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Attitudes in Business by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

Albert Einstein said "The State is for Mankind, not Mankind for the State".  
Re-apply this to Business: "Business is for Mankind, not Mankind for Business" 

UNIVERSAL JOB APPLICATIONS: for a better world. Awaiting implementation


"You've got one thing in business & that's your reputation" -Judge Judy
"The state is made for man, not man for the state" -Einstein
"Business is made for mankind, not mankind for business"
My Motto: "Business should not supersede humanity"
ORGANIZATION is the Key to Success


INTRO to ASTROLOGY: First let me legitimize astrology by pointing out that Ben Franklin was an Astrologer ("Writings" by Ben Franklin, Vintage Press, see books index), Astrology is Moral, the 3 Wise Men were astrologers ("The Living Bible" Matt 2), and Astrology is "Up To Date" (anthropologists, human evolutionists, zoologists (such as Desmond Morris) and psychologists, point out that human evolution is so slow, that, those who started the earliest known history of civilization by building the Pyramids, and their pre-historic ancestors, where just as intelligent (same IQ) level as we are today. (Yes mankind's brain has grown larger, but over hundreds of thousands of years, the past 40,000 years is negligible regarding the evolution of human intelligence, while known civilization goes back only 12,000 years (previous to that was anarchy, slavery, and human sacrifice). Those who built the pyramids were astrologers. The signs of the zodiac (the full circle) have been found in ancient Egyptian temples. Thus those believers of astrology from the past were as valid as today's technology and science. Thomas Jefferson was an astrologer. My grandfather worked in the Hollywood studios with both Nancy and Ronald Regan (before they were married) and they both were serious astrologers back then, before they were married (they hired famous astrologer Joyce Jillson to work for them during the White House years, as they were too busy to calculate charts (now done by computer in seconds, by hand it takes quite a bit more time, and even then its lots of work). I met an astrologer who works at the Pentagon at an AFA Conference (American Federation of Astrologers). The Bombing of Afghanistan (after the Twin Towers) started with Moon and Saturn aligned and rising (exactly on the eastern horizon, in the location of Afghanistan), based on the news reports of the first attack time (provided in Washington DC time and converted using Kepler Astrological Software to do the chart). Astrology is real and valid. 

In astrology, both money and business are related to the 2nd house and 2nd sign of Taurus. The beginning of Taurus is where one puts aside the attacks and wars of Aries, as a planet moves into the next sign of Taurus, Turning Swords into Plowshares. I am a rare SIDEREAL astrologer (we go by the actual constellations, while most astrologers these days go by the Seasons, not the stars, the ancients went by the actual stars). I was taught, and have always noted, that when the Moon goes from Aries into Taurus (once a month), that people put aside anger and pick up Sociability. Business is SOCIAL, business is ETIQUETTE, business is EQUALITY, Equality with others (and delicately trying to maintain the peaceful and fair balance of Libra and Karma. Both Libra and Taurus are said to be influenced by Venus, the planet of Money, Friendship, Love, and Music. You can tip the scale of Libra unfairly, but karma will come back and tip it back in repercussions. Thus when I see these large conventions in Las Vegas, or when I work for a major corporation, they key to business is SOCIAL interaction, being Pleasant, observing Equality, and Coexistence.

