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PENIS ENVY:  There are many, many, Psychological complexes, some more serious, some more common. "Penis Envy" is a common well known, official psychological complex, where women grow up and notice that they don't have an "external appendage" like Dad or Brother. Commonly young girls wonder when theirs will grow, and eventually find out they wont get one. Often women display signs of "penis envy" with a Garden Hose, by Spraying and Spraying (its true, I learned it in college and other reliable sources). this is one of the more humorous, not as serious complexes, and quite common. but it does have some serious aspects. I conclude that women may lack an external appendage, but women have what I want, I envy women way more than women envy men. When I was young, I desired and envied women to the point where I wanted to be a woman, but I eventually realized that the reasons for this were, that I desire women because I am a man. Thus I realized that women desire men, and often want to be like them (some women have short hair and dress masculine and like sports, because they desire men). According my professors (Psych) women are attracted to Male Gender Characteristics such as Receding Hair line, and Facial Hair, Deep Voice. So men are advised to throw away the toupee (hair piece men's wig) and grow a Mustache (I have hair on my head, but have grown a Mustache, only to be more attractive to women). Thus I have turned my desire for women, my envy of women, into trying to be more masculine, in order to be more attractive to women, and to try to turn women on (aint easy, picky sexist women, still I try). By the way, Long Hair on men does not diminish a mans Male Gender Characteristics (as per my Psych professors), a man just needs to grow some facial hair (and I personally need to loose more weight and exercise more, which I am doing).

Is when a young man in a small town goes around having some relationships with married women. Looking for trouble? or just the natural thing to do?

MEANWHILE: the general public views the following as a Castration Complex (not official)
PENIS ENVY (listed above) combined with AGGRESSION (discussed below), results in a CASTRATION COMPLEX. Womens attempts to "De-Throne" a man. Women put men down, tell them they are not any good, that they are not half the man they should be, not man enough for them. Women in work places often try to reduce a mans position within a company. Signs of a CASTRATION COMPLEX are often noted with a woman at a chopping block. Now I do make a good healthy salad, daily, with lots of raw fresh veggies (very good for your pH), but I have seen women at the chopping block, hacking away with emotional anger, which is very common, and usually a sign of a castration complex. There is a great display of this in famous Anthropologist Zoologist Desmond Morris' video series "The Human Sexes", with an older, powerful woman, hacking away at some gizzards, while raking her husband over the coals, while he is sitting watching, nearly in tears, which she hacks away at the cutting board, and verbally at him. The general consensus seems to be that no man is half the man that any woman is. A manipulative, controlling form of AGGRESSION, which stems from low pH and improper Dietary habits (see my article under HEALTH for "pH".
I like many, have a common ORAL FIXATION complex. Probably due to not being breast fed (or not enough), common in the 1950's. Oral Fixations show symptoms of wanting to stick something in ones mouth: food, candy, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, pipes; and are the main reasons for smoking, drinking, and over eating (and possibly homosexual oral sex). I am not a homosexual, I am not bi; but I do tend to want to eat and nibble on candy and chips, and treats, and used to smoke marijuana (besides, it made me feel good). Addendum: I was able to get an Rx and eventually NV made it 420 Legal, so I now smoke it daily

I also have a  "OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE" disorder.  (I believe that Woody Allen also has this, or at least portrays this image in his character).   People who wash their hands frequently (to avoid germs, and well they should, if you read Schaums Outlines on Microbiology, you will see that germs are transmitted by hand, by air, and if a sick person sneezes, and the germs land on a table, the person leaves, another person comes in an places their hand on the table, they can pick up the germs from Dust.  Its a BIO-HAZARD WORLD).  I don't like High Places or Flying (statistically its safer to fly, but if something goes wrong up there, that's it, no chance, and its a long way down; while in a car or a train wreck, you might come out alive).  At the same time, I have flown from time to time (my last time was great and lots of fun, window seat, but the time before that was very turbulent and scary.  Airline Pilot is #10 or 12 on the list of most stressful jobs in the USA).  I am also afraid of Multi-Level buildings and heights, but mostly in California (where I am from) due to Earthquakes.  Here in Las Vegas I am not nearly as nervous, well, maybe a bit, up on the Stratosphere tower, and the top of some of the high hotels (but at least I admit it, I think most people are a bit nervous about high places).  Fear of falling is Inherited, its in our genes, as we evolved from creatures who dwelled in trees (as per Carl Sagan's "The Dragons of Eden: The Speculations of the Evolution of Human Intelligence" (often, later at the books store, confused with "Brochas Brain" by the same author, not the same, write it down).  Dragons of Eden is a great book, a must read.  Obsessive Compulsive disorder is found in people who think for themselves, and don't abruptly join in the crowd to be like lemmings throwing themselves to the sea (lemmings are a small rodent who, when the population grows excessive, go in mass to the ocean and throw themselves into the sea).   Compulsive Disorder is found in highly intelligent people, who think.   


Is another issue (often confused with Compulsive Disorder by people who do not read books but watch TV and communicate in one sentence ideas, which is often not enough to get an idea across).  SCHIZOPHRENIC PARANOIA often reveals its self in mid life.  The subject is typically SOCIALLY WITHDRAWN, speaks to no-one, and unlike a OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE person whose FEARS are at least half way realistic, the typical SCHIZOPHRENIC PARANOID person has totally Unrealistic Fears, and Delusions of Grandeur (at first one might suspect me for being a SCHIZOPHRENIC PARANOID person, because I have met so many famous people; many think I am making this all up and have delusions of grandeur, but my stories are true, and I am a sociable person (to a degree, I don't date many women because I have little money, which is what most women seek in a "Good Provider" which is part of the "Nesting Instinct", but placed at a Party, I am a good conversationalist, and go around the room talking with at least 50% of the people or more).  A SCHIZOPHRENIC PARANOID person often complain of people interfering with their thoughts, or reading their thoughts, hearing voices, conspiracies such as International Conspiracies to Take Over the Government, and that they are the only one who can save America.  On the other hand, this does not negate the actuality of political overthrow attempts (stemming from AGGRESSION).  Just because a person knows something which is Secret does not make them Schizophrenic Paranoid.  A hand full of terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers.  That was a real issue.  And quite frankly, due to common every day aggression, you hear in the news about all sorts of acts of aggression, and I grew up hearing all sorts of talk of threats about aggression, it is all too common (a dietary pH problem).  So one has to be careful when flaunting the term Schizophrenic Paranoid.  It is a condition, not an insult.  Once again, those with this condition are usually very socially withdrawn.    

So with these common complexes, it is good to examine them, realize we are all human, all prone to some embarrassment (embarrassment can cause one to be angered, don't be angry, we are all human, and we are all EQUALS, regardless of gender (or anything else)).
More serious, are acts of AGGRESSION (which are primarily cause by consumption of meats, leading to low pH, "Acid Diet denotes Acid Personality"). AGGRESSION takes many paths: anger, oppression, sexual abuse, violence, threats, and is unfortunately very common, and in some forms, is unfortunately, socially and legally acceptable (oppression from bosses, anger from employers or teachers, violence from soldiers, etc)
Yes, the whole world is sick in the head, Freud said "I have found little that is good about human beings. In my experience most of them are trash" -Freud

My official credentials are very limited, being a technologist, so I use quotations of greats, I study, I read the best books by the top authors, I follow the TRUTH. "The Truth is hard to swallow, the Truth often Hurts, but only the Truth will set you Free"
-Will Chris Holley
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