HUMAN SEXUALITY Psych 5 college class:

"Organization is the key to success", print it out, write it down, do it

More detail:
B-6 cures depression (in 3 out of 4 hospitalized for depression), get 100 mg to 300 mg per day
B-12 also helps cure depression (and helps mental/physical coordination)
Get a 100 mg size of "B-COMPLEX", or "B-STRESS", or "B-100" (typical names)
Shopping List print it out now

TEMPER? ANGER? PEOPLE GET YOUR GOAT? (and they really try don't they?)
5-HTP helps solve CONFUSION and ANGER, but its good for EVERYONE's mind, it gives my music more depth, it gives ones intelligence more scope and grasp

Your brain uses "neuro-transmitters" to think, to transfer information, to communicate within the brain. The chemical "Serotonin" is "neuro-transmitters". Lack of Serotonin in the brain (quite common) causes Confusion, leading to embarrassment, leading to Anger, and sometimes violence. Certainly we live in a Threatening World, where ever you go; watch the threats in body language, hear the verbal warnings.

  • PROVIDES SEROTONIN (neuro-transmitters)

    • "5-HTP" over the counter. newer better / non-drowsy

    • "L-Tryptophan" over the counter. older effective / drowsy

  • REGULATES but does not provide SEROTONIN (neuro-transmitters)

    • St Johns Wort 1000 mg/day (Andrew Weil MD) over the counter

    • Prozac (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) prescription

    • Vitamin B-6 Regulates Serotonin


of the options above, I would suggest 5-HTP only AND a B Complex 100 mg, if that does not do the trick then maybe some St Johns Wort

Neurotransmitters (such as 5-HTP) can also be used to help cure low libido dysfunction

SEROTONIN SUPPLEMENTS: I now take 100 mg 5-HTP daily (no longer St Johns Wort)
5-HTP 100 mg (newer safer better version of "L-Tryptophan") "supplies Serotonin" to the brain WHILE over the counter St John's Wort and prescription Prozac do not supply serotonin, but instead help "regulate" what serotonin you do have. Andrew Weil suggests at least 1000 mg / day St Johns Wort as a starting dose, and he says it takes 6 months to really kick in. After being on St Johns Wort for a couple of years, and doing more research, I decided to try "L-Tryptophan" (older) and also tried "5-HTP" (newer) which both supply "serotonin". UC Berkeley says 5-HTP is much better than "L-Tryptophan", and says 5-HTP is like the Fuel, and St Johns Wort is like the Carburetor (which regulates, dispenses, evenly). After at least 6 months of overlap with both St Johns Wort and 5-HTP, I discontinued the St Johns Wort, but I can always take some if regulation of existing serotonin becomes an issue, but I think 5-HTP is the solution for me, and probably most others. Its a Supply issue, not a Regulation issue. I think that for most people, its like the car stopped running, was it the carburetor? or no gasoline? how can you regulate what you don't have? St Johns Wort is like Prozac in that they both Regulate but do not supply serotonin, but a doctor makes his living putting you on a prescription, then you must be monitored on a regular basis; when you can get it all over the counter (St Johns Wort 1000 mg) and monitor yourself, and frankly, I think most people on Prozac probably only need 5-HTP, not Prozac, or St Johns Wort, but then how would the doctor pay for his golf game? Like the mechanic "Well I replaced your carburetor 3 times and it still wont run, maybe its a lack of gasoline issue? maybe we should try filling up your tank?"

I take 100 mg 5-HTP /day (much better than the previous L-Tryptophan: which makes you a pleasant sleepy head for a few days from one dose). The newer and much better 5-HTP does not make me sleepy but does make me more cohesive and aware. 5-HTP (which comes highly recommended by UC Berkeley) does not cause drowsiness (or not nearly as much as L-Tryptophan), and can be taken day or night (some people don't like to sleep with it, while others may prefer to take it at bedtime), and can be taken every day, I take 100 mg per day (I used to take it once a month, daily is much better). If taken daily, you might not require help with the regulation (St Johns Wort or Prozac). I sort of enjoyed the St Johns Wort, but it had an eerie un-natural quality to it that does not appeal (to me) as a permanent solution, as much as just filling up on Serotonin (5-HTP) daily.