One must put aside the dreadful Slash and Burn attitudes, that land, and even people are expendable, because in the long run, with the large population of the planet, nothing is expendable anymore (and never really was). We must Recycle, we must Go Organic (lest we ruin the soil). The concepts brought forth in the BIOSPHERE (people living in a large green house, a confined space for years), and the prospect of Space Travel and living in Outer Space (pushed by Tim Leary after the government and Harvard forced him out of the field of Psychology, I attended his lecture at College of Marin, met him and shook hands with him) also lends towards abandonment of Slash and Burn mentality. As in Space, one has to live in a confined area, with limited resources. PEOPLE are not EXPENDABLE and should not be treated as such. And that is the major problem in High Density Populated Areas (such as Las Vegas, New York, etc). They have done studies on humans and on rats, finding, that when in an over crowded area, rats begin to attack each other (same with humans). We must COEXIST in PEACE (there is room for more people on the planet, if we learn to coexist, and learn to listen to The Scientists, Science makes life easier and more realistic, but government leaders have been ignoring the scientists in favor of big business who could also profit from observing science, AKA Reality and Coherency. I wrote a letter to President Bush Jr, urging him to create a panel of Scientists for advisors (social and physical sciences)). We can only come about Coexistence thru Equality and Fairness. Slash and Burn and/or War (all Aries concepts), are all Temporary measures with negative long term liabilities. "What Really Works" (book on Business, 2003,) points out (in case studies of individual corporations) that corporations which are nice to their employees gain much better profits than those who are cruel to their employees. The positive attributes of Aries such as The Mind and Psychology are much better lead in's to the Business of Taurus than are the negative factors of Aries such as war and slash and burn (which may reap temporary rewards, which are later karmically dissolved at the foundation of their ill karma). Using psychology and etiquette towards Social functioning promote better business profits. "Business is a function of humanity, not humanity a function of business". We must not allow the suffering of employees in order to serve the company, as in the long run, it wrecks the company. MBA's may go thru department after department, cutting back employees, and making the remaining ones do double the work, but this taxes the quality, the company suffers resultant loss of future contracts, and the company goes belly up, laying off those who are left, and the building and tools are sold, bringing a loss in comparison with the profits which could have been gained with appropriate staffing. I have seen the Understaffing problem here in Las Vegas. I have heard the Casinos cry "no one will show up for work, we can't get enough people" while the truth is, there are plenty of workers, they are over worked, the second the rush is over they send people home after working hours which will not afford employees the bare essentials for existence, forcing people to leave town, or leave the hotel casino industry, then they wonder why they cant get help, and at the same time, the customers can't get proper service, can't find a Bellman to take their baggage, can't find the waitress, etc etc, then eventually customers decide to hold their conference or convention elsewhere. Blame it all on the Twin Towers, I don't think so, Las Vegas' karma is coming back, and its due to penny pinching inadequate Understaffing and over working of employees. 

I am a Vegetarian Vegan, Vegetarian Vegans do not eat meat, no fish, no bird, do not wear leather (my shoes look like leather but are not), do not wear animal products such as wool (as of April 2004 my job entails I wear a company owned wool suit and silk tie, other than that I am a total vegan, society can force a person around, but of my own choice, I choose to be a Vegan as much as society will allow. In this case its a very nice job lucky me, but I had no choice, and have not, all my life, even with my education, I take what I can get). The karma of Vegans tends to make Vegans very good with money. Although fiscally challenged at the writing of this (Feb 24th 2004 7 to 9 AM), I have been a vegan for only 5 years (after many years of not), but feel confident that I shall be financially successful within a few years. Although there is prejudice against vegetarianism (as it brings up unconscious moral implications, if not everyone joins in the eating of meat, thus people in an unconscious manner are reminded of the negative moral implications when they hear the word "vegetarian", thus people attempt to drive away vegetarians, to preserve the false impression that eating of meat is essential and eaten by everyone, still, despite this prejudice,) I have heard of and observed quite a few very financially successful vegetarian Vegans, as they have better karma, they are more realistic, they are healthier in body and mind, they don't go with the sway, they go with the facts (American Cancer Society and Mayo Clinic and, and they tend to be of a better disposition and temperament leading to better Sociability required for Good Business. In short, they have better karma because of being a vegan. Vegans tend to be quite good with Money. Also note, due to medical reasons and increasing obesity and resultant related health ailments, many people are now being put on vegetarian Vegan diets by doctors for the purpose of recovery and prevention. Thus the once small percentage of vegetarians is rapidly growing, making vegetarianism more acceptable (and pardon me, but as much as I used to love Cheese and Butter, they are both high in fats and especially the deadly saturated fats). Veganism is good for Business (as it is for health. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, promotes Good Business. 

