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LSD was invented by Dr Albert Hofmann in Switzerland at Sandoz Lab, by synthesizing Ergot, a fungi which grows naturally on Rye, one of natures natural hallucinogens. Dr Hofmann "accidentally" ingested some and had wild bicycle trip back home. LSD was being promoted by top Harvard professor Dr Timothy Leary and was legal in the early 1960s. I had legal LSD therapy as a child, from Dr Timothy Leary and Dr Albert Hofmann, and I very much enjoyed it. From reliable sources such as Sandoz, in the proper dosages; LSD can be used for special things at higher dosages, or every day things at lower dosages; perhaps every day is a special day for some?

Dr. Albert Hofmann, on the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of his famous bicycle ride:
"You, my dear friends, and millions all over the world who now commemorate the 50th birthday of ergots child, we all testify gratefully that we got valuable help on the way to what Aldous Huxley said is the end and the ultimate purpose of human life--enlightenment, beatific vision, love. I think all these joyful testimonies of invaluable help by LSD should be enough to convince the health authorities, finally, of the nonsense of the prohibition of LSD and of similar psychedelics."

THERE ARE MANY DRUGS ON THE MARKET, YOU SEE ON T.V. Warning: may cause drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, diarrhea, rash, itching, open sores, lesions, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, endocrine degeneration, neuro degeneration, confusion, anger, memory loss, dna mutation, uncontrolled spasms, convulsions, seizures, paralysis, pancreatic cancer, premature aging, kidney failure, pain, death, perversion, and communism

But Not LSD. LSD is not that bad. LSD is GOOD

LSD is GOOD. The only issues I see are "unregulated dosages", unregulated production (what is it? is it really LSD? or something else?), and current legality status. It should be legalized and available to all, thru safe and reliable sources. Perhaps some type of qualification of study, speech from the pharmacist, or care by someone able, already experienced. LSD is very good. It makes me feel more natural and tuned in with the collective unconscious and universal truth. LSD helps musicians and artists. LSD helps maintain a stream of consciousness where one might be prone to lose interest or fade away, it helps a drummer have a steady beat, and helps the guitarist be in touch with the universal truth of music. LSD helps concentration if applied. Leary said the Mind is Chaos aka Anarchy and Freedom of the mind to think in any direction. My top music teachers in Hollywood taught me improvisation as the highest level of performance. When LSD is applied to Music, you get the Best. LSD is good for Science. Many San Francisco LSD users got into computer programming and see the results? I don't think we would be nearly as far as we are with computers, today, had it not been for LSD.

Was the federal agent on the right actually Micky Dolenz of the Monkees? That is what Leary thought, I was talking with him about it and I didn't think it was him, but it finally dawned on me, Leary got up close to him, and, who can live on Hollywood wages, they make Union Scale at best, for a few hours a week, the rest is hype and jive (the truth is, most of your favorite TV & Movie stars live in cheap apartments and cant find suitable work between roles, unless they do 2 movies per year or a long running series).


Anti Drugs, Anti LSD.
The strongest argument against LSD, all emotion, no logic, no credibility, no doctors reports, no research studies, just emotional tantrum I was shocked when Reagan spoke out against LSD, he may have been on it at the time? What did Reagan know about psychology? no, sorry. Many top psychologists did study LSD, many experts, who said LSD is good. But Reagan had a tizzy. Reagan had political power beyond reason and logic. My grandfathers second wife, my step grandmother who married in before I was born, was Nancy Reagan s sister, "Mimi" Miriam V, and the third sister was Dale Evans. Every time I saw her, "Aunt" Nancy insisted on a hug and a kiss, till after Mimi was long gone. Years before, she would show up at my moms parties and insist on giving me a hug and a kiss while I was reeking of marijuana, and I even asked her when she was First Lady "whats with the anti marijuana thing....?", which she never answered; but she used to smoke my Rx with me when looking after me when I was age 3 and age 4 and at my birthday parties which my friends saw, I have many witnesses.

My family sent me in to LSD therapy when I was a little kid, and my grandfather Ted was very interested in it. Ted was a top electrical engineer (sat conj ur) at Paramount Pictures and Desilu Studios Melrose/VanNess/Gower and old pals with Ronald Reagan, they used to go biking with Walt Disney in Orange County with Pete Bayavitch CA Hwy bridge designer (Big River hwy 1 etc).
So considering my grandfather Ted's enthusiasm of LSD and his strong friendship with Ronald Reagan, over every week, I think Ronald liked it, to an extent. But the possible MOTIVE for going anti LSD was possibly an attempt to gain control of Paramount Pictures, to discredit others, without going into the details, but not limited to Paramount, with the smear of a good thing, in favor of his own personal financial success. Which is very selfish to the rest of the worlds mental health; and leads to the concept of slavery, SOME ARE HUMANS, SOME ARE NOT. Peter Tork is dead, and I cut my hair, but I still am not regarded as a HUMAN. I waited till everyone was dead or witness protection to pass judgment, but they short changed my life big time.

