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"THE BULLYING CULTURE" by Ruth Hadikin & Muriel O'Driscoll BF 637 B85 H33 2000

"Those who can, do.~ Those who can't, bully".
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I found thru a wikipedia article, since that time some of the format has changed and the links no longer directly go to the quotes, not certain if the quotes are still there, but they were (the bullies took them?)

    "Aggression: Buss (1961)[4] identified eight types of aggression:
  1. Verbal-passive-indirect (failure to deny false rumors about target, failure to provide information needed by target)
  2. Verbal-passive-direct ("silent treatment", failure to return communication, i.e. phone calls, e-mails)
  3. Verbal-active-indirect (spreading false rumors, belittling ideas or work)
  4. Verbal-active-direct (insulting, acting condescendingly, yelling)
  5. Physical-passive-indirect (causing others to create a delay for the target)
  6. Physical-passive-direct (reducing target's ability to contribute, i.e. scheduling them to present at the end of the day where fewer people will be attending)
  7. Physical-active-indirect (theft, destruction of property, unnecessary consumption of resources needed by the target)
  8. Physical-active-direct (physical attack, nonverbal, vulgar gestures directed at the target)
    In a study performed by Baron and Neuman,[5] researchers found pay cuts and pay freezes, use of part-time employees, change in management, increased diversity, computer monitoring of employee performance, reengineering, and budget cuts were all significantly linked to increased workplace aggression. The study also showed a substantial amount of evidence linking unpleasant physical conditions (high temperature, poor lighting) and high negative affect, which facilitates workplace aggression.[6]"


The bully selects their target using the following criteria:

I recently was unduely bullied around by Aiport Security (leaving Orange County CA, same as last year) and reported it to as well as DOT (Dept of Transportation) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Admin). The phone company (without my permission) told my long distance carries to take a hike and then charged me $3/min for one month, I told the Public Utillities Commission and they got me a credit (and I am back with my long distance carrier). I report Abuse to Animals to who will help you find the appropriet people to contact in your area, they have a list of government agencies. Great web link to find Federal Agencies The Federal Web Locator (it moves around, search for Federal Web Locator)
With all the daily incompetencies & blastphamies, we all could write all day every day.

Another Book
"ADULT BULLYING" by Randall BF 637 B85 R36 1997
Talks about....
Women spreading rumors to cause grief, Bullies in the work place, sexual harassment, humiliation, joking of others at others expense, child bullies, etc

I don’t like Bullies.
And I try to not be a bully.

My Motto: “Don’t Be Bullied; Don’t Be A Bully”

I was bullied as a kid, but fortunately grew up to be a tall person. But still, bullies persist, on the road, in the streets, in stores, schools, in the work place, families, social groups, even in (especially in) church, and where ever you go, there is a bully just waiting to pick on you and or anyone else. Some people are unaware of it, as such behavior is common place. I hate bullies. I think its a major problem, world wide.

America is a Bully, we go declaring war in Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq (then Iraq again 10 years later).

So when I went to the UNLV Library today 2006.03.22, and was browsing thru the “B” stacks (Psychology), I was pleased to find several books on “BULLIES”, and am researching/reading and will add more real soon.

First I was surprised to hear that my own joking around (belittling someone) is a form of Bullying. I hate bullies, and here I caught myself being a bully. I am sorry. But in general, I try to avoid being a bully, and see everyone as equals (including animals, I am an animal rights activist).

One of the books stated and example of someone making a threatening hitting gesture, and another of one pounding on the table (someone I worked with briefly used to pound the table, and he was a bully). One book dealt with Child Bullies, and was discussing people who smash into one another while walking around, and I get that continually from adults (and children) while in hotel casinos (high density populated areas such as hotel casinos or the streets of NY City are areas of Stress). People claim territorial space such as the entire walkway for them and their friends, by spreading their group out so that no one may pass, and if you try, they look the other way, pretending to not see you, and smash into you. Child bullies block the walkway by running in front of you wildly waving their arms, swinging them around, threatening my male genitalia (and they know what they are doing). WHY? POWER.

So when I walk past a group with wild kids I defend my male genitalia with my arm outstretched as I walk past. And as for the adults who smash into me even though I stay over to the far side (Larson), I usually stop just before they collide with me; and I am into health foods and am a big guy, so I usually don't get seriously hurt. And I try to not smash into people. But then, there are

LITTLE BULLIES (you know the type). I am walking along, they wait, then at the last second jump right in front of me, then slow down, trying to get me to bump into them.

WOMEN BULLY MEN AROUND, always have. Just like little people. Men do something (anything) and women make a Gasping Sound ("inhaling" while using the vocal chords), the Trump Card. So, I have been doing that to women. When they do some trivia, I do a Gasp, the Trump Card.

There are BULLIES of All Ages, Genders, Races, Creeds, Lifestyles, Political Parties, in all areas of the Earth.

Mankind is the most dangerous creature on the planet, destroying Nature, forcing animal species into extinction, destroying the Ozone, deforesting equatorial rainforests, and even destroying ourselves with war.

Astrologically: the charts of Bullies typically have a strong Mars, and squares to Mars (a square is a 90 angle from another planet, for instance, someone with Mars in Aries, with his Moon in Cancer (that's 90 degrees away), is bound to have a stronger tendency to be a bully.

