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My Psychology and Anthropology professors say that Religion is Oppressive of Human Sexuality. They say that those who attend church more often tend to have less sex in their lives. Why?

1) Many priests are Gay men (this is nothing new), and gays have long been oppressed. So in a reverse oppression, they condemn the evils of lust, allowing sex only for procreation.

2) 35% of all women have a low Libido, they have no desire for sex ("Sorry honey, not tonight, I have a headache"). These women often do want to be married, and even have children, but don't really like, enjoy, or want sex. At the same time only 16% of men have a low libido, or no desire for sex, and although it would be convenient if the 16% of men were matched up amongst the 35% of women, it often does not work out that way. Thus the 35% of women with a low libido often seek refuge and protection from their husbands advances, by being avid church goers, being faithful to the lord in abstaining from "sin". So with gay men and low libido women in cooperation, the gay priests defending the low libido women from unwanted advances, and the low libido women defending the gay priests from oppression by straight society, we find the church and congregation strong in unity and strong in community affairs.

3) We live in a world of Aggression and Oppression. Please read my article on "Aggression". Aggression leads to Oppression of others, often extending the oppression to oppression of the "Id" (basic natural instincts).

Proof that Church goers do have less sex, is found in the results of the Russian Revolution of 1917; a terrible tragedy, the Czar was assassinated, and there was a Mass Ahnileation of many citizens, something which has been over shadowed and over looked due to World War I. And so too was it a tragedy that those who took over, banned religion from society. However, today, the Russian culture 85 years later, is one of the most sexually liberated cultures in the world. Due to oppressive politics, they are still not as liberated as Sweden or France, but Russia really gets it on from a passionate perspective.

Religion is needed within society. Religion helps people with lessons in morals, making a more cooperative, friendly, helpful, efficient society. Religion helps with the care of the young and the elderly, with the poor, with persons of lower intellect, people with social and psychological problems, people overcoming grief from the death of loved ones. The Church helps welcome new borns into society, and helps establish a sense of equalty amongst everyone, rich and poor, young and old. The Church even helps establish a sense of Community and Extended Family in high density population areas such as large cities, where the concepts of "Community" are abandoned (Cities are large lonely places).


A) Religion tends to exclude or repulse a large number of those who enjoy sex, often giving them un-needed psychological complexes about enjoying sex. It is possible to honor any persons right to not want or desire sex, without imposing the idea of sex as evil upon those who do enjoy sex. But those who do not wish sex, are outnumbered, and in order for their rights to be observed, we as society must free ourselves from Aggression and Oppression. (See my article on Aggression).

B) Some Gay Priests are Child Molesters. Child Molestation of young children, or force upon older persons (even force upon adults) is a sin which there is no room for, within the church or without the church.

C) Religion needs to come to terms with Science. If we look far enough (beyond our own noses) we can find correlations, support and agreement between Religion and Science. The World of Science has unearthed religious artifacts, backing the claims of religion, and like wise, religion needs to come to terms with scientific findings, such as the age of mankind, and evolution. Hundreds of years ago, The Church was the Leader in Education and Science, sponsoring intellectuals who studied and dedicated their lives to science and truth. Sometimes their findings were oppressed by the Church, and they were held captive, guarded, and not allowed to socialize with every day citizens. Although it is true that Science often years later finds its self wrong, and makes corrections, there should be a limit to the doubting and oppressions by the Church.

It is only fair for the Church to have doubts towards anything new, and allow time to verify it true or false, but to take a reckless stance such as "Humans did not evolve", that "our ancestors were always Humans", or that one day "God just created everything" (like Steven Hawkings and believers in the Big Bang claim), while I on the other hand, believe that Time is Eternal, will always exist, and has always existed, The Church claims that God created everything at one point. This is due to Humans dissatisfaction with the concept of death, "if we die someday, then the Universe must also die", which is not the case, we will perish, but Time and The Universe will go on, and has always existed.

"God made us in the likeness of him", implies that we are near Gods and that all animals are ours to enslave and eat, and that people of religions other than our own, are to be killed in war for the sin of not being born with our culture.

Now Science is starting to consider that perhaps the Big Bang was perhaps just part of an endless cycle. We also now have photos of galaxies 15 Billion Light Years away, we see what was going on 15 Billion years ago, while just 20 years back they thought the age of the Universe was much less than 15 Billion years, now we have proof that it has been around much longer, and eventually we must realize that time and space are eternal, perhaps we humans will perish, but existence of the universe will continue. The age of the Earth is certainly quite a bit older than the few thousand years which Religion claims. God is not an old man who has a long beard and sits on a throne in the clouds, and can fly without assistance, by using his magical powers. God is not a Human, except that all of us have a bit of God within us, and so do animals. God does not want the Superior Creatures like ourselves to torture, annihleate, and cause suffering to all the other creatures. How can the Church teach morals of equality and justice, and then be so hypocritical to bend the rules so bad as to banish people who don't torture or abuse other animals? Or even preach war amongst ourselves? How hypocritical. No one is perfect, but the Church has a long way to go. But we need the Church within society, so, Get Moving.

The Church needs to come to terms with Science and the realities of Society. The Church is a much needed and good thing, especially if and when it does come to terms with Truth and Science.

Lastly: People of various religions must not fight over whose religion is supreme. If you put Jesus, and Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Thoth, and Ra all together in the same room, at the same table, and let them chat over a nice vegetarian vegan meal, I am certain they would get along quite well and agree about most everything. It is all of their followers who need to learn to be more harmonious, and learn to COEXIST.

(Ra and Thoth wer ancient Egyptian Gods, a culture which lasted and ended only after 10,000 years)