THE MANSON SMEAR CAMPAIGN: Charles Manson was an unemployed actor seeking work in Hollywood and vicinity. He also was a singer and guitarist (?). He was hanging out with Denny Wilson of the Beach Boys, nice guy, always nice to me. I believe that the Government eventually hired Manson for a Smear Campaign. The Manson Family was making a movie, a scary movie, on their own. And with just a few Press Releases, they could easily turn the thing into a big scare on LSD. I heard tell, that perhaps, the authorities ARRESTED famous stars who were publicly in favor of LSD, and put them IN JAIL and used press releases to KILL THEIR PUBLIC IMAGE announcing by press releases, that they had been Murdered, when they were really secretly in jail.

SMEAR TIE IN: Manson was in the south of Fort Bragg CA area around 1968, and I met him and hearing he was an unemployed actor, stage hand, musician, I told him my grandfather used to work for Paramount Pictures and was retired, and they did filming in Redwood forest area south of Ft Bragg CA
photo: Ted at Paramount Desilu (many very famous stars smoked pot in that car). My grandparents were helpful to up and coming performers (except me), and I used to send aspiring people to my grandparents, to help them in Hollywood Mimi also helped homeless women with children. Mimi voice coached many famous stars including Elvis. So Manson spoke with my grandparents Ted and Mimi who handled property rentals and got the Manson Family a Rental house, but they were unable to get him a "gig" aka a show biz job. Our house in Hollywood was like a casting center, people visiting to ask "anyone hiring?", usually not. Back in the redwoods, The Manson people were not fond of me. I knew a few people who knew him, and hung out with Charlie and his girls. And when Manson was arrested, one of them said "Not Charlie? Charlie is a nice guy". And others said he seemed OK to them.

CONCLUSION? Possibly Manson might have been recruited by Governor Reagan to work undercover and help smear LSD. And might have turned Federal when Reagan was later President? Manson knew my grandparents who knew the Reagan's.

WAS MANSON IN JAIL? At the same TIME that Manson was in jail; he was often seen in the Fort Bragg California area. He supposedly legally resided in San Rafael California (I heard at least a couple off accounts on San Rafael).

BUT WHAT IF IT WAS REAL? Even if Manson was a killer, the entire thing was used as a smear campaign, when you get murders every day; and that is not most peoples reaction on LSD. You can find many other, available to the public, drugs or intoxicants, way more likely to make people murder, such as alcohol, but we do need alcohol to kill infection, and not people. There is no valid reason for stopping the Advancement of Mankind, due to some hoodlums . We did not need the Prohibition of Alcohol in the 1930's, and we do not need the prohibition of LSD, its a much better drug than many other drugs you see on TV, and when one learns proper dosage guidelines, and acquires it from proper legal sources, such as Sandoz, it is a Wonder Drug, of the previous Millennium, and today. LSD is a good thing; and should be Legalized.

Timothy Leary was a top professor of psychology at Harvard, but he can't see in the dark, he didn't know that Reagan was using this to acquire Paramount Pictures, but I had some inside info and it looks like that is it. Leary's life and career were destroyed by the negative onions against LSD by non-qualified non-experts with power. It would only be proper to bring justice to his name. Dr Albert Hofmann who invented LSD but lived in Switzerland working for Sandoz Labs, did not suffer the disgraced that Leary did. I met Leary a few times after having therapy as a kid, and he was lots of fun, and very much a professor kind of character; who obviously knew his subject, not some crackpot he was made to look like. The aim was not really Leary, it was to discredit those in power at Paramount Pictures (is only a good guess?). Danny Di Vito might know? He was a grip and actor with Paramount when I knew him around the 1970s, I used to see him at rock concerts and around, he knew people I knew, but I have not seen him in years, but he might know the insides of Paramount at that time.