I conclude I don't have a serotonin regulation issue, I was just in short supply of serotonin itself, 5-HTP is ample for me, and feels great, its improved my music skills

UC Berkeley web: "5-HTP is like the fuel, and St Johns Wort is like the carburator" (St Johns Wort regulates but does not supply serotonin, while 5-HTP does supply serotonin).


SEARCHING: What Depletes Neurotransmitters? QUOTE:
Is there a place for drugs like Prozac?
Drugs such as Prozac are called serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). They help stabilize moods by keeping active whatever serotonin stores we have in our brain. But, they do not actually provide additional serotonin. For this reason, most people using SSRIs often continue to have some low-seratonin symptoms. Before there were SSRIs, L-tryptophan was commonly used to increase serotonin levels. For more than 20 years, health foods stores and psychiatrists enthusiastically recommended it for alleviating depression and food cravings and normalizing sleep without side effects. But, in 1989 a series of bad batches of L-tryptophan, which killed 40 people and made many more sick, prompted the FDA to stop all US sales. Despite evidence that no other manufacturer has ever made a problem batch, the FDA recommended for years that L-tryptophan not be used as a supplement.

With L-tryptophan unavailable, drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, and Redux have become primary tools for combating the crippling symptoms of low serotonin. Unfortunately, however, these drugs provide only temporary and incomplete benefits, and often have uncomfortable or dangerous side-effects. Fortunately, a new version of tryptophan, called 5-HTP is now available, without FDA opposition.

Avoid drug-like foods Avoid these addictive, drug-like foods: sugar in all its forms (including white sugar, honey, maple syrup, turbinado sugar, brown sugar, etc.), and all foods containing sugar; white flour, cakes, candy, pastries and all foods containing white flour; white rice, white potatoes, breakfast cereals (except old-fashioned oatmeal), and alcohol (which has a very similar molecular structure to sugar.

they suggest lean protein (they are non-veg) I go for veg protein only

CHOCOLATE & BANANAS & SOY products, contain Neuro-transmitters (for a happy feeling of well being), serve them at work and at parties, B Vitamins too (I bring them to work). ALSO: Tofu, Pumpkin Seeds, and Almonds have neuro-transmitters. WALNUTS are very high in neuro-transmitters However, Walnuts also have an acid which deteriorates your teeth, and I am not sure how much serotonin you get from these items, Chocolate can add calories and weight, so just to be sure, everybody go to the store at the same time, right now, and get some 5-HTP 100 mg size /day, and get some B Vitamins too (see top of page)

Andrew Weil MD's web site sends informative newsletters, including:
WEIL QUOTE: "Vitamin B12, also known as cyanocobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that is vital for the day to day metabolic processes of cells. It affects the development and maintenance of red blood cells, nerve cells, and normal myelination (covering) of nerve cells, and it aids in the production of DNA and RNA, and the synthesis of neurotransmitters." UNQUOTE

Drink Lots of Water between meals
Best: Evian, Fiji, Iceland
Next: Arrowhead, Sparklets, Dasani
Water provides pH Balance (soda, coffee, milk, or juice do not)

Fresh Vegetables (organic preffered) helps your pH, especially Cucumbers

Low pH (acidic foods) is associated and causes, health problems, weakness leading to disease, ill temper or acidic personality, and deterioration. It is a War Against Acidity. Only Water can ballance your pH (between meals). Baking Soda applied to your entire body when wet in the shower, let sit for a few miuntes, then rinse, will help restore your pH (thru skin absorbtion). And/or (better and), (not after eating) a half glass of water with a teaspoon of Baking Soda, stir for at least 90 seconds, not just time to disolve, but time to chemically react, then ingest (on an empty stomach). Reactions within 20 minutes, you will probably have a low belch, and need to urinate (to flush the bodies acids, to restore you pH). However, this can slightly constipate your digestive system, so don't over do it, nor too often, but its very very very healthy for you, to restore you pH, it works real good, and its cheap. See my article on pH (see HEALTH MENU link at top of page)/

