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This music was created on a Cassio keybaord, Midi Guitar , electronic drums (Yamaha), thru Cakewalk midi software. 100% by ARCHURE

"My Valentine" 2006 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)
I wrote this after a date. I did not have love or romance in my conscious mind when I wrote it. But I published it on Valentines Day, and thought, "what to call it?", and dubed it "My Valentine" (date of publish) which made me laugh, due the song being rather funky, seedy, brash, and down home. I have a sense of humor. It is one of my favorites due to being created with the Moon in Leo (only by the Sidereal System, or Moon in Virgo by the regular system), which is not as easy, but a "traditional" time for my showbiz family heritage. It Rocks. Moon in Leo, is Rock. (Thus, I am pushing it more than other songs). Being a dedicated Astrologer and Musician.

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