycemic Index, an hour of so after eating them, people become sleepy, as they contain too much and too powerful natural sugar. (I think that is what happened to the woman who fell dreary and ran off the road killing a bunch of teenage road workers, she had been eating at McDonalds (not good health), probably had Fries and Soda (both can put you to sleep in about an hour or so). Yams and Sweet Potatoes are much lower in Glycemic Index, which helps avoid being drowsy and helps avoid becoming diabetic, and Yams and Sweet Potatoes contain the Natural Hormone DHEA (especially near the tips) which is good for your Glands; including helping your body make its own Melatonin (helps you sleep), which normally ceases after age 40, can be supplemented, but DHEA helps your body make its own natural Melatonin, which is much better (I get a better quality sleep this way). DHEA is known as an over the counter wonder drug with anti-aging properties (helps the sex hormones, and all of the bodily functions), but is helpful to everyone of all ages, young and old. Getting Sleepy from too much sugar (or alcohol) or high glycemic foods, is not the healthy way to sleep, while ones own natural melatonin from the natural hormone DHEA is a much better way to get a good nights sleep (a more restful sleep too).

Once a week (not at mealtime) put a half tablespoon of Baking Soda in a half glass of water, stir for 90 seconds (not just to mix, but 90 seconds to chemically react) and drink it, but not at meal time (you don't want to neutralize the digestive acids at meal time)
Baking Soda in Water is a pH 8.3 which is within the SAFE ZONE of pH 5 to 9, but helps counter act the Acidity you consume. Most foods are well below the pH we attempt to maintain, so there is rarely anything we consume to balance it all out, except Baking Soda (can be used in Baking "Healthy Cookies" too, yum, no sugar please).

Orange Juice and Coffee are highly acidic, and you can really live without them. Fresh Fruit (easy on the fruit) is good for you but not too much, fruit is mildly acidic reactive to your pH (see pH below)). Alcohol is pH 3, it's best to drink a little bit of high proof mixed with lots of water, not soda; if you drink at all, and if I drink wine, I usually try to add an equal portion of water, the alcohol amount still remains the same, but the water (pH 7.0) brings up the pH to an "almost safe" tolerable level, easy does it). Wine in moderation is good for you (and essential for romance), but mixed with water is better.

AVOID FAT (read labels): There is a direct correlation between Fat intake and Obesity, Heart Disease, and Cancer (as per the Mayo Clinic, and The American Cancer Society, and John Robbins' "Diet for a New America" pg 255 chart shows direct correlation).

Sodas, hot spices, all Meats (fish & fowl too), all Dairy products
These are all Low pH or Low pH Relative substance, creating a deadly low pH in your body.

You need to maintain a high pH
With the world we live in, its a WAR AGAINST ACIDITY. The body can stand pH 5 to pH 9. Your blood level tries to maintain a pH 7.4. Water (the highest pH we normally consume) can be mixed with lower pH substances to Balance out the pH to a safer level, but its best to avoid low pH substances. LOW pH (below pH 5) is ACID, and ACIDS eat away at your body, especially the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (body glands: heart, kidney, liver, thyroid, pituitary, pineal, and sex organs), so your body attempts to fight off the Acids you put in your system, by storing HIGH pH substances (like water) in the form of FAT CELLS when you give your body high pH substances (some people don't drink water, and they wonder why they have health problems). Thus Diet Soda (all of which have a deadly low pH) can cause Obesity. With the body in turmoil, attempting to fight off Acids, it wears down and taxes the body to the point where it is too busy to ward off disease. Low pH directly or indirectly causes more diseases than anything else, it wrecks havoc with your immune system, makes you run down and worn out, adds extra weight (storage of High pH to counter act the low pH you feed your self), it makes you more susceptible to major diseases such as Cancer, nervous disorders, and makes people Cranky, Irritable, and more likely to attack as well as more prone to be attacked (socio-physiological reaction). The worst of low pH reactive substances are Meat, followed closely by Dairy products. Soda's, Vinegar, and Alcohol are all dangerously low in pH too. Tomatoes and Fruits are mildly acidic reactive. For more details, read "The pH Miracle" by Young and Young (top selling book).

NOTE: (mentioned above) A half tablespoon of Baking Soda in a half glass of water, stir for 90 seconds (not just to mix, but 90 seconds to chemically react) and drink it, but not at meal time (you don't want to neutralize the digestive acids at meal time)

Baking Soda in Water is a pH 8.3 which is within the SAFE ZONE of pH 5 to 9, but helps counter act the Acidity you consume.

More Details at

The Evolutionary process is so slow, that it takes hundreds of thousands of years to begin to change any creature. We know by looking at the Intestines of a Human, that we evolved as a Vegetarian, not a Carnivore ("Diet for a New America" by John Robbins pg 259). As we evolved, we did not eat processed foods, meats and sodas, we ate vegetables and fruits. Only during the Ice Age 40,000 years ago did we take up the deadly bad habit of eating meat (now the Ice has melted, its time to Go back to a Vegetarian Vegan diet). While 40,000 years may seem like a long time, by Evolutionary Standards its hardly a drop in the bucket. We did not drink milk from other creatures (different from human milk), and we only drank human milk till being weaned, not well into adulthood. Yea you can do all sorts of things to your body, but its just no good. The Human Body is very regenerative, and can heal its self, but in the long run, it can only take so much till it breaks down, people get very ill and die. Recorded History only goes back to around 10,500 BC (12,500 years ago), when the Sphinx was built in Egypt (the terrain, then Tropical, has since turned to desert), but the People of that age were just the same as we are today, same I.Q. and same physical characteristics (as per Anthropologists and Human Evolutionists). Yes there have been temporary long spans of time, when humans were temporarily Shorter, due to dietary deficiencies (lack of knowledge), but look back far enough thru time, and our ancestors were just as tall as we are today (as per "Dragons of Eden: The speculations of the evolution of human intelligence" by Carl Sagan). By the way, the fastest way to Evolve is Mutation (for all you Mutants out there). But in the mean time, the people of yester year were just as smart as we are today. Only Technology has evolved, probably due to High Density Population and Greater Communications (the ability to write and keep records certainly helps). Thus with the invention of The Internet, we can look for drastic leaps forward in greater Technology.

Technologically we have gone to the Moon,
but Sociologically we are crawling out of the swamp. Pioneering Social Evolution

Drumming on background music by ARCHURE aka Will "Chris" Holley

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