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Beehave or Bee stung

When you eat Honey, bees can smell it thru the pours of your skin, or when youve been eating bad stuff, they smell that too. Yes you can steal from Bee's, but I would not recommend it. I don't eat honey at all. I read lables. And in turn, the Bee's don't bother me.

Bees have an unusual "collective intelligence", as well as some brains on their own. I was driving on the Las Vegas "Strip" one afternoon, stopped in heavy gridlock traffic, when all of a sudden, I went from a unfocused state of conscience to a focus on a Bee staring me face to face (right outside the windshield), and it was the Bee that initiated the transfer from out of focus, to in focus. Showing me his intelligence and power. It was an unusual experience, very interesting, sort of like a Sci Fi movie. Bee's are quite remarkable.
Bee's can sting people, but usually wont unless provoked (or if you smell like you have been eating Honey or products which contain Honey (read lables), which they can smell thru the pours of your skin). We need Bee's to pollinate flowers and plants. Farmers import Bee's for their crops. Some people in Las Vegas find some Bee's and want to Exterminate them. That wont get rid of the Bee's, it will only anger them (it might kill a few, but it will antagonize the rest, then people wonder why they get stung). I found some good web sites on Bee's. Beekeepers find a swarm of Bee's and coax them into a cardboard box (see #1 web link below "Hiving a Swarm"), and haul them away and give them a Beehive (don't try this at home unless your an experienced Beekeeper). We could do that in Vegas, instead of calling an Exterminator, call a Beekeeper. He can send them to a Farm to pollinate the crops, or we could put some Bee Hives in a remote area off Lake Mead and plant some flowers around there. There are many flowers on the Las Vegas Strip in front of the hotels, it is only natural that Bee's be attracted to the flowers. You cant get rid of Bee's, may as well live in peace with them. We need Bees for polarization. You can't stomp out Nature without stomping out Ourselves. COEXIST.
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BEE WEB LINKS (I have not checked them all out) 
LET ME SAY: THAT I AM APPOSED TO ENSLAVEMENT OF BEES, AND ALL OTHER ANIMALS. However, some of these web sites lend a better understanding towards Bees. so that you can see that they wont harm you if you follow the rules.

#1 FAVORITE Hiving a Swarm (easy)
A FAVORITE New York Bees
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B-EYE: The world through the eyes of a bee

Bee Biology and Systematics Lab Home Page
Beekeeping in New York City (different than #2)

Capturing A Swarm Of Bees

Carpenter Bees

Welcome to ABFNet

CyberBeeNet (Biology, Research, Beekeeping)

Africanized Honey Bee, HYG-2124-97

Hiving a Swarm (don't try this on your own, get an expert)

Bee's, courtesy of WebTV (most of my graphics are done by me, but all of these Bees are Courtesy of WebTV's vast collection of clip art)
 Bee's live in the world, so do we. Don't mess with them, they wont mess with you. Bee Keepers get along with Bees. Here in Las Vegas people have been finding Bee Hives & Swarms, and have been calling exterminators, that wont get rid of the bees. The best thing to do is build some Bee Hives near water and flowers, where the Bees can live, undisturbed. Bee Keepers can get swarms and put them in a box and move them to a better location. COEXIST WITH NATURE
I am sooo bzzzy, I have to bee leaving 

but I will bee back soon

This page was originally made when I was at WebTV, a nice way to learn HTML (web page code), and the whole concept of WebTV was great (but it did have some flaws, mainly I would type and look up on the screen and it was back a paragraph, and not all of it came thru, and all too often. WebTV faltered due to Microsoft neglect, too bad, perhaps someday they will do a better job with the great concept (everything on the server side, using a TV for a monitor). My former comments as follows.....

Special thanks to WebTV, it is an excellent service, and has great Music too, I have a $99 unit with $49 keyboard (Magnavox/Phillips from Wall Mart), have it connected to my TV and phone, that's it

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