LACK OF SLEEP and/or LACK OF SEX = Reasons for most Mental Problems
Reasons for most Mental Problems = LACK OF SLEEP and/or LACK OF SEX
LACK OF SLEEP and/or LACK OF SEX = Reasons for most Mental Problems
Get lots of sleep, and have sex on average of every 48 hours (24 hr min, 100 hr max)
(unless you have low libido (less sex), or high libido (more sex)
(35% of women and 16% of men have low libidos, that is natural for them & OK)

Sex is a function of the psychological "ID" (prn as in hid or rid). The ID is the basic primary instincts, such as drinking water, eating food, body elimination functions, and sex (also: seeking shelter, and transcendence). ONE should be careful, not to oppress the ID of others, everyone at any time should be allowed water, restroom, shelter, food. Of course the EGO (the EGO is the urges of the ID performed in proper social setting, example: one does not grab food off the tray and put it in ones mouth; one does the proper social conformity (EGO) by taking a plate, using a utensil to place food on the plate, take the plate to a table, with napkin and utensils, and it eat properly (those who are unable to do this, lack a developed EGO). OPPRESSION OF THE "ID": (such as "you are not allowed to use the restroom" or "you are not allowed water" or "you are not allowed to have sex", is all forms of OPPRESSION of the ID, which can lead to serious psychological problems (the oppressed often rebel in unconscious ways).

STABILITY (physical, mental, emotional): also see BRAIN Maintenance

Sources: Salt (sea salt), Baking Soda, Soda Crackers, Potassium: Bananas and Carrots (limited amount, no more than a pint, as carrots are acidic), lima beans (and very high pH reactive).
Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide & water first, then quickly follow-up a re-rinse with baking soda and water to restore pH, brush your teeth with baking soda).

Melatonin (comes in sizes 5mg, 3mg, or less).
Enhances the mind, helps sleep, provides inspiration for artists, musicians, and writers (I take 10 mg before bed, the next morning I create music, etc). Andrew Weil MD says melatonin is good, but not every night. (I sometimes take Melatonin for several nights in a row, and sometimes not for a while. Melatonin is good for the Arts.

Music background to this page Gamma and Alpha Waves which calms & relaxes people
More Detailed Info

MUSIC affects mental and physical health

ALPHA FREQUENCY 10 cycles per second, calms people down, and helps prevent seisures
quick load sound sample 10 hz (cps) brain wave speed with CALM MIND.

ASCENDING AUGMENTED TRIADS OR version II: sound odd, but resolve stress from sounds in ones enviornment.

TV MUSIC: often has stressful music (often to be scary, by traditionally using Augmented 4ths or Diminished 5ths (Tri-tone, called the devils tone hundreds of years ago, and was illegal, people were burned at the stake for the devils tone), so TURN YOUR CHANNEL to non-scary films/shows (when people watch scary music, they cringe in stiffness and stress. Relax, watch something else).


If you say "I can't find my car keys" (then your conscious mind, which can only remember a few things at a time, is instructing your unconscious mind, (which remembers and stores everything, including where you last put your keys) to not find the keys

But if you instead say: I will find my keys, and I will find them right away, then your conscious mind instructs the unconscious memory to find your keys (after saying it several times, you may clear your thoughts, forget everything, and will quickly find your keys)

So if you say I will have a nice day, and get along with everyone, then you will
People who say: I can't do anything right, can't.
People who say: I do everything right, do.


Don't oppress others, don't hamper others, even if they are not consciously aware of your doing so, unconsciously they are aware of it, and will unconsciously react in revenge. COEXIST

Do not try to restrict peoples natural functions (psychological Id) natural functions such as drinking water (or liquid), eating food (go veg), having sex, using the restroom (if you gotta go, go, else psychological social problems), or the urge to transcend (allow a person physical and mental space: Physical Space 3 feet, or at least 18 inches in line, 4 feet for business relations). Don't be a bully, don't be bullied. Report Bullies (that's what the experts say). More about Bullies

SMILE: "Smile and the world smiles with you", force your self to smile. A smile is body language, and means the same thing all over the world

Be aware that half the people would just rather run you over, while the other half of the population would give you the shirt off their back's

What goes around, comes around, do good things, be a vegetarian

Psychologist or Psychiatrist?
At any time you can consult a trained professional: "Psychologist" ("Psychiatrists" tend to be busy, spend less time helping, and tend to make people zombies with perscription medication (which contain small ammounts of vitamin B-6, which is available over the counter, any grocery store, any pharmacy), so that they legally must "observe you" regularly, and make more money, making and observing more zombies (there are good Psychiatrists too, but this is a trend in modern psychiatric medicine; while a "Psychologist" works with you, resolving issues. It's good to see a Psychologist for issues (internal or external), as well as preventative maintanance.

