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General IQ Info: and My I.Q. by ARCHURE ®
I have self tested IQ scores of 145 and 147, with an official "Mensa tested" score of 135 IQ (bad hair day, but still brilliant). I scored even higher as a kid in school, many times, and as high as the top "0.0016th" or 99.9984 percentile. I apologize for older vocabulary I only recently heard permanently changed, and I have changed it here. I don't watch TV (since I was a kid), not up with the times.

Each hex dot represents 1 in 200 persons, or half of one percent
Some say the lower chart is more accurate, as there are more average IQs = 100

I did both of these charts myself, based on offical IQ data: with each color DOT (hex shape) = 0.5% (half of one percent) or 1 in 200 persons (the red dots represent 1 percent on either end, the right end is 99th precentile or in in 100 people, and the green dots combine with the red-orange dots to make the 98th precentile or one in 50 people. The chart dot count is based one the percentage data listed 95% in the 70 to 130 range, two thirds or 67% in the 85 to 115 range, and 50% in the 90 to 110 range, with 132(+) = "98th percentile" and 134(+) = "99th percentile" (top 1%), (there is no 100th percentile, it goes up to 99.999999...%). I did this, as other bell shape curbs I have seen show differing positions for high IQ's along the outer edge, so I wanted a more realistic accurate view, and did it as fairly and correctly as I could, the count of DOTS represents actual percentage data (the last dot segments on either side represnt a total of one full dot). So if you had 200 people in a room, and it was an exact cross section of population with an IQ ratio, you would have around 2 people with IQ's above 134 and 2 others with an IQ of 132 and/or 133, and a 2 people with IQs less than 66 with 2 others with an IQ of 67 and/or 68 (like Forest Gump). From time to time, I see people who appear to be IQ's around 67, but its hard to tell, if its 67 or 133, as the opposites at either end of the spectrum, can fool you. There is an amazing amount of inherent perception from low IQ persons, which can be matched by high IQ understanding.

Wikipedia Intelligence_quotient
Wikipedia Positive Correlations with IQ which shows that unemployment and lower income is rare with high IQ people (I have been exception to that, finding suitable employment has not been easy for me in my life, and I have heard from my Godmother who is a member of Mensa, that she has seen many unemployed high IQ persons, but I think that's real high IQ's, as they are so different from the norm, there is safety in numbers, and groups tend to exclude outsiders, "get rid of those geniuses" which is s dumb thing to say or do). Thus a number of years ago (1990's) I decided to go ahead and tell people my IQ: such as the college I attended, and my professors, and I got better grades than previous colleges; and in Job Interviews and on my Resume (many people are "taken-aback" by this, but I got a good job eventually, as a photographer (which tends to be a high IQ profession). As a genius, I don't want to be confused with others. Many people have treated me like a fool all my life (as a child, I thought I was dumb, till testing in school led to telling me I was a genius, at times I thought perhaps they lied to motivate and make me cooperate more, but I eventually self-tested myself, and I really am brilliant). So this page (and this web site) is in response to those who treat me or consider me not very intelligent, proof that I am highly intelligent; as well as being an Artistic and Intellectual endeavor, towards the betterment of society (good music, good advice for health, body, and mind), in the footsteps of my mentor Ben Franklin (astrologer, writer, vegetarian, musician, and on the $100 bill), I read his Autobiography twice, and life was not so easy for him in his earlier days, stuck and broke in England, trying to make money from printing his Astrological good advice in "Poor Richards Almanac". His big fiscal break came when he was commissioned to print Colonial Money, which he admitted, afforded him quite a conveniencey

Most of the data from this page is from Encyclopedia Britannica 1990's (library call number "AE5" look under "Intelligence Quotient"), recent versions have cut back on the data, but the info is still valid.

"We (mankind) are unlikely to survive if we do not make full and creative use of our intelligence" -Carl Sagan pg 238 "The Dragons of Eden: Speculations of the Evolution of Human Intelligence".

GENERAL I.Q. INFORMATION a more detailed view

Picture from "The Bell Curve" by Herrnstein & Murray pg 121
Horizontal = IQ range, Vertical = number of persons. 

As you can see, most people, the bulk of society, are in the center or the chart, and there are lots of them; while people of very high IQ's (right) or very low IQ's (left) are greatly outnumbered and rare.  The further from the center of the chart, the rarer the IQ score, most people are of average IQ.