As an Astrologer, by the Sidereal system (mentioned above and a whole article about it at my Astrology pages), my Moon is actually in Pisces and Sun actually in Taurus (not Gemini as it is by the regular system). Taurus is the Business sign, and Pisces is 2nd house (business) to Aquarius (the sign of Humanity). Thus I have been studying business books for a few years now and intend to make a go of it, when the time is right. 


Most companies with good reason, request that one fill out an application, including temp jobs, and all times of unemployment.  For those who have worked long runs of Temp jobs, and who have been laid off many times (electronics, aerospace since the early 90's, manufacturing workers since the mid 90's, and now programmers, what with big business now farming out what used to be American jobs to other countries, which, by the way I am all for, I think its good that we treat other countries as equals, save a few bucks, promote world trade and world peace, this will increase the trend toward civilization, equality, and peace, throughout the world), BUT ONLY IF THEY RECYCLE AMERICAN LAYOFF WORKERS.  Most college grad work in a field outside their major, its time to accept those layoff workers from the 90's from Technical fields as human beings, by accepting our college education to being sufficient in other fields, which it is, except for prejudice, and whims, by uninformed Human Resources departments.  

APPLYING FOR EACH NEW JOB (and it may take hundreds of applications or more to get a job), ALL REQUIRE THE SAME INFO.  WHY NOT HAVE ONE STANDARD APPLICATION FORM RESUME, for all companies, and if any company requires more information, they may add a SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION REQUEST page(s).  This proposed APPLICATION would have the prospective employees standard information, NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACTS, PERSONAL CONTACTS, EDUCATION, WORK HISTORY (names addresses phones pay rate job description).   SO THAT THIS SAME INFO COULD BE DUPLICATED FOR EACH EMPLOYER.  Rather than have to spend a wasted hour or more, neatly filling out an application for each prospective employer, which is a WASTE OF AMERICAN EMPLOYEES TIME, A DISRESPECT TO THE AMERICAN WORKER, A DISRESPECT TO AMERICAN BUSINESS. I am surprised that MicroSoft (not that it is their responsibility) or some other company has not yet standardized a UNIVERSAL EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION.  For the sake of TIME, and TIME IS MONEY, I hope that someone does something about it.  And having the OPTION of submitting a UNIVERSAL EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION online, would be even better.  THEN if a company wants to meet a person IN PERSON, that is just fine. schedule and interview.    

In addition to having a Universal Employment Application, it would be good if a major company had a "Universal Job Application VERIFICATION SERVICE", which could verify the info on the application as true and correct, thus this verification would not have to be duplicated over and over by everyone who is interested in the application. The verification service could charge a fee to the job applicant, or, if the applicant can not afford the fee, the service could charge an online fee to companies wishing to view the application VERIFICATION DETAILS.


Ben Franklin said that if everyone worked 2 hours per day, we would get everything done (I don't know if he included weekends with this, to keep it safe, lets call it 14 hours per week, in fact, lets make it 3 hours per day, call it 21 hours per week).  Now one may argue that we now have more to do, what with technological advances, we must deal with computers and automobiles, but these inventions save time in the long run, so Ben Franklins original concept still holds true.  WHY THEN DO PEOPLE WORK DOUBLE THAT TIME, and still don't get everything done?  
1) lack of organization  SOLUTION: Organization is the key to success
2) aggression, ego trips, and non-cooperation results in setbacks (examples below)  SOLUTION: working on it
3) lack of coherency due to insufficient diet and lack of B Vitamins  SOLUTION: 

"What Really Works" by Joyce, Nohria, Roberson HF 5386 J79 2003 , points out that the major corporations who are WINNERS (good profits, stocks up), treat employees decently, making life pleasant for them while on the job; while corporations who have been doing poorly, are losing business, and have falling stocks, the LOSERS, are typically corporations who treat their employees poorly, making life (on the job) miserable.  (That is the main point of  the book "What Really Works" by Joyce, Nohria, Roberson, which provides many detailed case studies of major corporations). 

Its good to give everyone some space, good to make life more pleasant, its like oiling the gears to machinery. 

