ART IS EVERYTHING, people love colors and art. Do they flock to Las Vegas for the big hotel? and nice room? or do they come to see the lights, colors, and designs? Same with Disneyland. People love to look at this page of Art, they love the colors. Music background on this page (using Internet Explorer) 100% all tracks by Will Chris Holley "ARCHURE" registered trademark
GRAPHICS ART by "ARCHURE" (Will Chris Holley) all rights reserved 2013


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MORE SAMPLES BELOW: You'll notice the use of color used as Impressionistic "Light" as taught at Saddleback College (oil painting) in the style of the area Laguna California an Art Town. Early artist Wendnt promoted the style and his Art at

In Anthropology (the core of the social sciences, the study of man) The Sphinx represents the Beginning of Civilization and Holocene Extinction 10,500 BC thru current times, behind The Sphinx a photo of Sirius A the dog star, the rays forming a Pyramid and in the lower left lesser shining Sirius B over the shoulder of The Sphinx, surrounded by a reflected crescent Neptune, held in the leaf branches of the United Nations Sigmund Freud's most famous student Carl Jung, wrote in "Man and his Symbols" that the meaning of Symbols is passed down thru genetic memory, and these symbols represent the first road towards brotherhood and freedom

re: Gold and Blue below..... I POSTED AT FACEBOOK Sept 21, 2020: The North Node has retrograded from "sidereal" Gemini into the end of Taurus 29 Ta 53, adobe hue 044 gold amber, and the South Node has left Sagittarius adobe 225 thru 254. So I put a Sagittarius Blue background with Gold Logo up at my web site and it looked like old time Awards, like sports awards, and like the Blue Angels. So I know the government is hip, so I looked up Blue Angels at wikipedia April 24, 1946 North Node 28 Taurus 48. based on Hue 0 = 15 Aries (mid aries)







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As a teenager I studied Art for years in Mendocino California. I viewed the works of artists such as Al Need, Hilda Pertha, Dora Bothwell, Jim Bertram, Blessing LeMone, etc. and got to watch some of them paint
As a kid growing up in Hollywood, my grandfather Ted was a big guy at Paramount Desilu, Best Boy Electric who knew everyone (household visitors: The Reagans, Johnny Carson, Willie Nelson, Mary Tyler Moore, Angela Landsbury, James Taylor, EmmyLou Harris.....) and Ted also did Set Artwork (TV/movie sets) and taught me painting as a child. I like to paint things, my guitar (Eddie Van Halen played by my guitar with many layers of paint on it and said "take a belt sander to it", my car (I will find an old photo or two of my former car), And of course the influences of Disney (my grandfather knew Walt) who influenced the Art of Hollywood.

/ /
Abe Lincoln and George Washington done from scratch in paintbruth

I have not invested the time to develop portrait skills, but am an expert in the use of COLOR. My professors (art and music) liked my ideas from my copyrighted book on COLOR, MUSIC, and ASTROLOGY All 3 use the same basic theories, color wheel 12 colors, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 music notes per octave (7 white + 5 black), divide the circle by 3 for Harmony, or by 4 for more Impact, but by 2 is a musical Tritone and must be resolved properly as per J.S. Bach, and I like to do that with Color (most artists don't bother), I like to focus on colors of Mystery, different colors establish different psychological images, I am seeking more information into all of this

This is a photo of a Gallaxy, which I altered

Graphics Artwork by "ARCHURE" Will Chris Holley, EXCEPT WHERE NOTED.

Real Gold by ARCHURE Will Chris Holley

Sri Yantra by ARCHURE Will Chris Holley

Rasta Go Veg international flag which I post at

Condor: found in S. America, and in N. America near San Luis Obispo & the Grand Canyon
The Photo of the Condor was borrowed from Wikipedia Creative Commons, reworked image from a PHOTO by Ester Inbar,

Jade Rocks from beaches on the Pacific



I did the ABE LINCOLN and GEORGE WASHINGTON from SCRATCH, The Weinger Dog, the Funny Money, ALL MINE. I did the Hiroglyphics from scratch, while viewing a book about Hiroglyphics (not scanned). Some of my other graphics use photos from Outer Space. And some use images not by me, and I have noted it accordingly.

Photo of Eagle was found on the net (.edu) and worked into my logo.

Each hex dot represents 1 in 200 persons, or half of one percent

I did this IQ chart, based on statistics, to get a realistic actual representation of an IQ chart (many IQ charts have a Bell shape curb, but differ in the outer areas, when comparing the scores to the shape), thus I wanted to see for my self, and give an actual truthful look as to where my IQ stands. Each dot (hex shape) represents 0.5% or 2 hex dots represent one percent of general population. I have self tested myself in the mid 140's, but my Official Mensa Test Score (non-member) was 135 IQ (bad hair day, but still brilliant). I have been unable to obtain my school records of my I.Q. (also very high).

Some say the lower chart is more accurate, as there are more average IQs = 100

{photo by me)

Happy Halloween: I scanned a skull from "Gray's Anatomy"
and made a crack in the skull (lightening bolt crack, Grateful Dead fan), and added my snake. I used to paint skulls with a snake crawling in and out the eyes, back around when I was in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.

This is a photo of the Far Side of the Moon which is never visable from Earths point of view (the side we see all the time is the same side, which always faces Earth). With my logo added (photos of lightening found on the net were scanned and utillized).

Borrowed from the Communist Party, Mao Era
Pardon my humor, my grandparents escaped from Russia in the 1917 Revolution and they did not like the Commies taking over, and stayed away, never to return )


This is a photo from outer space (NASA) which I simply mirrored, and added my logo, no other alterations were made, AMAZING.

This is a photo from outer space (NASA) which I simply mirrored, and added my logo, no other alterations were made, AMAZING.

This pattern is an Ancient Hopi Indian symbol meaning Mother Earth or Mother & Child, and the exact same symbol was also found on coins from Crete made around 300 BC (Dictionary of Symbols by Liungman).

stretch wiener dog

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