100 IQ = Normal IQ (Average IQ)
85-115 IQ = 68% (2/3) of population
70-130 IQ = 95% of population
1 in 50 people = 132 IQ or greater
1 in 100 people = 134 IQ or greater
1 in 250 people = 140 IQ or greater

These are official terms (some outdated by 30 years)
140+ "Very Superior" or "Genius" top 0.4%
130-139 "Superior" 130+ = 2.5%
120-130 "Gifted" 120+ = 8% population
110-119 "High Average"
90-110 "Average" = 50% of population
80-89 "Low Average"
70-79 "Borderline" (typified by "Forest Gump")
"SPECIAL" = below normal range
They are outnumbered (as are geniuses and near geniuses) and can use our help, we are all humans, and all worthy of being good friends.  We were all born Equals (regardless of I.Q.).  

Terms: "genius", "very superior", "superior", "gifted", "normal", "borderline", and "special", are official terms for levels of IQ.

Outdated Terms: "moron", "imbecile", and "idiot" were once official terms (older Websters, not newer) for levels of IQ.
"Moron" has recently been omitted from many dictionaries. The term used to officially represent a 50-75 IQ (or 25 to 50 points below normal), but eventually evolved to a derogatory insult, and thus has been removed from the English language. It is in my older, large, Unabridged Webster's Dictionary (1960's), which lists "Moron" as a 50 to 75 IQ level, "Imbecile" as 25 to 50 IQ, and "Idiot" as below 25 IQ (as per older Websters).

IQ and RACE: The Bell Curve chart from the "Bell Curve" on pg 488 (shown above) specifies "White IQ". It is noted by Psychologists, Anthropologists, and Educators, that IQ testing in America has been geared towards White Culture, while ignoring Black Culture.  A famous false report (from one University in the deep south) claimed that Blacks have a lower average IQ (Average of 90 instead of 100). This being due to gearing tests towards only White Culture, ignoring and even avoiding the sociological sub-group of "Afro-American" or "Black" culture. In the mean time, most educated persons, certainly my college professors (Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology), see right past the famous, false, biased report.   Many Intelligent Blacks are found in the world of Jazz. Which is a highly intelligent style of music, not an easy task to play, I know, I have an AA in Fine Arts Music.  Jazz is way more complex than Rock or Western. And I must also mention the absolute Genius of famous Black rock musician Jimi Hendrix, who was in my estimation one of The Very Best and Greatist Rock Guitarists (up there with Jeff Beck, and less famous jazz guitarist who could outdo anyone, Joe Pass).

UPDATE: Searching for bios on famous high IQ people we find Philip_Emeagwali Mathematician Nigeria 190 IQ and thats close enough to top level as seen on the list of famous high IQ persons at Mathematician Nigeria 190 IQ

SO WHO RUNS THINGS? Who rules the World?
As per "The Bell Curve" by Herrnstein & Murray (pg 488)
JOB CATEGORY --- Mean (average) I.Q. (white)
Professions --- 114 IQ
Managerial --- 108 IQ
Technical --- 113 IQ
Sales --- 106 IQ
Clerical --- 104 IQ
Protective services --- 103 IQ
Other service jobs --- 97 IQ
Craft --- 99 IQ
Low-skill labor --- 96 IQ

"Genius" IQ is 140+ IQ -Encyclopedia Britannica (some Psychologists say that genius = 145 IQ+)

Famous Geniuses (data: Encyclopedia Britannica, 1990's, some data has been omitted in more recent editions, but still holds true).

Napoleon 145 IQ 

Ben Franklin 165 IQ 

Martin Luther 170 IQ 

Isaac Newton 190 IQ (top banana) 

Albert Einstein  (no data found, another top banana?)
PERSPECTIVE: Only 1 in 250 people are 140 IQ or higher. That's very rare, but with around 6 billion people on the planet, there are around 24 million geniuses in the world. The USA has around 250 million persons, and around 1 million geniuses.  A different perspective of the same data shows that a room full of 500 people will typically have only 2 persons with an IQ of 140 or greater.  

"GENIUS" also means "an extraordinary ability in a specific field". This usually being due to a high IQ to begin with, combined with a natural born talent in a specific field, with years of hard work, study, and effort applied. In my case, I am a "Musical Genius".  You can hear the evidence at, and I have also spent around 8 years studying Health & Nutrition .

Most likely, as most people do. If you ask an average IQ person what their IQ is, they usually say "Oh, around 150", or "I think its around 180 if I remember correctly". They think that is average, or that is their IQ, they sort of off handedly guess, from a vague memory of an impression as to what their IQ must be, but they are not really quite sure. Most people do respond with this off handed estimate of 140 or higher, which is in reality, only 1 in every 250 people. However, most people, the bulk of society, are between 85 IQ and 115 IQ. If you are of a normal IQ, which you probably are, don't worry. Normal IQ people get along better in society. Normal IQ people rule society. And the closer to Normal IQ, the more there are of that IQ score. Most average IQ persons tend towards greater popularity (safety in numbers).