I attended a Private School at age 11 to 13 run by an Anthropologist, with the premise of the school being based on a book about an experimental school in England called "SUMMERHILL" by A.S. Neil. The schools (the one I attended and Summerhill) allowed total academic freedom, no tests, no grades, no requirements, but kids were encouraged to study, and a Library of good books was provided (reading not required but encouraged if anyone asked). Class time was devoted to what ever subject the kids decided upon for that day. The only exception to the "No Tests" policy, being, we did have to take the yearly California State placement test at the end of the school year. The results were, most students jumped at least a half year further per year than children in other schools, and all students did much better than they ever had done before in any previous school. Success thru Freedom. 

High Density Population Areas, such as the streets of NYNY, or The Strip in Las Vegas, where their are wall to wall people, tend to experience problems associated with "high density population areas". Psychologists have done tests, using rats, various animals, and humans, comparing results of "low density population areas (rural areas or rural towns) and big cities. The RESULTS being, in high density population areas, there is a tendency towards: aggression, disregard for respect for fellow human beings, and the attitudes that people are expendable. 

One famous study had a person to lie down on the sidewalk, pretending to be unconscious. This was done in both rural and city environments. In the small town, everyone rushed to assist the person lying on the sidewalk, but in the city (NYNY), people walked over the person, eventually someone stumbled over the person, others approaching seeing this actually kicked the person, and others followed suit. 

Another famous study done with rats showed that when rats were all jammed up together in large numbers, they started attacking each other. 

My own personal observations, while working in major hotel casinos as a temp, showed similar results. At some casinos, I was continually yelled at and scolded, all while working harder than I ever had to work in my life. I had at least several bosses, and most of them were continually angry, and yelling at someone. 

My more recent experience, at "CASINO 1" (unspecified casino, but real story), while setting up for a Banquet, I was yelled at and scolded regularly, workers argued amongst themselves, and hard work which was done, had to be redone (wasting as much as 40% to 70% or more, of what had already been done). We set up some banquet serving tables, installing cloth covers and sides, this took at least a couple of hours, then someone came along saying we had to remove all the covers to install Christmas type lights, which he proceeded to do. A couple of hours later when he was almost done, along came someone else who insisted that the wrong style of table had been used, and the whole thing had to be taken down. All this while we were taking down a stage and moving to another location inside the same room (couldn't they just have the stage in one place?), and moving tables out, only to have to move tables back in. One manager insisting that we need less tables, another insisting that we needed more tables, in the end we had around the same amount of tables in the same locations (after moving them out and back in). After 3 or 4 hours I was assigned a lunch break and shown the break room, only to have a higher up person come along investigating why I was not working, immediately pulling me out of the break area, disgraced by my laziness of running off by myself, and put back to work again. 

Later that night, workers spent all night moving stacks of chairs to an outdoor area (stacked 10 high, very difficult to stack and unstack, very difficult to move). The next morning, just as the project was completed, with all chairs finally in place (and way too close to each other for any comfort for customers who would sit), the whole project was cancelled, and everyone immediately had to start restacking the chairs and moving them. One worker yelled and screaming in rage at me as I was trying to get a stack of 10 chairs on to the truck, the dolly slipped, the stack started to topple over, and no one would help me, only yell at me. Eventually a worker did assist me in getting the stack upright again. But I had cut myself (on the stack or the dolly?) was bleeding, and the worker was yelling at me in a rage. I said "I am bleeding" (with the hopes of taking a break for a couple of minutes), he yelled again to move faster, I repeated "I am bleeding" and he told me to report to the manager, who took me to Security, who made me fill out forms, the first being found to be the wrong form, and the second soon declared invalid, as I was a temp, not a permanent employee, so a security guard promptly tore it up (after I requested a copy of it). My wound had stopped bleeding and it was treated and I was sent home (after I requested it, due to the combination of the wound and the strenuous nature of the tasks (not to mention the rage and yelling)). 

