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Subject: Fats

"FAT & SALT IS WHAT WE CRAVE" (the secret to good cooking). I make soups by adding Olive Oil instead of an animal base fats (Deadly Saturated Fats, see Mayo Health Clinic & American Cancer Soc link below). People crave Fat and Salt, that's why people like hamburgers and fries and potato chips (which are not good for you) instead, try adding measured controlled amounts of Olive Oil and Rock Salt to some food treat (cook your popcorn in Olive Oil).  Olive Oil is much healthier for you than other Fats/Oils. You need around a Tablespoon a day, use it wisely, use it with good taste.

MAYO HEALTH ORG   "A vegetarian diet is consistent with many nutritional recommendations. For instance, the American Cancer Society's 1996 guidelines on diet, nutrition and cancer prevention include these suggestions: Get most of your food from plant sources, and limit high-fat foods -- especially those from animals." -Mayo Health Org.

My microwave needs to go thru 2 cycles of "Potato" in order to cook a potato. One time I cut it all up and cooked it a third time (50% longer than usual), and it tasted like the best potato chips I ever had (with olive oil and Rock Salt)

POPCORN: You can have Popcorn, cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Almond Oil (one of the few High Heat oils, as most other oils break down under high heat, losing their beneficial properties, but retaining their Fat & Calories.  BUT IN GENERAL, POPCORN tends to be fattening, due to the high amount of fats in oils used to cook it.  Every once in a while, OK.  But use only Healthy oils (which will withstand high heat). 

"Nutrition for Dummies" has a great chart, for reading all the fat, calories, vitamins, minerals in all the foods.
NOTE: I would view this chart (below) as a MAXIMUM.  In general, the less fat, the better.  You do need a little fat, but very little. 
John Robbin's "Diet for a New America" point out (in graphs) a direct corrolation between increased Fat intake and increased risks of Cancer. And points out that most Japanese people consume around 25g fat per day (yes they are shorter), while people in the USA consume around 155g fat per day (oh the shame)
CALORIE INTAKE // Maximum Fat /// Maximum Saturated Fat: per day
calories // fatmax /// satfatmax
1,200   ///   40   ///   13
1,500   ///   50   ///   17
1,800   ///   60   ///   20
2,000   ///   67   ///   22
2,500   ///   83   ///   28
3,000   ///   100 ////   33
You should have around 1 Tablespoon (or 2) of Olive Oil per day (14g fat, 120 cal /tblspn), as it is the best type of fat, and you do need some fat
Olive oil reduces cancer risk, margarine increases risk
Note: beware of Coconut & Macadamia Nuts (and all other nuts), they are extremely fattening (read the labels). So much for MOUNDS (love em, but never again).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
OMEGA 3 fats are found in Hemp Oil, Flax Seed Oil (refrigerated), or Flax Seeds
OMEGA 6 fats are found in Sunflower Oil (or Sunflower Seeds, raw, not roasted), and Walnut Oil or Walnuts. 
The OMEGA fats are considered important, beneficial, and essential, they are not found in most meats except fish, that is why many health and medical experts advise eating fish once a week, or, better yet, healthier yet, leave the fish in the sea and get your Omega fats from seeds, nuts, and oils. 
NOTE: too much Omega 6 fats can prevent the absorption of Omega 3 fats.  So on one day I will have some Omega 3 in the form of Flax Seed Oil, then on another day I will use Sunflower Seed Oil or Raw Sunflower Seeds.   Thomas Jefferson grew both Hemp and Flax (in Writings by Jefferson, Vintage Press). 

Some experts feel that Oils, even the best oils, clog your system.   And to back them up, lets look at it this way.  Man is slow to evolve.  Over many centuries, we have not changed much.  We have changed only a little in the past million years (according to Anthropologists).   In ancient times, did man go out and squeeze a billion olives in order to get a small amount of olive oil?  I don't think so.   So by this argument, it is best to stick with RAW, NATURAL, UNPROCESSED FOODS.  Such as fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, and Nuts.
On the Other Hand
Olive Oil has been proven to reduce Cancer.  Oils in limited amounts  help prevent constipation, and provide essential health fats.  If you do use oils, it is best to cook your food without the oil, then add a tablespoon (or less) of Olive Oil.  Then perhaps once a week substitute Flax Seed Oil, and on another day eat some Sunflower Seeds, etc.   Or Sesame Oil, or Tahini (crushed sesame seeds, like peanut butter, except using sesame seeds instead of peanuts).  However, Tahini, is very, very, very FATTENING, very delicious YES, but very FATTENING.    Other good oils include Soy Bean Oil, and Canola Oil   And you can occasionally eat an Avocado. 

Weight Gain can come from too much fat, or too much protein, too many calories, too much of anything, too much of everything. 
Will Chris Holley