The average 100 IQ today, is the same average IQ of those who built the Pyramids and Sphinx in 10,500 BC (12,500 years ago), and the same average I.Q. as the ancient cave dwellers before them. Evolution is so slow, recorded history is but a mere glimpse in our evolution, and 12,500 years is a mere drop in the bucket of evolution. The ancients were just as smart as we are today. Greater technology comes from greater communications stemming from higher density population. All of this from various university experts in the fields of Anthropology, Zoology, Psychology, and Human Evolution. 

DIMINISHED IQ:   We (mankind) are not getting any smarter, in fact, due to highly intelligent persons having less children, and lower IQ persons tending to have more children, the average IQ of the gene pool is slowly, gradually lowering.

"The Human Brain has not evolved much in the past Million years" -Desmond Morris (famed Anthropologist/Zoologist, who studies man as the animal which he is).

The Ancients were physically the same as well.  There were spans of time when many of the populations were both shorter, and lived shorter life spans, but this was only a temporary, dietary related effect.  Archeologists have found the "prehistoric persons" to be the same height or taller than we are today (as per various sources including "Dragons of Eden: the speculations of the evolution of human intelligence" by Carl Sagan), with the same lifespan of age 80+ (except for living conditions being a bit rougher).  Ben Franklin writes in "The Autobiography" (opening section) that his parents both died in their 80's.  That was only 200 years ago. We now hear of improvements in longevity over the past 150 years, as many who lived in the mid 1800's had a typical life span of 45 years, once again, this being due to dietary and health considerations.   John Robbins "Diet for a New America" points out that the human intestines are physically that of a vegetarian (intestines similar to vegetarian animals, not carnivores).  Only in the past 40,000 years have we taken up eating meat and dairy products (except for human mothers milk till being weaned).  It takes millions of years for any creature to evolve, and 40,000 years is not really enough to change us (except for briefly shorter due to mal-nutrition in childhood, or living shorter life spans to inadequate health care). 
The ILLUSION that Mankind is getting smarter with every generation, is created by the recent upswing in technology. We have gone from horse & buggy, to automobiles, to planes, to jets, to rockets to the Moon; but this is DUE TO: Greater Communications, a resultant of Higher Population Density. We are not any smarter, not any more intelligent than back in the times of 1776, 1050, the Roman Empire, the Birth of Jesus, Plato (400 BC), Hermes (3000 BC), or the building of the Sphinx (10500 BC). Yes we are slowing getting smarter, the neo-cortex is evolving; but the evolution is so slow, that a mere 10,000 years shows no noticeable difference.  And Carl Sagan ("Dragons of Eden") points out that humans are the only animal to experience pain in childbirth (due to larger brain/head size), but this evolution is over millions of years, not 10,000 years.  


Humorous but True Note: The fastest way to Evolve is Mutation (as learned in Anthro 101)



The Bell Curve also points out that Prisons are filled with lower IQ people. Its hard enough for a genius to find work; just imagine what a lower IQ person has to go thru, and the world takes advantage of them with abusive brain power, and they finally get fed up and end up in jail. We must gear society to help everyone, especially lower IQ people. The world was made for everyone, as equals. We all have Rights, regardless of I.Q. we have International Rights

Average IQ persons tend to be more popular and usually run things, being placed in charge by their fellow average IQ persons, as there is safety in numbers, and people tend to group themselves with others like themselves. Thus, potential help from High IQ persons tends to be ignored, and vast improvements which could take place often never do take place. 

Please realize that we high IQ persons, although in great supply, are vastly outnumbered by average IQ people; and that we high IQ people are people too, we don't need to sacrifice or hide our talents in order to make everyone feel better (that would be a waste).

We've got the brains, you've got the numbers; we can cooperate and work together, or go our own separate ways. I tend to be an optimist in trying to be helpful, but my pessimist grandfather (a very intelligent man) warned me that most people don't deserve my help. Still I have hopes for a better world, believe to some extent in karma (what goes around comes around), and try to be a constructive member of society; following in the footsteps of my mentors, Franklin & Einstein. I have read Franklins Autobiography, and portions of "Ideas & Opinions" Albert Einstein.

I am not only intelligent, but I study. I study the words of the great geniuses, and not what someone else says about them in biographical form. 

I have read some of the works of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and Isaac Newton. I know intelligence when I see it in a book, and spend a great deal of time in libraries and book stores screening and acquiring excellent books, just as Franklin did.

As IQ is the ability to reason and solve, not knowledge, so I go to books for knowledge.
Will Chris Holley