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Religion versus Human Sexuality
My Beliefs: Vegetarian Vegan, 420, and I read Confucius.
World Law: UDHR Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to CHANGE his religion or belief, and freedom, EITHER ALONE or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion OR BELIEF in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

WHY I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN sure I would like to join with others in fellowship, except...
(not my beliefs, I do not follow Christian Law, I follow Government Law)
Murder, Masturbation (resulting in ejaculation or climax, priests exempt?), Terrorism, Missing Mass 3 times in a row, Cunnilingus (removed from the Wiki list few years ago but still a gave mortal sin?), Divorce, Suicide, Contraception, Rape, Abortion, Fornication, Homosexual actions (priests exempt?), Magic or sorcery (supernatural power over other), Endangering (speeding ticket), Idolatry (sloth), Cheating at games, Lying, Gluttony, Freemasonry, Extreme anger, Hatred, Profanity in which one takes the name of the LORD in vain, Prostitution, Apostasy aka abandoning religion which is your right as per world law, etc.....
WHAT IS FORNICATION? GUESS? most people guess, it is a form of oral sex?
FORNICATION: defined at wikipedia as "consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other" including premarital sex,

The bad news is, everyone is in violation with The Church. The good news is, The Church, does not own Jesus, The Church does not own God. The Church does not own YOU. According to The Church, everyone has offended them, offended Jesus, offended God, and everyone is in trouble and in danger with The Church. Was that the word of Jesus? I don't think so. Jesus was male, Jesus probably enjoyed sex. Your Priest is Not Jesus, your Priest is Not God. Your priest is not free from his own list of unforgivable sins. Your priest ejaculates; unless his voice is way up high and even then, you know he has, and once is enough to qualify any Christian for eternity in Hell. Legally, you don't have to go to church as per Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and every U.S. President signs it; it says you can Change your religion or Belief and practice it by yourself or others, public or private.

My psychology professor, head of the psych dept at Saddleback College Mission Viejo CA, says that the Church has to go, they are oppressive of human sexuality He also said the clergy is filled with thieves. A visit from the clergy who is casing the joint, opening windows, and closing them, locking them almost, to make it easier to break in to your home when you are not there, so they ask "kids in school? both of you work day? anyone else?". Bob Ferguson PhD and former Los Angeles Police Dept officer, says there is no hope for reform by The Church, its got to go. He also said that the USA is sexually hung up psychologically, Ireland is worse, and all due to The Church, but Sweden and France have much healthier attitudes towards human sexuality, and Russia tends to get it on (I have heard no data on China? China is the worlds oldest surviving culture being 40,000 years and we might learn from them? Their students outscore all others in the world). USA #40, #25, #24 in EDUCATION
2015 USA international educational Rank: Math 40, Science 25, Reading 24

(it is not good to oppress the psychological "id", the basic instincts, sex, water, food, going to the restroom, shelter, and transcendence. A homeless person would often choose intoxication over shelter. My professor did not make the comments about transcendence, just getting in my digs)

You may follow your choice: Jesus, Christianity, Islam, Buddha, Judaism, Krishna, The Light, or Your Beliefs, in your own heart without having to be a member of a Church.
EXCEPT: If your beliefs are that I must follow your beliefs which find me in violation for unreasonable reasons. If your beliefs are unreasonable, don't expect me to follow your beliefs. It is obvious to intelligent educated people that what appears to be a sacred ritual celebration and enjoyment of life, is really a scam, to place you as an offender of unreasonable rules which no one can begin to follow, not even the priests, not due to inability to concentrate, but because the religious rules violate natural instinct, the psychological id, and the ego.

The Church was created 200 years after Jesus. The ideas and the opinions of The Church, are probably not the ideas nor opinions of Jesus..... Jesus was male, Jesus probably enjoyed sex.

Who is your priest?
What are the qualifications for priesthood?
Where did he go to school?
Did he graduate?
Was he ever arrested?
What does he do with children?
Has he molested children?
What kind of food does he eat?
What kind of food does he insist you eat?
Does he Fast like he claims you should?
Is your priest involved with Crime?
Is he guilty of Grave/Mortal Sin?
YOU BET HE IS GUILTY OF GRAVE/MORTAL SIN just as much as anyone else he condemns.
Notice that Molestation nor playing with each other (or what ever they do) is not on the list? They pretend as if they are free of their own list of sins. EVERYONE has Masturbated (what they teach in college), all men and all women (except me of course, I would never do that); despite previous studies of people who would not admit to it. EVERYONE. And even then, how many people have over eaten, over drank, lied, has everyone lied? No matter how you slice it, EVERY CHRISTIAN IS GUILTY OF GRAVE MORTAL SIN, ESPECIALLY YOUR PRIEST AND RELIGIOUS CULT LEADERS.

Did your priest drop out of Harvard to become a priest? or did he drop out of jail?

The Facts are: Men must ejaculate on average of every 48 hours, ranging from 24 hours to 100 hours, because......
"A mans testicles begin to manufacture sperm at the time of puberty and produce 50,000 sperm per minute, every minute of every hour, well into old age". -Dr Ruth Westheimer's Encyclopedia of Sex & in Sex for Dummies
Woman can go without sex for 30 years; however, men and women are use to being together, sex is natural, instinctive, yet it helps to get some education in the subject. Every 48 hours is 3.5 times a week, is the long time suggested norm. Women cooperate with this, its only natural; however 35% of women suffer from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (low libido dysfunction) a lack of interest in sex
That is why Erotica or Pron is good for people, as long as it does not contain violence or children says Dr Ruth Westheimer. It gets people interested in sex. A sexy photo or a sexy TV commercial can help the interest in sex, and "Sex is Good" -Dr Ruth Westheimer author of Sex for Dummies and Encyclopedia of Sex.
I personally do not condone everything they do in porn: BDSM is dangerous, I am not into Anal, I am not into Fisting. I myself, am a straight hetero with some additional college education in "human sexuailty"; and it is very important that more sex education be accomplished in high school; and, require 2 years of college for everyone, including 1 year of all the general requirements, even if it takes more than one year.