I THINK: there is probably more bullies at lower level IQ scores, because, everyone has them out-smarted, what else can they do, but stand up for themselves, in a world already filled with bullies, and they get in the habit. I also have heard lots of evidence to support that eating meat creates aggression (already in my other web articles), and lack of neuro-transmitters such as "Serotonin" do cause violent moods.

BANANAS AND NEURO TRANSMITTERS TO THE RESCUE: Fortunately, Bananas have Serotonin" and "L-Dopamine" (essential neuro-transmitters), as well as B-6 (lack of which causes depression). "5HTP" is an over the counter pill which supplies "Serotonin", and St Johns Wort (herb in pill capsules at health food stores), in large dosages daily, helps your body use the Serotonin you consume (almonds, and tofu, also contain serotonin). Once one takes Serotonin supplements or foods, and takes St Johns Wort daily, for a couple of months, the person has a more calm personality.

One of the books discusses a case study of school kid bullying, reduced by around 50%, by asking teachers to ignore bullies (unless it gets serious), and instead, focus praise for good behavior.

"THE BULLYING CULTURE" says that we are all guilty of verbal bulling at some point or another, and suggests an apology helps clear things up (and works quick), it lets everyone know that you are aware of your mistakes and are working on it, and it also lets the victim know that its nothing personal and/or that at least you do not intend to continue. The book also suggests books on self help, and stress management (B Vitamins, 100 mg to 300 mg range per day, helps with stress), and one can also see a Psychologist (for a cure or preventative maintenance, or just good help planning).

KARMA: I personally believe in "what goes around, comes around" (regardless of help or no help, karma is like magic).

There are more bullies in the world than most people realize. But if you want to observe it in action, just go to any crowded public place, and watch people in action.

"Dont be a bully, Don't be bullied" (be a vegetarian vegan and you wont bully animals any longer (you too are an animal, homo-Sapiens, in the anthropological "great ape" category)).


WIKIPEDIA ON BULLYING has articles on Bullying, Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, etc
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WIKIPEDIA says on Bullying (Workplace)

According to the Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute,[12] workplace bullying is "the repeated mistreatment of one employee targeted by one or more employees with a malicious mix of humiliation, intimidation and sabotage of performance." Statistics show that bullying is 3 times as prevalent as illegal discrimination and at least 1,600 times as prevalent as workplace violence. Statistics also show that while only one employee in every 10,000 becomes a victim of workplace violence, one in six experiences bullying at work. Bullying is also far more common than sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

Unlike the more physical form of schoolyard bullying, workplace bullying often takes place within the established rules and policies of the organization and society. Such actions are not necessarily illegal and may not even be against the firm's regulations; however, the damage to the targeted employee and to workplace morale is obvious.

Particularly when perpetrated by a group, workplace bullying is sometimes known as mobbing.

SHOCKER! at says....

In terms of gender, more than half of all bullies are female (58%), with the vast majority of bullying targets also being women (80%) (I didn't realize women were so treacherous) at says.....

In the book MOBBING: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, the authors claim that mobbing is typically found in work environments that have poorly organized production and/or working methods and incapable or inattentive management and that mobbing victims are usually "exceptional individuals who demonstrated intelligence, competence, creativity, integrity, accomplishment and dedication".[1]:

Though the English word mob denotes a crowd, often in a destructive or hostile mood, the German and several other European languages have adopted mobbing as a loanword to describe all forms of bullying including that by single persons. The resultant German verb mobben can also be used for physical attacks, calumny against schoolteachers on the internet and intimidation by superiors, with an emphasis on the victims' continuous fear rather than the perpetrators' will to exclude them. The word may thus be a false friend in translation back into English, where mobbing in its primary sense denotes a disorderly gathering by a crowd and in workplace psychology narrowly refers to "ganging up" by others to harass and intimidate an individual. on Sexual Harrasment at

One of the Wikipedia articles on Bullying linked to

1) How do bullies select their targets?

The bully selects their target using the following criteria:

bullies are predatory and opportunistic - you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; this is always the main reason - investigation will reveal a string of predecessors, and you will have a string of successors

being good at your job, often excelling

being popular with people (colleagues, customers, clients, pupils, parents, patients, etc)

more than anything else, the bully fears exposure of his/her inadequacy and incompetence; your presence, popularity and competence unknowingly and unwittingly fuel that fear

being the expert and the person to whom others come for advice, either personal or professional (ie you get more attention than the bully) having a well-defined set of values which you are unwilling to compromise having a strong sense of integrity (bullies despise integrity, for they have none, and seem compelled to destroy anyone who has integrity)

having at least one vulnerability that can be exploited

being too old or too expensive (usually both)

refusing to join an established clique

showing independence of thought or deed

refusing to become a corporate clone and drone

"Those who can, do.
Those who can't, bully.

Detailed profile of the serial bully (1 in 30 persons is a Serial Bully)

The serial bully also:

Other adjectives to describe the serial bully include cunning, conniving, scheming, calculating, cruel, sadistic, ruthless, treacherous, premeditated, exploitative, pernicious, malevolent, obnoxious, opportunist, unconcerned, etc.

The lack of interpersonal, social, and empathic skills are reminiscent of autism; the serial bully relies almost entirely on rules, procedures, aggression, denial and mimicry to hide their lack of people skills. Psychopaths and sociopaths are often excellent actors and mimics.

Most people with this profile are incompetent at their job and the bullying is intended to hide this incompetence. However, a few recent cases suggest that some serial bullies (especially the quiet ones):

3) Personal qualities that bullies find irresistible

Targets of bullying usually have these qualities:

The typical sequence of events is: