Essential Health:

Delicious NIGHTSHADE plants can KILL a person
due to "Solanine" which turns veggies green after harvest.
Is it green because its Fresh?
or did the tomato start turning green from sunshine after harvest? causing Solanine Poison? such as tomatoes or potatoes on top of a truck gathering sunlight
I am convinced that many of the ambulances that carry people off, resulting in their death, are due to Solanine poison from Tomatoes and green Potatoes (there are other issues such as too much fats and sugars aka high glycemic and not enough low glycemic foods such as Beans and Pasta al dente which give you a safer energy, I don't think that is as seriously fatal for a one time party). {improperly worded sentence but it gets the message thru}

Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, red and green peppers and paprika,
Peppers of all kinds green, red, chili, paprika, cayenne, hot and sweet,
Bell peppers (green, red, yellow, cherry)
Paprika, Cayenne pepper (capsicum), Pimento, Chili peppers
Hot peppers (long & red, red cluster)
Tobacco is also a nightshade. So is Jimson weed.
(Unconfirmed Rumor: is that Coffee too might be a nightshade? still researching, I don't think it is, but it is a bit acidic)

CURRENTLY Summer 2015: I have resumed consuming some Night Shade plants, but rarely Tomato Sauce, as I seem to be more sensitive to that. When picking out a potato or a bell pepper, I am very cautious to not get a deteriorated one. If you end up with a Green Potato, toss it, a green potato probably contains a serious amount of Solanine poison. I peel the potato entirely, taking out any mold imperfections. Bell peppers I remove all the seeds, and I do not use the top nor bottom, I also remove the fiber on the inside which held the seeds. I have even had some eggplant, but only a firm and fresh one.

pH "The Key" Acids eat away and deteriorate, Neutral pH is safe for humans, Alkaline neutralizes acidity but excessive Alkaline is not safe. All in all its a war against acidity. Cucumbers and or Wheat Grass are high pH and safe, Baking Soda can help in many ways, TUMS tablets are just above the safe pH zone, but can save your life

What are the daily requirements needed for survival?
What are the optimum amount of vitamin?
The amount of vitamin B6 to keep you alive is not enough B6 to keep you Happy, the Optimum is what you need.
More about B Vitamins and The Mind B HAPPY

MENTAL HEALTH B vitamins are essential for Mental Health (alcohol depletes them and one way or the other you need to restore them)
But B vitamins are not the only nutrient needed for your mind. Your mind thinks using neurotransmitters that send information around your brain. If you are low in neurotransmitters, people become confused, and if they become confused they sometimes become angry. Sugar depletes neurotransmitters. Certain foods restore neurotransmitters. I read an article at UC Berkeley approving 5-HTP 100 mg which provides daily supplementation of neurotransmitters.

Alcohol kills germs, however it is an acidity, so adding water to it helps, and drinking water before, during, and after drinking alcohol is a much safer option. Alcohol is also a sugar which is high glycemic, it is a food of energy that lasts you maybe one hour, so you have to drink more, for more energy or eat food for energy. Some foods are high glycemic and last only an hour: alcohol, potatoes, candy, figs, dates, malt, pretzels.....
GLYCEMIC health for the Pancreas (the Liver may or may not regenerate, the Pancreas is more serious, too much sugar can turn one into a diabetic)

You have been to a large picnic, with lots of foods. Jeff decided to have some cake and a gator aid, but also wanted to eat healthy too by eating watermellon (an excellent pH for a fruit) and some dates, then around an hour later someone comes up and says "we are thinking of taking Jeff to the hospital, he is shaking and weak, we got a chair for them to sit in, we asked if he requires any medications but no. so we don't know what to do?"
Well Cake and Gator Aid and Watermelon and especially Dates are all very HIGH in glycemic index and only give you energy for an hour, no longer, after which, if you did not eat any low glycemic foods earlier, which last hours longer like Beans and Pasta al dente (not overcooked pasta) which endurance runners use, if he didn't eat anything else no wonder he ran out of energy, give Jeff some Pasta and some Beans, add some canola oil and salt, delicious, and a short while later Jeff is feeling better, has a little more energy now, and no more problem for the rest of the day.