My step grandmother who raised me was one of Nancy Reagans sisters, so I was around the Reagans when I was a kid. They smoked pot with me when taking care of me when my mom was gone (hospital? jail? Tecate Mexico? or Las Vegas?), and smoked pot at my birthday parties with many witnesses. I think he was basically a nice guy till power got to him. The Reagans were very nice to me as a kid. I had all sorts of people at my birthday parties: Henry Mancini my music teacher, Herbie Mann, Ella Fitzgerald, Ed Cassidy, Buck Owens came over and smoked a joint with my and my grandfather for my 18th birthday, quite a move, etc. Age 11 & 12 I was sent to a private Quaker boarding school selected by the Reagans, where everything and nearly everyone was on my astrological south node. In spite of my good grades, the highest GPA for the year of graduating seniors, I was continually disowned by my family, except they kept me from starving, just barely. But around my 18th birthday I met up with Dr Albert Hofmann (the LSD inventor) who had been nice to me as a kid in therapy in Hollywood as a kid. He was very pleased with me, and my progress. While much of my family didn't like me, the doctors and my college professors did. Educated intelligent people tend to like me better. Do Good, Do Right. I basically agree with my professors except one or two things, but they heard my side and did not mark me down for it, as I put what they wanted on the tests.

Hallucinogens such as Marijuana, LSD, etc, give one a sense of Satisfaction and Enjoyment of Life. You were born unto this world and should be entitled to Satisfaction. LEGALIZE LSD and Marijuana.

Dr. Albert Hofmann - January 11 1906 - April 29 2008 died age 102
Inventor of LSD, and my personal therapist in the early 1960s at a open to the public psychological center in the south Hollywood area. There was rarely anyone around, but a couple of years later, people going in and out, very busy, and still legal at the time. Dr Hofmann showed up around my 18th Birthday June 1971 and wanted to congratulate me and said I was one of his favorite patients and he was proud of me. The Reagan's also came to town that day and congratulated me, I had the highest GPA for my high school graduation which I did not attend, Ronald Reagan shook hands with me that day and that was the last time I saw him in person. Was it my long hair? I have often wondered if both Ron and Nancy were government undercover in the old days, before I was born. Also around my 18th birthday, that afternoon we went to Preston Hall to hear The Golden Toad pre-renaissance and early Spanish music by S.F. State U students and grads, with the lovely singer Mave Zolotor. In this "Early" or pre-renaissance, pre 1600s, musical style, AND In this musical style


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Ed Cassidy, shaved head drummer, was a Big Band era drummer and friend of my mother. In the 1960's there was not much work for Big Band Drummers so he created SPIRIT

music: SPIRIT-RANDY CALIFORNIA: "1984" & "I Got a Line On You"-1970 TV appearance

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I have not reviewed all of these videos yet, and will be updating and adding to this page.

** Timothy Leary - 5/29/91 part 1 of 2 LSD guru

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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the Mysterious; it is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true Art and true Science" -Einstein

"...There comes a point where the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there. All great discoveries have involved such a leap" -Einstein

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" -Einstein

Famous Swiss Chemist at Sandoz who invented LSD
EXCELLENT, a Must Hear, but broken English and STATIC in video
Albert Hofmann - LSD, Mystical Experience and consciousness


WITH ALL SORTS OF TERRIBLE DRUGS ON THE MARKET, LEGALIZE THE GOOD ONES. Dr. Albert Hofmann, on the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of his famous bicycle ride:
"You, my dear friends, and millions all over the world who now commemorate the 50th birthday of ergots child, we all testify gratefully that we got valuable help on the way to what Aldous Huxley said is the end and the ultimate purpose of human life--enlightenment, beatific vision, love. I think all these joyful testimonies of invaluable help by LSD should be enough to convince the health authorities, finally, of the nonsense of the prohibition of LSD and of similar psychedelics."


My music on this web site was not created on LSD. I have not had LSD for around 50 years. I would like to see LSD legalized, and am working towards this. I would take it every day, in general

This is only in favor of legalization. Street drugs are not reliable, especially with something of this nature. Its up to the world of psychology to discuss this with the world of law. I hope Justice will bring back LSD for Humanity (for those who want it).

There are many names mentioned on this page, and this is not to imply that they have all taken LSD; the Early Music links for instance, really has nothing to do with nothing, except I love that style and my whole party went and heard that type of music that day. But I think that Jimi Hendrix and Grace Slick are more than suspect? they are experience voyagers, along with the Grateful Dead

The Sister of Dale Evans and Nancy Reagan. Miriam, my step grandmother.
"Mimi" (Ted's second wife). Born Jan 2, 1907. Sun conj Uranus (employed in Psychological Testing at one point but not a psychologist), and Sun exactly opposite Neptune. She was involved with the Braile Institute (helping the blind, although she was not blind herself). In Mendocino, she was a philanthropist, helping many poor families (mostly unmarried women with children). She was a Church Organist and Choir Director, and Music Coach for EmmyLou Harris, Elvis, Rita Coolidge, and good friends with James Taylor.

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