In a previous experience as a "Barback" for a outdoor pool party at "CASINO 2" (unspecified casino, but real story), we moved huge heavy portable bars around, which had bar supplies stacked on the shelves, which kept falling out, at a slow running pace while workers screamed at us to work faster, moving the Bars to a truck where they were driven to the pool area, where they were unloaded with ramps and put into position. When the bar-backs were nearly done, and the servers who had set up the tables were all done, all the bar-backs disappeared (on a break?) except me. I had been assigned to carry large heavy bags of ice in the hot summer sun, across the pool area, as hundreds of workers watched me, the only person working, while the top manager continually scolded me and screamed at me with every step.

Typically, a fellow worker will show the new guy how to do the task, at a rip roaring pace which no one actually works at, but they expect the new guy to work like that, at a frantic accelerated pace for long hours. This happened to me at the "CASINO 3" (unspecified casino, but real story) Banquet Dishwashing area, where I was the only employee who did not speak Spanish. A woman worker yelled at me to assist her in taking huge carts (8 feet long, 3 feet wide with shelves over 5 feet high), she showed me how to push one with one hand, and pull another with another hand (with wheels which flexed in every direction, that's quite a bit of directional force to be guided with only one hand per cart, quite frankly I thought she was crazy). She demonstrated how I was to do this for around a distance of 3 feet, and expected me to do this up ramps, down hallways, thru banquet areas, past narrow obstacles, at a running pace, with 2 large carts, yelling and screaming at me along the way. When I got back, a line of workers removing food from plates threw food at me as I passed. 

I was sent in to work in "CASINO 4" (unspecified casino, but real story) Marketing Dept in the first week, was provided a typewriter which did not work, and told to put marketing packages together, insert a various array of flyers, but the flyers had been ordered but had not yet arrived. They finally had me fill in for the receptionist, with a phone system I did not know how to use, and they would not properly show me how to use it.  I did the best I could but my first day was my last (when the only male other than myself in the office of around 20 workers, came in and announced that I was being replaced (upon seeing that I was male too, only room for him with his Harem)).  . 

My Mom worked for "CASINO 5" (unspecified casino, but real story) as a cashier for the pizza place, was not allowed any breaks with the supervisor saying "we don't have anyone available to rill in for you", and they asked her to stay and work an extra 4 hours (total of 12 hours) per day, with no additional pay for those extra 4 hours. Now wait a minute, I am not saying she wasn't getting time and a half for those extra 4 hours, it was no pay at all for the extra 4 hours. 

I HAD TO BEG FOR JOBS LIKE THIS. A college educated honor grad, capable to doing many jobs and many tasks, but disqualified from most jobs on some technicality or another, all that has been left for me is the dregs of the worst. They hire people who don't speak English, which I am glad too see, my grandfather came to this country not speaking much English, we all need to work, but what about me? I have often thought of putting on a phony foreign accent and pretending to not understand, just so I can get hired. 

Not every job was a total nightmare of cruelty and torture. I actually had fun on a couple of jobs (the way it should be), did lots of hard work, but was given a chance to rest a bit, was not yelled at continually, fellow workers were sympathetic, managers were kind.  

Photo: Open Pit Mine Workers in Brazil? or Culinary Union "Convention or Banquet Porters" in Las Vegas?
Note: the man with folded arms leaning, and next to him, a man sitting, obviously not Convention or Banquet Porters in Las Vegas.

I HAVE HAD BOTH GOOD AND BAD EXPERIENCES AT THE SAME HOTEL CASINOS (I have listed the bad experiences here).   But even with the Good Experiences, I must note for the record, that HOTEL CASINOS ARE SERIOUSLY UNDERSTAFFED, which results in POOR QUALITY OF SERVICE AND DISSATISFACTION BY THE CUSTOMER, AND RESULTANT LOSS OF REVENUE.  The initial trimming down of employees, an initial savings, results in a longer term loss of profit.  Yes they still may gain in profit, but not by nearly as much as they could with continued return of satisfied customers.  It may appear that there is an endless supply of suckers out there, but eventually Las Vegas will suffer the consequences of inadequate staffing and overworking of what good workers they have.  