A large box of dates may be a delicious treat, but can turn one into a diabetic in a few weeks, resulting in professional medical care, where the doctor will advise "its ok to eat some potatoes" which are dangerously high glycemic, that way you will come back over and over as a diabetic, and also see the doctor for arthritis pains and tummy pains, due to those green potatoes with Solanine poison. If the doctor also notices that you seem confused or depressed, he can refer you to a Psychiatrist who can put you on Antidepressants which turns you into a zombie. Prozac for instance, which only regulates neurotransmitters, but does not provide neurotransmitters, prozac regulates the fuel, but if you are out of fuel, your out of fuel (but if he gave you over the counter 5-HTP 100 mg which provide neurotransmitters, you would never come back, you don't need to be "monitored" for over the counter products; however the Antidepressants typically contain an "inactive ingredient" called pyridoxine (vitamin B6, the Happy vitamin) with just enough to boost you just a smidge, but still keep you seriously miserably depressed, they don't want you to get too much now. There is an overdose level (2000 mg /day is overdose, you can easily take 300 mg as suggested by Shari Liebermans "Real Vitamin and Mineral Book"), and if you take that and 5-HTP 100 mg, if you find your neurotransmitters still need "regulating", you can also opt for over the counter St Johns Wort (2000 mg as per Dr Andrew Weil MD, says it takes 6 months to be effective), just like if the car is not running, if you re-fuel it and it still has an issue, try the carburetor which regulates the fuel. If your car does not run, which do you check first? the fuel level? or start examining the carburetor? It could be either? which would YOU check first?

Some of these medical web sites say "I am going to tell you how to loose weight, I am going to tell you how to think clearly, I am going to tell you how to boost your energy level, I am going to cure your depression (aw they wouldn't go that far), but do they ever tell you? After maybe 20 minutes they might give a slight hint, a single interesting tidbit to dangle the carrot. But here at I lay it on the line, thick, no-copay, no charge, direct to you, now, not what I am going to do, what has been done....

I was busy saving lives

EMERGENCY ALPHA ~ OR ~ POWER ALPHA Newer, Stronger, Better, More Effective
plays with Windows Media Player
My showbiz family from Hollywood knew Quakers / Soc of Friends people in show biz; and they knew this Quaker Scientist inventor of the kick down doorstop John Sinclair Sr, who invented over 100 patents for the US Government, and had a government grant to research Bio Feedback. Your brain waves fluctuate at 10 cycles per second, when in a nice normal mood, that is the Alpha State, but down the street, a car with a damaged muffler rrrRRRRAOOOOARRrs beyond 10 cycles per second to 18 cycles per second like a bbbBBBRRRRRRRrrr (which you should try to avoid verbally), as the muffler roar or the bbBBBBRRrr can "induce" your brain waves to the agitation level of Beta Waves (double the frequency of Alpha 10 cps is Beta 20 cps (variable 18 cps on up aways...). But YOU can induce Alpha waves, to get yourself back on track. These Alpha music samples are MIDI not audio files (and I have a collection of MIDI music, quick to load for dial up computers). I have done some music with Alpha and will post them here. YOU can do something about it (this should be in CPR training). Method: if you think 123 123 like a fast waltz tempo as fast as you can think it and if you can verbalize it with a click OR alternate hand slaps on your belly lft rgt lft, Rgt lft rgt (except there is no comma at that speed), and if you can drum on your belly or a counter top or a drum the fast tempo begins to sound like a helicopter, it begins to take off, and Alpha State is Restored. Alpha can pull people out of Seizures (epilepsy or tourettes, just as Beta can Induce Seizures). Beta induces a state of FEAR in people. The command to HALT or STOP affect the area of the brain that creates Fear. The Beta rrRROARr of a motorcycle, and even Doubling UP on Alpha 10 cps + 10 cps = 20 cps, if you have 2 going at the same time, then it can have a Beta effect. There is a jet fuel which induces seizures, and stored in various tanks, some people know where they, are people like me don't. And this jet fuel can be put into little high pressure spray pens for Beta Gas. (sounds paranoid doesn't it?). I not aware of Alpha gas? if there is such a thing? I think it best to get rid of the supply of Jet Fuel or what ever they are using now; and have brought it to the attention of the United Nations Human Rights page at FaceBook (I think the World of FaceBook), and to Senator Reid, I think he does not like Beta either. Drum Circles can get an Alpha thing going, but if they alternate it can go Beta; likewise the Disco Show can Alpha or go Beta. Some of my musical equipment, which is the best (Korg) has incidental Beta within certain sound patterns programmed in, going fast to slow or slow to fast, as well as passing thru Alpha; and between various musicians Beta occurs, as well as Alpha, but we try to keep the Beta down, and if you can, induce some sort of Alpha, get some Alpha going.