My Beliefs: Vegetarian Vegan, 420, and I read Confucius just to keep everyone happy.
My family did not go to church, why? I am guessing something sexual? perhaps they might have admitted to having unmarried sex? I am just guessing? To me, consensual sex between 2 adults is not a sin. I go by college psychology, which says sex is good.

What is a Christian anyway? someone who can break all the rules yet point the finger at someone else who can't? by your rules maybe, not my rules. It sounds kind of stupid to me.

Oppressing human sexuality is oppressive and damaging to our society in addition to the individuals psychological "id". In the USA 65% call themselves Christians (down from 85% in 1990 thank god), 62% are a member of a church, and other religions tend to be oppressive of human sexuality too. Many of the priests are out and out criminals, visiting a house they case the joint, ask when you are not around, open windows then close them without latching them properly; AND THEN Condemn You To HELL for this list which they can't follow (do they have a high celebid voice? or a deep voice?)

500,000 people were tortured into confessing to flying on broomsticks and burned alive by The Church between 1400-1600

There is also evidence of Witch Burning in the world Today, in Kenya, and in the USA, often in association with Laurel trees. Church picnics in Laurel tree groves. They burn them and eat them. That's why you don't want to cut it close, go vegetarian. When someone points the finger at someone and accuses them of SIN, perhaps they are hungry. You tell them they have sinned too, GRAVE MORTAL UNFORGIVABLE ETERNAL SIN, according to those rules. The problem is, 65% of the USA swears by those rules when they don't even know they are Guilty of GRAVE MORTAL UNFORGIVABLE ETERNAL SIN. So if you want to get REAL, study up and quit the Church its your legal option.

LOOK AT THESE PICTURES OF HELL listed at Wikipedia, closely, click on the pictures to view them close. Maybe 50% of them involve cooking people in pots or burning the directly with fire and eating them. They say that's ok because those people sinned

During communion they say "In drinking this wine, you drink his blood; in eating this bread you eat his flesh", what kind of religion is this?

If you get invited to a Church Picnic in a laurel tree grove, don't go. Because witch hunts still go on today, in Kenya, and the USA. If some religious person points the finger at you accusing you of SIN; you point right back and accuse them of Masturbation (something everyone has done according to college psychology, but don't tell them that. If they ask you how you know, just tell them you have studied enough psychology to be able to tell).

google > witch hunts kenya bbc
= many videos on the subject....
Kenyan elders killed in witch-hunt - 26 Dec 09
pre-cued you can stop then right click on a youtube video to pre-cue the url
and its an old tradition in the USA too
They get you drunk, then they escort you away, perhaps a place to sleep it off, or get you to go into the Wicker man then set you on fire, in Africa, and Wicker man

Often in association with Laurel Trees and Laurel Groves. Laurel branches are used for beating and burning; in Africa, and the USA and ???? If you know of any of these people, I would turn them in, to the local police, the state, and the FBI for sure.

You know what is right and wrong, or you should, if you can't understand that, you should not drive a car

The Church has most everyone in serious violation to their rules and insists that everyone on the planet must follow their rules or be in violation. Their rules are impossible for mankind to not violate. Sex is natural, not a sin. By adulthood, everyone is bound for Hell according to The Church. That is 100% of adults. So the Church creates a situation where everyone has offended them, offended Jesus, offended God, and everyone is in trouble and in danger with The Church.

Was that the word of Jesus? I don't think so. Jesus was male, Jesus probably enjoyed sex.

In studying Human Sexuality, in college. I learned that a woman is capable of having sex frequently, 10 times per day, or go for 30 years without sex, and then be able to have sex again. While a man MUST have sex from every 24 hours to every 100 hours, or 3.5 times per week, every 48 hours; but if a man goes for a long time without sex (a hetero in the military, especially a double hitch), he can not ever get it up again. He can not have sex.

REALITY of Nature: "A man's testicles begin to manufacture sperm at the time of puberty and produce 50,000 sperm per minute, every minute of every hour, well into old age. -Dr Ruth Westheimer's Encyclopedia of Sex (the web site has been down? but its also in her book "Dr Ruth Westheimer's Encyclopedia of Sex")

Term: LIBIDO = desire for sex

Hypo-active Sexual Desire Disorder (low libido dysfunction) is potentially curable in females, but hopelessly incurable in males (that's official, there might be a way around it? but not officially). Based on this info from college, I think WHO EVER MADE UP THESE ANTI SEX RULES MUST HAVE BEEN A FEMALE. A female can go for 30 years without sex and still be able to have sex again, a male can not go a few years without sex and retain his ability to have sex. In general, 35% of women and 16% of men have low libido dysfunction. For women it is curable using female hormones and serotonin/neurotransmitters such as non-drowsy 5-HTP 100 mg and or L-Tryptophan (sleep for a few days)

Human Sexuality, Psych 5 class notes and further studies