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PSYCHIC PHENOMINA Music on this page: Neptune:The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917

Witness: NASA Xray photo of Super Nova on left; and on the right
Painting by Paul Klee (1879-1940, many years before space photos like this),
painting is Death and Fire by Paul Klee: search Google images for Death and Fire by Paul Klee and

Kilauea Phenomena picture below, Kilauea volcano

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA 2010.06.28..05:55AM "I was updating my Facebook Profie to list my favorite Music, TV, Movies, and listed Unfaithfully Yours, The Producers, and The Mouse that Roarded as 3 of my favorites; so I went to sign up for Mel Brooks (I grew up in Hollywood and got to meet him a few times, and he knew my mom. So in signing up with Mel Brooks at Facebook, it was his Birthday. Psychic Phenomena (I really did not know, and I don't have a TV, I don't get the Daily Paper), wow, I really am Psychic" -ARCHURE

Chad Hall
Wow! So I'm driving and I tell myself at any given moment the car in front of me can loose a tire or something and stop. Sure enough 30 seconds later a big block of the engine drops and he stops. Now did i know what was about to happen? Did my brain make it happen? Or just pure luck? Vote! PS my grandma was a psychic and this shit happens all the time with me.
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And if you liked the space photo above, look at this Outer Space Photo of Stephans Quinteta

PSR_B1509-58 in the News April 7, 2009
Im sorry, but to me, it looks like a RAT (with a hand behind it, fingers aflame), THE GREAT GOD OF RATS. And perhaps all rats instinctively know where it is in the sky, and point to it with their nose, to show you they know where it is. Perhaps this is a message to mankind. Perhaps we have abused the rights of animals, including rats? Perhaps rats are gods creatures too, or at least this god (see photo above). But even before this space photo, years before, there was Mighty Mouse cartoons, perhaps the creator of the cartoons was psychic, and Mickey Mouse, perhaps Walt Disney's creations had more of a meaning towards the future?

Photo of Lightning 7/17/2006 @ 10:34 PM PDST by ARCHURE from a Las Vegas Hotel parking structure (ironic that it is photo #0123 (Canon cameras generate a number for each photo, this was the 123rd photo taken with the camera), and was just a shot in the dark, it was the only photo that came out with Lightning). Astrologically: PLUTO was exactly conjunct the Meridian

Paul McCartney (photo left), True Visionary, and possibly Psychic? This photo (below) of the "Ghost Head Nebula" with detail which has only been possible since the Hubble Telescope in recent years (1990's), reveals many faces, including the woman on the left side, "Lucy"? with Diamonds (stars); and a Cat Face on the right. While the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was written in the 1960's. For more on Paul McCartney & Animal Rights see and for his music

I went to Whole Foods Market and got some rice, took it home, put it in a plastic storage container (got at WalMart previously) and the Rice filled the container nearly to the rim, a perfect fit, and when I was at the store, I didn't even think of how much rice I was getting, didn't plan it, but it fit the container perfectly. This is because, the unconscious mind is way more vast than the conscious mind, and if you have faith in the unconscious, combined with a healthy mind (mental nutrition: then you can get better results

The DOGON is an African Tribe which has long worshiped the Dog Star, saying it is 3 Dogs (stars), this going on for many generations. Only recently did telescopes discover that there are indeed 3 stars there.

WIKI QUOTE: The Dogon people are an ethnic group in Mali, West Africa, reported to have traditional astronomical knowledge about Sirius that would normally be considered impossible without the use of telescopes. According to Marcel Griaule's books Conversations with OgotemmÍli and The Pale Fox they knew about the fifty-year orbital period of Sirius and its companion prior to western astronomers. They also refer to a third star accompanying Sirius A and B. Robert Temple's 1976 book The Sirius Mystery, credits them with knowledge of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. UNQUOTE WIKI on Sirius and Dogon



"The most beautiful experience we can have is the Mysterious; it is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true Art and true Science" -Einstein

This is a photo from outer space, which was Mirror Imaged (left half equals a mirror of the right half) to make for this unbelieveable image, look closely at the details. Need I say more? (other than the Mirror image nothing was altered nor added, this is Space).

This will be an ongoing page, with more added later (origins: 2004.09.23..02:30 am pdst time approximate, and first linked to at 03:12 am pdst)

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