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Web Pages by Health/Karma Expert Will Chris Holley

ALCOHOL: WINE and HIGH PROOF (beer will not do)
and SODA: soda pop, root beer, ginger ale, 7 up, orange soda, Dr Pepper, I'm a Pepper
and BAKING SODA powder in a box, if possible, avoid Proctor & Gamble they test on animals
and BOTTLED WATER (distilled, evian, fiji, high pH.....)
and LYSOL aerosol spray, is safe to spray yourself in the face on the head, safe to breathe, wash off later
and CHLORINE (avoid Proctor and Gamble, they test on animals), pour a cup in the sink and add 1/2 cup of water for high pH fume that will kill off germs Huff Chlorine. ( There are rare germs that Chlorine will not kill, in which case you can use Ammonia but never mix the two as they produce a poison gas, never use both within a couple of days )
Useful Items: 2 hour Timer, Breathalyzer, Jigger or "Shot Pour" measuring device = 1.5 oz

pH 3 = Wine, High Proof whiskey rum vodka gin tequila, and Soda
pH 7 = Water
You = pH 7.4 with tolerance 5 to 9.2
Virus = 7.0 tolerance level 6 to 8 (I will try to find a more exact figure, I think around 1 degree total)
Wine 3 + Water 7 = pH 5 good for everyday use (beer 4.5 also ok for regular consumption)
Wine 3 + Soda 3 = pH 3 more likely to kill germs, serious germs
When done killing germs for 2 hours, don't kill yourself, restore your pH will lots of water
As per Schaums Outlines on Microbiology by Alcamo, pg 68, section 5.26 "microorganisms have an optimum pH.... ....This level is not variable by more than one unit (of pH) if the microorganisms are to survive". Schaum's are sold in college bookstores & major bookstores & online (I get teary eyed)
You = pH 7.4 with tolerance 5 to 9.2
Microorganisms are limited to one unit of pH if they are to survive
QUIZ: do you see your advantage over a virus?

Marijuana Rx is good for people in isolation or quarantine.
Clean out your refrigerator

ADVANCED GARGLING WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER: Mix Whisky and Water, Snort some thru your nose and immediately Tilt your Head UP and Back, Thrust your head Up and Back repeatedly propelling the whiskey/water over the palate and into the back of the throat, and with your head still tilted way up high turn your head left and right, spit then GARGLE, then repeat the thru the nose process (if you have not been eating, stick your finger down your throat and produce sputum, on the second or third). THEN THEN, while standing, Whiskey and water IN your nose, bend down and put your head between your legs, as far as you can go, and feel the whisky and water go into your sinuses, repeat, then repeat. THEN THEN Whiskey and water IN your nose, quickly lay down on your back and put your head over the edge of the bed and feel the whiskey and water go back into your sinuses. AND AND doctors have put Isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and stuck it in my ear, but you have to go to medical school for that. (never use Isopropyl orally). Then have a drink. Works with vodka too, gin, rum, wine..... (I would not use beer for this due to the pH 4.5 of beer, but you could). GOOD FOR SINGERS. I never had so much fun watching professional singers gargle before the show.

DISEASE IN LUNGS? If the condition gets down in your lungs, first treat it with high pH by breathing either Chlorine or Ammonia, but not both (Ammonia kills some germs that Chlorine can't get to). THEN IF THAT IS NOT WORKING: * try HUFFING/breathing Whiskey or High Proof FUMES. Pour a couple of oz into a cup and Huff the Fumes, breathe the fumes. It really works well.*

IN A NUTSHELL: Gargle, then get real drunk for 2 hours, AND lower your pH, then safely bring yourself out of the danger zone by drinking lots of Water to restore your pH, after 2 hours of intoxication and low pH., which kills germs 1) by the alcohol, and 2) by lowering your pH (Low pH can cause chapped lips, its not from dryness, the cure is water, not a lip coating). THEN AFTER 2 HOURS, RESTORE YOUR pH by drinking WATER (distilled water, or Fiji, Evian, hi pH water), and then you can even add a half teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of water, stir 90 seconds, then ingest (will make you belch and urinate = pH restored).

THEN PUT CHLORINE BLEACH IN YOUR DRAINS for 15 minutes then flush with water and then WAIT A WHILE to let the bleach fumes subside, then SPRAY LYSOL aerosol around the place.
Lysol aerosol WAS a Chlorinated product, the active ingredient, was a chlorine, but NOW it lists an AMMONIA in the Active Ingredients on the label, perhaps it has changed in the past 20 years? the label also warns do not spray in eyes, skin, or clothes, contrary to my doctor whom I trust more, however, that was many years ago, and the product has changed? now researching further I see reference to Chlorinated products within the aerosol? JUST DON'T MIX THE SPRAY AROUND OTHER CHEMICALS FOR NOW, and read the label).

Add CUCUMBER to your diet (or Wheat Grass, but Cucumber is easier), both are excellent for your pH reactivity. AND DRINK lots of WATER. Dr Andrew Weil MD suggests DISTILLED WATER FOR DRINKING AND COOKING. Now he adds in another section "You can drink distilled water if you like"? I guess too many people (me) were buying bottled water? (many people just drink soda, not a good idea, you need WATER for your pH). So what do you drink?

THEN read this page
BUT get lots of water, extra B vitamins, and low glycemic foods such as Pasta and Beans
Early Times (cheap) is vegetarian vegan ok as of July 14, 2022
but you had better check often, as Capt Morgan, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Malibu Rum, are NO LONGER vegan ok (I think it is due to the Bone Char Sugar scare, they can't confirm the source).


CURE for killing off offending MICROORGANISMS (below, original article)
(viral, bacterial, fungal, yeast, and mold)
This article was originally written at the time of the Bio-Terrorism Panic after 9/11, but is applicable towards all sorts of diseases, this solution is not a guarantee, but is a whole lot better than just being sick, it can work and does, just not for everything all the time

Bioterrorism: If its down to sealing your self in a room, put a cup or two of Bleach in the drain or a dish, the fumes will kill off everything from Anthrax to Bacteria to Virus's, that easy. Try it on your bathroom mold, mold like Anthrax is a fungi (which likes pH 5), pour some beach on it, come back later and its gone. (The high pH of bleach is too high for the fungi or mold to survive)

Cure based on info from Schaums Outline Series on MICROBIOLOGY (available at most college bookstores or Borders Books)

Step 1)
(read this even if currently infected)
BACTERIA & many VIRUS's can not survive more than 1 level of pH, while humans can withstand pH 5 to pH 9, with WATER being one of the best things for you at pH 7 the highest pH we usually consume (most foods are 4.5 to 6.5, alcohol and soda are pH 3), the main thing you want to do is KEEP YOUR pH UP by drinking Lots of Water (not at mealtime), and EAT lots of Fresh Green Veggies (Salad with veggies, especially Cucumbers = high pH reactive, but lay low on tomatoes (they do have anti-cancer properties, but they are acidic, use only in moderation, and not while raising your pH), Note: most offending Bacteria and Viruses, have a pH within our safe level of 5 to 9, typically around 7, while Fungi are around a pH 5

THAT IS ALL IN GENERAL, every day to keep your pH up (and avoid low pH items like coffee, orange juice, curry, alcohol, and sodas)

Step 2)
TO KILL BACTERIA & VIRUSES stop all high pH treatment (no water, no food), and
SODA or WINE or WINE & SODA or HIGH PROOF & SODA; no beer, no food, no water.
Put yourself in a near "detox" state. preferably at home, preferably someone watching over you, or use a 2 hr timer.
Scotch and Whiskey or high proof by themselves, are not the best for this, being too intoxicating with just a small volume of low pH, you want a high volume, so mix it with SODA which is very low pH also. Drink lots of WINE if you can.
Both the Alcohol and the Low pH can kill off a virus which is trying to barely hang on to pH 7 (water). For those who do not drink alcohol, this might work with just soda? however, consider for health reasons. I also suggest resting and don't hurt yourself. Write down the start time and or use a timer. Get a Jigger or Shot Pour measuring device and learn to pour a "shot" = 1.5 oz of if you have a spout attachment around 4 count. Get a Breathalyzer. Get a pen and paper and write down the time and the measured amounts of alcohol
*you can also breathe deep over a straight stiff drink so that you deeply inhale alcohol* and for this reason, even if you are drinking wine, it would behoove you to also have some high proof on hand
Can I use marijuana during this stage? I would
RULE OF THUMB: Add WATER to High Proof or Wine for regular consumption; but for Killing A Virus, add SODA instead of Water. The soda lowers your pH, the water raises your pH; So lower your pH for 2 hours, which can kill the virus, then restore your pH with just water, so you wont kill yourself. When you were younger did you ever drink so much that you were ready for DETOX? (hospitalization). That is around the level you are trying to achieve at this stage, but now you know how to recover, see the next step..... Mandatory if you want to survive the Detox level
Vegetarian Vegans see lists of Vegan OK Alcohol

THEN, YOU MUST (mandatory after 2 hours) GO RIGHT BACK TO THE HIGH pH PLAN, and bring your pH right back up by drinking lots of Water, WATER, and MORE WATER for 2 more hours
Because, its dangerous to leave your body in a low pH state (ill or not, avoid leaving yourself at low pH for more than a few hours, if at all)
During this last 2 hours (raising your pH again)

Step A)
Put a 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda in a half glass of water, stir for 90 seconds, to allow time to chemically react, then drink it quick (this is a pH 8.3 which is very high, but in the Safe Zone of 5 to 9) (don't use Arm&Hammer brand, as they harm lab Test Animals)
Always read labels
Step B)
AND spray Lysol aerosol spray (pH 10) all around (breathe some of the spray, just a bit, you can also spray your clean hands and wipe it around the nose area of your face),
Always read labels
Step C)
AND pour a couple of cups of CHLORINE in each of your drains (bath sink, bath tub, shower, kitchen sink), and leave it to sit for the 2 hours (flush before sitting), as Chlorine Bleach is a pH 10 (do not ingest nor make physical contact, if so rinse with water for a long time, and maybe counteract with some soda or alcohol, then wash with water again) The Chlorine in the Drains will kill off AIRBORNE germs (and germs which thrive in the drain enviornment). (don't use Clorox brand, as they harm lab Test Animals)
Always read labels
Step D)
GET PLENTY OF REST, LAY DOWN & RELAX, SLEEP IF YOU CAN, TAKE A NAP (during which, your body will restore itself)
Germs can be transmitted by Hand, Airborne, and even by Settled Dust even if someone who sneezed or put their hands on something has left the room. Spray your whole place with Lysol aerosol spray disinfectant, including your chair, bed, pillow, bathroom, and kitchen.

RASHES OR ITCHING (skin irritation)
is usually caused by low pH on the skin

step X)
Flush with water, and while wet, add Baking Soda, make a paste out of the Baking Soda and let it sit.

step Y)

Very rarely is this a high pH irritation, but if step X didn't fix it, the put some Low pH on it.
LOW pH ITEMS: Hydrogen Peroxide is mildly low, and very healthy for the skin, or Beer (semi-mild), or Soda or Alcohol such as Wine or Rum (very strong)

step Z) BUT IF YOU DID STEP "Y", then you MUST follow it with step X
In other words, High pH items will usually end a rash, but if it does not, the try a low pH item, and if you apply a low pH item ALWAYS follow that by neutralizing the low pH with something high pH, BAKING SODA with a little water is probably best.

Lists of animal free Alcohol for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone who wants it

PREVIOUSLY: I mistakenly listed Sutter Home White Zinfandel on this and other pages, and only later found the error and even then forgot that I had it listed on another page too. The mistake was taken from another web site, which probably did not differentiate the difference between Sutter Home's Zinfandel and White Zinfandel, which are different, so always check as things change. J&B used to be Vegan OK, but is no longer (or maybe it was an error too?). So always check the current standings. Jack Daniels is vegan OK but they now have a version with Honey which of course is not vegan ok (the bees will sting you to remind you). Also: Becks Dark may not be Vegan? AND Jack Daniels makes some other products which you should check first at