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The first 2 samples: LONG LOAD TIME WARNING: MP3's can take 15 mins to load with a 4800 baud setting. These DEMOs were done with MP3 files, which are mostly short in duration, due to the imense file size of MP3 Files (much larger than MIDI files, which have no vocal capabilities), thus MP3 files are long to load. These vocal tracks will be redone and improved.
"Baby Please" 2005 by ARCHURE Aug 17th 2005
Very LARGE file, long download time (15 min with a 55K baud modem). 3.195 MEG, Heavy Duty Rock, Vocal and all instruments entirely by ARCHURE, several tracks of Guitar, and Drums

"Hang 11" 2005 by ARCHURE surf music renaissance Oct 15th 2005 2am
2.551 MEG, Surf Music. Entirely by ARCHURE: 3 guitar tracks, drums, bass, organ, + vocals.

The following list were recorded on 2 track tape cassette, and will be redone
"Ethereal" 2003 by ARCHURE 10/04/03
MP3 file 202K VOCAL Sample
"Party 151" 2003 by ARCHURE 10/04/03
MP3 file 197K VOCAL Sample
"Hot Chick" 2003 by ARCHURE 12/24/03
MP3 file 373K VOCAL Sample
"Good Morning Spliff" 2003 by ARCHURE 12/24/03
MP3 file 397K VOCAL Sample

. .-------------..--------...-----.....---........--.............- -

ARCHURE is a Tenor (2nd Tenor or low Tenor, but a Tenor)
ARCHURE has a very narrow and limited Range, but uses it quite well
Choir Directors and Professors have always put Archure in the Bass section (1st Bass or higher Bass), and then wondered why Archure cant sing a low "A". Thats because Archure has a near perfect Tenor Range, no more, no less, just a bit over 2 octaves C to D while the official Tenor range is C to A (slightly less than 2 octaves offically required); but due to the "Timbre" or bass like quality of Archure's voice, combined with the fact that Archure can not sing anything beyond the official narrow Tennor limitations (often required), and Archure used to read Trombone music (low cleff), he has (in the past) been stuck trying to sing Bass (out of his range also, and thus has to jump up an octave (oh the shame)), and then people wonder why Archure gets confused. "Granted, my professors at College of Marin proclaimed me a second tennor" (shock to Archure), but put him in the Bass section anyway, temporarily, but then would not let him out of the Bass section (used to it, cant do any wide range 2nd Tennor notes, etc). A Bass is require to sing way below B all the way down to a low G, were so sorry, Archure can always hit a low D, and a low C if he is relaxed, Achure is a low Timbre 2nd Tenor (cant sing the specialty high notes sometimes required for 1st Tenor). In college, Professors Merick & Doctor Krasic often stoped everyone, singling out Archure with "Mr Holley, Mr Holley, please sing me a low B please Mr Holley; can you sing me a low B Mr Holley, please" or "Mr Holley, that was very beautiful singing, but it isn't what Bernstien wrote Mr Holley, sing me a low B please, Mr Holley, a low B". One time, upon leaving Advanced Choir, the professor was shouting out homework after the time bell rang, Archure was always first out the door, and was leaning on the door, listening to the professors instructions, and the professor said "Mr. Holley, where do you think you are going?", Archure replied "I am taking a break before my next class", there was always time for a break, because the next class, Theory, was always delayed due to the other professor's other classes running late, but the professor made me sit down, and told me to wait untill everyone else had left, and to do that from now on, every day; all the bullying was because Archure was (is) a Rock musician, not a Jazz musician; you have to understand the politics of College Music, the Music department is run by Jazz and Classical musicians, and Jazz musicians tend to take a great disrespect and dim view towards Rock, which is an undue shame. Archure loves to listen to Jazz, Archure doesn't put it down, but Archure was born to rock. Chuck Mangione liked Archure's attempts at Jazz guitar on Chuck Mangions demo tape, but other Jazz musicians tend to be very critical). Jazz is so open minded, but most jazz musicians are very narrow minded (so free, yet so uptight). {note: at the same time, realize that many Country & Western musicians are put off, taken a back, by Archure's Black (Afro Amr) riffs (guitar, drums, keyboards, vocabulary), instilled into his fibre and being, thats the way he grew up, not in the deep south; Archure grew up in Hollywood and north of S.F.; and Archure's Grandfather did music production with Soul Bands (we were often in South Central, L.A. CA) as well as Country and Western (Archure's grandfather had strong ties with Willie Nelson, who used to come over and have a beer); many southerners, although initially impressed with Archure's riffs (musical style), soon say "thats enough of that, can't have that here, get him out of here", thus Archure is not headed for Nashville, its not that Archure can't or dosen't groove with C&W (Archure loves Bluegrass and Texas style Western), it's just that these Black (Afro Amr) riffs just keep slipping out, can't hide it}; and, likewise, many Afro-American musicians are put off my Archure's Western Riffs. But if you don't mind all types of music, you'll probably love Archure's music (and that goes for alot of people)

Archure has a limited vocal range, but uses it very well; saying "if Napolean could make it as a short guy, then I can sing anyway, because I always have"

There was a singer in a Las Vegas show, who did excellent, except that she has no contoll above a certain range (which was only a few of her assigned notes), I had met the musicial director a few times, and suggested to him that they write out just those few notes, but no, he was in charge, and she Eeeaked/Screached every night (just a few high notes that ruined everything), other than that, she was pefect. .