NUTRITION in a nutshell
Generally only Vegetables are high pH reactive, and the problems of the world, health, social, are all tied in with low pH problems.

GOOD FOODS: Salads (high pH), Cucumbers (high pH reactive), Limas (good pH, Potassium), Wheat Grass (high pH), Yams (hormones), Sweet potatoes (vit A), Carrots (vit A, and Potassium, but low pH, and also high glycemic (bad), use in moderation, 1 pint or around 7 carrots max), celery (high potassium to callorie ratio). Rice and Legumes (beans) both high in fiber and combine to a perfect protein, can be eaten on alternate days or together (warning, can cause gas, but this will soon pass). Soy: high pH, low glycemic (good), high protein, all the esential amino acids, and cheap to farm, more food per parcel of land than other sources. The future of the world, and population growth, is in the hands of soy (by mere economics, as well as nutritional standards. Soy is the future of the world. Avacado, Olive Oil, and Canola Oil are healthy fats.

Previous typo said cucumbers had potassium, error removed, but cucumbers are an Excellent Food as they (wheat grass also) are very high in pH reactivity, very very healthy to eat, good for you.

AVOID: Night Shade Plants (cause arthritis, aches, pains): regular potatoes (pink, white, russet), eggplant (all the stuff I love), tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, bell peppers (but black and white pepper is OK), and avoid pepper based spices (except black/white pepper); as Night Shade plants all cause arthritis, aches and pains, and with peppers, add: temper issues, internal acidic burns (resulting in infection). Nightshade plants pull much needed calcium from your bones, and puts it between your bones, which is not where it belongs, and causes aches and pains. Those who have had serious arthritis for many years, and have avoided nightshade plants for as little as 3 weeks have experienced tremendous improvements (lack of aches and pain).

AVOID: Peanuts, Corn, Cauliflower, Brocholi, Brussel Sprouts, cabbage, as they all are potential damaging to the thyroid gland (some people more than others). To help your Thyroid gland, avoid those foods, and do take suplements of Iodine (kelp tablets, 225 mcg per day), and or eat seaweed daily. But still, avoid those foods listed above.

FATS: Most US Americans average 160 grams of fat per day (intake) while the Japanese get only 20 grams of fat per day (they are smaller people, so I aim for 60 grams of fat per day, of the good fats (avoid animal products, they contain the deadly Saturated Fats, both meat and dairy are full of saturated fats, and also are low pH reactive (dangerous, damageing). High Fat intake (especially Saturated Fats), is associated with a greater risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and other health problems (can be fatal). But you do need some fat (else you become constipated real quick), use the good fats, olive oil (extra virgin, bitter and better, you can get used to it in a week), avacados (also high in certain esential amino acids which are harder to find in other sources), and canola oil (limite use). Andrew Weil MD says "everyone asks me, where do you get your protein, but no one asks me, where do you get your fats?".

FIBER (or die): rice, beans, salads, cereals, dried fruits, there are 2 types of fibers (soluble and insolbule) you need both, so get a wide variety of fiber sources.

Avoid meat and dairy products, they hamper your pH, and cause aggression and low pH problems (a major issue which leads to other health problems, allows them to happen).


Does Vegetarianism & Veganism go hand in hand with Mental Health?
You bet it does!
Vegetarian Quotes
Why Vegetarian?
How to be a Vegetarian
Suggested Diet

Photo of author taken by his Mom at age 5 or 6 (Mom was formerly married to a Psychologist. Story Goes: in the interest of Humor, I had said something that might be considered funny, but my mother did not take it that way, and chased me, I escaping to the tree. She would not let me come down, until I posed for her Funny photo, she tossing up assorted props, insisting I wear the party hat, and hold the penguin, etc. )
"It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind." - Albert Einstein, Letter to 'Vegetarian Watch-Tower', 27 December 1930


VITAMIN B info (detailed)