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"Triute to Schörnberg" © 2006 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

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This music was created on Cakewalk midi software, by inserting notes with mouse, not performed on keyboard. This is modern classical music, having an "atonal" quality, made famous by classical composer Schörnberg, and also used by Bernstein. I learned Schörnberg theory while at College of Marin, most of my professors (Dr Stan Krasic PhD Music, Douglas Delaney, Mr. Meric), all praised Schörnberg. Most music uses only 7 of the possible 12 notes per octave (on the piano, there are 7 white notes and 5 black notes (sharps & flats) or a total of 12 per octave), these 7 notes define and establish a key, a focal point of reference; but Atonal music uses all 12 tones per octave, thus there is a tendency to have no established point of reference, no key note, thus a Mysterious quality (a mystery as to what key it is in). The main appeal to the ear and mind, is that it stimulates every note.

The Musical Flavor of this piece seems to inspire the image: "Alien Invasion". Archure.Net is "Your" International Command Post in case of Alien Attack, stay tuned. Another image is perhaps Insanity (as there is no clear reference as to focal point, explained in previous paragraph), and lastly, it denotes advanced intelligence, as All Notes are utilized, thus an image of Aliens with Superior Intelligence.

I believe that one of my professors said something about Schörnberg music being like having a Teachers Office between music practice rooms, everyone is playing in different keys. Professor Doug Delaney said he planed to have (and compose music for) 2 or more (4?) live bands playing in different keys, but musically timed to start and end together, on a large open area, where the audience can walk between the live bands.

You have heard ARCHURE's music based on Schörnberg theory,

now listen to Schörnberg's music, below

Here are 2 midi samples of Arnold Schörnberg's music Schoernberg2x.mid and Schoernberg3x.mid

Arnold Schönberg (1875-1951) Biography

More MIDI's by Schörnberg at M