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FISH by Will Christopher Holley

Living on land, we can go left and right, back and forth; but Fish have always fascinated me, as they can go Up and Down, way Up to the surface of the water and way Down to the lowest depths of the ocean deep.   So too, can Birds Fly, up and down, back and forth, to and fro.   Man has always wanted to fly.   Swimming like a Fish is fun, for as long as you can hold your breath.   A Fish does not have to worry about holding it breath; the world of the Sea, is the world of Fish, that Fish can not escape, just as we can not escape land.   I have often wondered what it would be like to be a Fish.   A Fish must have a wonderful life.

My grandfather loved to go fishing.   Cast a line to the ocean, and see what comes out, a mysterious creature from the depths.   My grandfather taught me that you always have the option of throwing the fish back into the ocean; and I never did like the taste of fish anyway.   And besides, by the time you get rid of the head and the tail, and all the insides, then there is the bone, and no matter how well you clean it, there always seems to be some bone left to gag on.   By the time you get done with it, there is very little fish left, hardly worth the effort.   And what with worms and also with today's pollution, it often is not fit to eat.   Then, what's left over from any reasonable fish, is subject to rapid spoilage and deterioration, and everyone wants Fresh Fish, not Frozen please.   By the time you get done with it, it just is not worth the trouble to eat a Fish, let a Fish live its glorious life, swimming like you would like to do, beneath the surface of the ocean, in a mysterious land where we humans can not breathe for long.

I think that this is why people eat fish, because they want to experience the mystery of the ocean, and experience the mystery of being a Fish, you are what you eat; but you still have to hold your breath in water, as You have no Gills.

It seems to me, that the better way to experience the Mystery of the Ocean, and the lives of Fish, is to watch fish on TV. Dont go to an Aquarium, the fish die off quickly and have to be restocked.   Still we are fascinated by Fish and their underwater lives.   So watch TV and Videos of those magic fish.

You can go to a Lake, and perhaps, by a boating wharf, you can spot some Fish.  Or if you really want to get into it, learn to snorkle or take up skin diving, and take up underwater photography.

A Fish is an Animal.   I took an IQ Test and got an answer wrong as I assumed a Fish to be an Animal.   But the Author of the Test was wrapped up in Christian Ideology, and to many Christians, a Fish is not an Animal. However, I am a Christian; and I not only believe that a Fish is an Animal, I believe that we evolved from the sea.   And when you start studying Carl Jung (famous Psychologist and Associate to Sigmund Freud), Carl Jung says that we all view Symbols with a common understanding, and that this common understanding of symbols is Hereditary.   So I believe that we still have some link and association with the Ocean as Home, sort of like going back to the womb, we can go back to the sea, stick our feet in the water, perhaps hold our breath and look around a little, eat some seaweed (from the store), and commune with our ancestral past.   But a Fish is an Animal, not a Mammal.  A Fish is an Animal.   It is a member of the Scientific Classification known as the "Animal Kingdom".   It has a Head, a Brain, it thinks, it feels, and I think that they are Psychic.   I can Psychically Communicate with fish.   And you can Psychically Communicate with Fish in the Ocean far away, even if you are nowhere near the ocean, either in a Psychic State of Consciousness, or thru Dreams.   Have you ever dreamed of Fishes and being beneath the Ocean surface?   I have.   And it all goes in step with Carl Jung's image of "the Collective Unconscious", "hereditary evolution", and "Psychic" powers of communication.   A Fish may be a Different Animal, but it has bones and blood veins, and a heart, it has a mind, gills instead of regular lungs, external appendages for moving around (fins instead of arms and legs), pardon me, but a Fish is an Animal.

So watch fish on TV and videos, and see the Fish, enjoy the happy fish, happy that he is in the ocean; see your ancestral heritage, swimming up and down and all around.   Dont support Aquariums who pull fish from their homes, as the fish die real quick.   Go to the ocean and commune with your ancestral heritage by sticking your feet and your hands in the water.   And if you can find a place with no sharks and good weather, go swimming, or find a large swimming pool and go swimming.   Hold your breath and swim down beneath the surface, open your eyes and swim around, come up for air, breathe deep, crawl on to land, and Evolve.   Evolve and Coexist.