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Were you thinking of PSYCHIC PHENOMINA? So was I, wow.... NEW: article's on BRAIN HEALTH and NEWER Quick Guide to MENTAL HEALTH
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"Transcendence is a function of the psychological id" -ARCHURE
I can find little that is good about human beings. In my experience most of them are trash -Sigmund Freud SEX is one of the basic important instincts (ID)
Mental Health depends upon Physical HEALTH
B Vitamins "Vitamins of The Mind" start today
Acid Diet denotes Acid Personality (pH)
"Technologically we have gone to the Moon, but Sociologically, we are crawling out of the primeval swamp". We are but bare primitives. 
You will allow your self to be guided by your conscious positive suggestions; say positive things to yourself "I will have a nice day, I will be good"

Some of these pages include the topic of Sex, a college educated perspective.  

PHOTO at top of Page is Sigmund Freud
who, by the Sidereal System of Astrology (the actual Stars, not the Seasons as is in common use by most astrologers other than myself) had North Node 0 Aries, Venus 3 Aries, Pluto 11 Aries, Sun 23 Aries, Uranus 27 Aries ("sidereal" system only, not "tropical"). Freuds most famous student Carl Jung, was an Astrologer, and it is estimated that Freud too was most likely and astrologer as well.

MUSIC background is a MIDI version of music by famous classical composer Bella Bartok (born 3/5/1881 8:50 AM LMT Magykanizsa Hungary) who had (sidereal) Jupiter 2 Aries, Saturn 5 Aries, Neptune 19 Aries, Venus 22 Aries (all in the 12th house). This particular piece is by the "Atonal" system, unlike his many Hungarian Folk Song compositions. For more on Atonal music, listen to Schournberg, and some Ives ("Central Park After Dark). This piece Bartok Bagatelle Op. 6 No. 10 performed by Chris Todd (midi modifications by Archure) and other famous composers, can be found at (listen to 10 selections per day, free, with most of the famous composers, and a vast Renaissance collection).

ARIES is the sign of "The Head" or Mind, and thus Psychology. (Aries = head, Taurus = neck, Gemini = hands arms shoulders, etc, etc, Capricorn = knees, Aquarius = ankles, Pisces = feet). Thus, between the astrological charts of Freud, who was most appropriately The Leader/Pioneer of Modern Psychology, and composer Bella Bartok, we have lots of Aries energy going here. And obviously, Freud was/is considered THE Leader and Pioneer in the world of Psychology (however, I have not read as much Freud as I could have as I find it very difficult to read anything which was translated from German to English. But Freud and Bartok, 2 great astrological chart of Leaders and Brains, they have my respect.

The SIDEREAL (top) and TROPICAL (below) CHARTS for Sigmund Freud
Note: ARIES is the HEAD, the MIND, and PSYCHOLOGY
Also note: Psychology is also related to Uranus

Mars in Virgo sidereal? or Mars in Libra tropical? crafty looking fellow

ARCHURE's chart shows Venus 6 Aries sidereal in the 10th House (0 deg Taurus by Tropical), backed up by Moon MC 16 Pisces sidereal (10 Aries by Tropical). And of course Pisces is the musical "leading tone" when Aries is the "Tonic" or key focus.

SO, this explains the choice of the Photo of Freud, and the Music of Bartok, as well as my interst in Psychology (Venus in Aries in the 10th, I make everything NICE, in a professional manner, with things related to Psychology and The Mind (It also makes me an excellent, professional caliber Musician; and in the midst of War, I am one heck of a nice friendly guy, with the spirit of War being most everywhere, road rage, domestic disputes, etc. I try to be a man of Peace, and focus the energy of Aries towards The Mind rather than War, if at all possible). Music Resume (with Music samples) at MUSIC RESUME