WIKI QUOTE: "The second progenitor of biofeedback is Dr. Barry Sterman, from the University of California, Los Angeles. He was working with monitoring brain waves in cats and found that, when the cats were trained to withhold motor movement, they released SMR, or mu, waves, a wave similar to alpha waves. Using a reward system, he further trained these cats to enter this state more easily. Later, he was approached by the United States Air Force to test the effects of a jet fuel that was known to cause seizures in humans. Sterman tested the effects of this fuel on the previously-trained cats, and discovered that they had a higher resistance to seizures than non-trained cats." :UNQUOTE

Other Frequencies:
There are Other Frequencies that induce Sleep 2 to 4 cps Delta waves (alternate with the clock hand slaps to make you sleepy? I will have to try it, and Awake 60 cps is Gamma Waves like a high power fan, I just love the sound of a high power fan. More Detail:

Mans early ancestors ate seaweed giving us lots of Iodine. These days we live away from the sea, and Iodine is added to table salt at 1700 Fahrenheit, after which it the salt will not break down in your system causing arterial damage. So I go for the reliable doseage of Kelp Tablets 225 mcg or 325 mcgs. I am a big guy so I take 2 tablets when I feel like it. The doctor said no no no, never take 2, no (that way I might get better). I was exposed to high voltage radiation and also I was anointed on my neck and got a wart on my neck over the thyroid. Use Wart Remover. For a Healthy Thyroid, the Thyroid requires
IODINE supplement
IRON (even men need Iron unless Hemochromatosis runs in your family, in which case you were probably told, you know the type, thin, skinny, and permanently sun tanned).
PROTEIN sufficient: 50 mg for women and small men, 75 mg for men and big women
AVOID CRUCIFEROUS PLANTS such as cauliflower, cabbage, cress, bok choy, broccoli and similar green leaf vegetables, and any type of radish. CRUCIFEROUS plants Crucify the body, especially the Thyroid. They choke the body, they choke the neck.
When the doctor has the blood sample taken, the various tests are complex, they write down the first result, then the 2nd result, and why bother with the 3rd result, just carry it over to the 3rd column, resulting in being put on Levothyroxine (causes weigh gain) and requires regular blood testing. "Maybe up the dose this time". Levothyroxine is a hormone that covers for your Thyroid so it wont have to make the hormone, that way they can remove your thyroid, then you will have to be on Levothyroxine permanently and be monitored with regular blood testing and doctors visits. I gave up on Thyroid medication and started getting proper supplements, and lost weight, by 2001 I was skinny enough 6'1" and 185 lbs again (overweight but much better), till a doctor insisted I needed Levothyroxine, not 2 tablets of kelp tabs, he suggested I eat seaweed, but some of the sources are questionable? I have had some dietary issues over some seaweeds. I insisted the Levothyroxine would just make me fat again and did. So now I am off the stuff, and I am losing weight again, and supplementing my diet with Iodine tablets (2 this time, I am a big guy), Iron (men need Iron too), and Protein, and I finally got that wart right over the thyroid after 3 treatments of wart remover (it started to come back, the first time perhaps I did not cover it enough nor long enough, let it dry and stay there all day and night.


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