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Music on this page by ARCHURE

"The Hermetica" The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs
Translated by Freke & Gandy
Written by the Egyptian sage Hermes
Writtings attributed to Thoth 3000 BC, a translation from 6000 BC

(Written around 3000 BC, a translation from 6000 BC)
"The inexorable working of destiny, imposed on man by the turning of the Zodiac, subjects all human beings to the pain of birth and death. Man's problem is that in his ignorance he believes himself to be just a body, one that will grow old, suffer and eventually die.
His sense of injustice at the inevitability of this fate leads him to hurt himself and others, either through lust for more life or fear of approaching death. These crimes serve further to bind the soul to the body and so increase man's suffering."

Hey, this is what I, "ARCHURE" (Will Chris Holley) have been saying all this time in my web pages (and I just read this for the first time today 12/13/99). I tell people this all the time, anyone who knows me hears me say that" man, or mankind, is so upset that he/she will eventually die, that he/she gets upset and starts being negative, sort of like holding ones breath when one is a kid, in order to get ones own way, like saying to God, I'm gonna be negative until you grant me eternity. But then by doing that, we mess up what little time we have. That's whats messing up the whole planet. What I've been telling everyone, and here it was already said back in 3000 B.C., wow.

Anyway, he continues, and says the answer to the problem is

"....we must be reborn in spirit.... we must struggle to master ourselves."
and then says (next chapter) that in order to be reborn, you must
"....purify yourself of the irrational torments of matter.
The first of these is ignorance.
The second is grief.
Third is lack of self-control.
Forth is desire.
Fifth is injustice.
Sixth is greed.
Seventh is deceit.
Eighth is envy.
Nine is treachery.
Tenth is anger.
Eleventh is rashness.
Twelfth is malice."
Under these twelve are many more.....

And don't forget (I say it over and over) that Antrhopologists, Psychologists, and Human Evolutionists, who study Human Brain Evolution, all agree, that evolution is so slow to evolve, that those well before the Pyraminds were just as smart as we are today (Technology has advanced in the past 150 years rapidly, due to High Density Population, and greater communications).

AND, keep in mind that the USA is a bit over 200 years old, while Anciet Rome lasted around 1,000 years, and the Ancient Egyptian Empire (with Pharohs and Pyramids), lasted for around 10,000 years (then perished. The culture in Egypt is a different thing these days), making CHINA the longest lasting and oldest Culture (Thats the way Anthropologists slice it. China too has changed, but apparantly has the longest run with no major gaps. Ancient Egypt first started (apparantly around 10,500 BC, as far as they could tell) with the building of the Sphinx, and in those days, that area was not a desert, it was a tropical area (they can tell by water marks on the Sphinx).

Also note: They were astrologers (they followed SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY (like I do, I follow the STARS, not the SEASONS like most modern astrologers, the 2 systems are currently off by nearly one sign), and the ancient Egyptians knew a great deal of Astronomy (the Ancients knew there were 3 dog stars, only recently did we get telescopes powerful enought to discover that there are 3 of them, not one), and they have found some odd looking items made of Copper, leading us to believe that they not only used Electricity, but possibly had circuit boards. Times and generations change, but evolution is very slow. The fasted way to Evolve is thru Mutation (learned that in college). MUTATE, EVOLVE.


HIROGLYPHICS: Each letter is a 2 letter sound, such as AY OH, and thanks to the Greeks Translation on the famous ROSETTA STONE we can decipher the hiroglyphics. In addition to the sounds, they evolved out of symbols, the Cane for catching sheep, the jagged edge line like a Aquarius symbol meant the Nile River. One line meant that the river rarely rose to that location, 2 lines the rive sometimes got that high, 3 lines meant that the area often flooded. The square box with lines up was a Grain Mill and also meant Danger (danger from Authority). You also see the Butter Churn (they domesticated animals, I myself am a vegan and dont use nor consume any animal products), and the SAIL from a sail boat on the Nile. I believe that the half circles were a numeric system used for monetary transactions. Many Hiroglyphics were Tax Records. They strongly believed in Mumification after a person had died, it was a common practice. They did have surgical tools, and possibly may have done surgery on the living, in fact, they may have done transplants, possibly even Brain Transplants, taking the brain from the dead Pharoh and transplanting it in to the body of of a unasumming Republican (toss out the old one for the Jackels). Thus, the Pharohs may still may be around today. Transplant anyone? Your body for the Pharohs Brain. Deal?