Organization is the Key to Success
Too many cooks spoil the broth (too many supervisors doesn't work to well either, each undoing the others work). I think that some of the workers just yelled and screamed at me, so they could stop working for a couple of minutes while they yelled at me. INSTEAD, being KIND to employees, planning ahead, keeping heavy things (stages, tables) in the same location, allowing official planed breaks, moving heavy things at a reasonable pace (not running), having one expert in charge, or various experts who interface with each other at the job site, continually, with no one doing anything till it has been decided upon, will all prevent wear and tear on weary workers. If you believe in humanity, if you believe in equality, if you believe in "what goes around, comes around". Being nicer to people gets better results, not overworking them gets better results.

Often the workers were left in charge of other workers while supervisors were off doing important things. And the workers in charge would yell and scream, allowing them a break from heavy lifting, and also, since they have been yelled at for a long time, now it was their turn to yell at others, they have moved up a rung, in the caste of slave prisoners being tortured. Well I guess you may have noticed an ATTITUDE from me, but you would have an attitude if you lived thru this too. Supervisors should be taught about "high density population areas" and should be trained to allow people some SLACK, to be PLEASANT, to be KIND, to be THOUGHTFUL. 

People need to become educated and aware of what "High Density Population Areas" do to personality, attitudes, and behaviors of normal people. Its not that the people are bad, most people react in this manner, be it NYNY or The Strip in Las Vegas, but becoming AWARE of the issue, and doing ones best to overcome the inclinations, to overcome the tendency towards Inequality, Rage, Poor Planning, and even Intentional Harassment, the AWARENESS can make for better long run production, better quality workers, and happier customers (better work performed for them). 

I have always been for allowing workers a chance to sit down and relax for at least 5 minutes per hour (10 minutes or better yet, a 15 break minute every hour, for Very Heavy Manual Labor (Casino Porters, Construction Workers, etc), would be even better, even if it sounds outrageous at first), as WELL RESTED WORKERS DO BETTER WORK. While I was a Security Guard for a Construction Project, I saw many weary (but well paid) construction workers find various Poses and Postures instead of actual work. They get paid big time, so they have to at least appear very busy. Its not that they are lazy, its that they are weary and fatigued, at not being given a few minutes to sit down or better yet lie down (a 5 minute nap will rejuvenate a worker and give them more pep, that will easily provide more productivity).   I soon noticed various Categories for weary, fatigued, construction workers. First there was the Line Puller, who would check to see if a rope or electrical chord was all OK, giving it a nice little tug to assure him it was Safe and at the Proper Angle (typically 45 degrees). Next, there was the Lead Worker, who would talk with the Supervisor, standing side by side, facing the same direction, the Lead Worker would (with shoulders straight), point up with a straight arm up at a 30 degree angle at some distant point, this is a task of honor, someone who has been around a while, someone allowed to talk with the supervisor. Next is the Sweeper, this is a real and actual task, he at least is really doing something, sweeping, there is always something to sweep, gotta keep it clean. Next is another actual task, the Tool Handler, typically handling a Power Tool. The Tool Handler is always assisted by at least 4 extras, who pose in a ready to jump position, with arms ready to grab, should the power tool go out of control and take off on its own. Next are another real category, Lifters, they have to lift a heavy object safely, properly, and efficiently, they are allowed extra time for this, and given extra credit for this hard work. Typically it takes around 15 to 20 minutes planning, with around 20 seconds of actual lift time. Next, one of my favorite tasks, the Fast Determined Walker, while all others are lazing around, he is on his way Quickly, as He has something Serious to do, not like all the other time wasters. He often briskly walks a long distance to do his next important task (sweeping or line checking or pointing and discussing will do).  

I OBSERVED THAT AT LEAST 80% OF THE WORKERS WERE NOT DOING ANYTHING, MOST OF THE TIME, once again, not due to laziness or disrespect, but due to Fatigue and Weariness.  If they had a 15 minute break per hour, they would easily do more per hour than without the break; and, it would be a better quality of work as well.  . 

It may be an employers market, but continually degrading employees does not help profits. 

"Business is for Mankind, not Mankind for Business"