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: 10 YEARS ON a "Standard American Diet" eating in various restaurants, and what I thought was a balanced meal (wedding day June 15 1991, now divorced, but good friends). In 1992 I was given one year to live (liver and kidney failure). I started studying Health and Nutrition and attending vegetarian health groups, and I have been healthy ever since.

AFTER PHOTOS on RIGHT: Photo after 9 years Back on strict Vegetarian Health Food Diet (since January 1993), and an even stricter Vegan diet (since December 22 1998), after over 10 years of diligent Study of Health and Nutrition, and application of what I know, Living Proof. And I lost my weight the Healthy Way. An all protein diet, or an all carb diet, or an all fiber diet, just wont do, you need all of these things, in the right amounts, from the right foods. See my HEALTH MENU
In these newer photos (July 2002), I am back to around 200 lbs (now 190 lbs). I do intend to get back down to 180 lbs (perfect for 6'1", Merck Manual) and eventually down to 165 lbs or less (in order to burn off those deadly Saturated Fats which accumulate around the heart).

2006 update, oops I gained some weight, up to 230 lbs, but very litte saturated fats. I watch my pH by drinking quality water, I avoid nightshade plants, I take the optimum amounts of vitamins and minerals. My blood pressure always tests good. Recent full medical checkup = AOK except I need 75 mcg of synthroid/day (the doctor said I can drink alcohol, doctors once said never again, but I have been curbing any alcohol intake and add lots of water for my pH). My latest craze (2006) is avoiding Nighshade plants (giving my body much greater ability and freedom of movement, highly recommended for Dancers. I might make occaisional exception for an occaisional tomato (anti cancer properties)