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Microorganisms defined as Bacteria, Cyanobacteria, Algae, Fungi, Protozoa, and Virus (note: Virus is within the catagory, but may have some exceptions, now researching the details)

note: Bioterrorisim: If its down to sealing your self in a room, put a cup or two of Bleach in the drain or a dish, the fumes will kill off everything from Anthrax to Bacteria to Virus's, that easy (try it on your bathroom mold, it like Anthrax is a fungi, which like pH 5 (beer), pour some beach on it, come back later and its gone).

Bacteria live at various levels of pH, depending on the Bacteria. The bacteria which wreck havoc with humans, live in the same pH area that we do, from pH 5 to pH 9 (safe zone for humans), with pH 7.4 being the ideal for humans. But Bacteria can only live at one numeric level of pH, else they perish. Thus you may kill off dangerous bacteria by altering your pH. But do remember, when you are done altering your pH, to bring it back up to a high level of pH when you are done.

In gneral: It is best to keep ones pH up by avoiding soda and alcohol (both pH 3) as the SAFE ZONE is pH 5 to pH 9, with our optimum pH at 7.4 (water is nearest this level).

NEXT and this is the Good News
As per Schaums Outlines on Microbiology by Alcamo, pg 68, section 5.26 "microoorganisms have an optimum pH" "This level is not vaiable more than one unit (of pH) if the microorganisms are to survive".
So doctors are giving you only part of the story when they say, drink plenty of liquids. The best thing to do is start with, and maintain a high pH (water), and if that doesnt kill off dangerous bacteria in your system, then drink something acidic like SODA POP or ALCOHOL (which is more fun?), in a large quantity, wait a couple of hours (I would guestimate) for it to kill the bacteria, but then, follow anything acidic with high pH Water (and perhaps a 1/2 tablespoon of Baking Soda in the water to raise the pH even more), (then perhaps you can add a Tums or Mylanta pH 10, but that is perhaps bit too high in pH), in order to raise your pH back up again, as the experts say, "its a war against acidity", because acidity fights the body, and there is too much acidity around, where ever you go, many foods, and beverages (sodas, alcohol, orange juice, coffee, all dangerously acidic).




Will Chris Holley