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photo by Mangelsen
This is how I grew up, this is what my back yard looked like, Redwood Forest. I lived just inland from the ocean, and used to go the ocean, to watch the waves, sometimes daily. I used to watch the sunset, sometimes daily. I wrote songs about nature. I would go into town and go thru the art galleries, stop by the art center, and sometimes saw artists I knew. Living in this wonderland of nature, I learned that you don't want to go around damaging nature. Not only did I become a vegetarian, but I appreciated the plants around me (I had learned gardening at an early age). How do you trim a tree? and why? How do you trim a plant? and why? You trim the dead branches only, to help the plant or tree. Karma. I was sitting on the cliffs of the sea one day with a good friend Steve, and a large wave swept up and dragged me far down off the cliffs into the sea. The ocean could have smashed me onto the rocks, the waves could have dragged me away and drowned me (many people die every year in drownings, from standing to close to the sea, on the rocks). My friend saw me down in the water, with him standing on the cliffs around 14 feet up the steep cliffs. He said he would run and get some help, but just then another very large wave lifted me right back up to where I had been sitting, ever so easy, I grabbed on to the rock on which I had been sitting and the wave went back to the sea, leaving me unbruised, uninjured, in amazement, and my friend in shock. I almost did not want to leave the sea. Karma. Your karma is your karma man. Don't take too much from the sea. The sea is your ancestoral heritage. You don't even want to disrespect a rock, don't go kicking a rock as if it was trash, instead, pick up a rock and place it in a nice place, a place in the sun. God has given this Earth to you, not to destroy, but to Coexist with. Karma.