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ARCHURE with Photographer Miranda, a work associate. Photo by Danny Archure is currently not in a Band. Archure can potentially perform SOLO with MIDI background (full act not currently prepared, prep time required), or better yet with additional musicians + MIDI (much prefered). Adding Las Vegas Dancers to this sounds like a potential great idea.

STAGE FILL INS (especially as a drummer) OR recording (drums, guitar, keyboards):


Archure is currently available for LATE NIGHT or DAYTIME MUSICAL WORK in the LAS VEGAS AREA Daytime -OR- Late Night till dawn, with 250 WATTS of Stereophonic POWER (to amplify guitar, keyboards, or drums, drums are electronic, but sound just like a regular set (not like the MIDI background for this page), hear a couple of my MP3s (see MP3 page)); Archure makes a reasonable living as a PHOTOGRAPHER (evening hours, can work around that), for a very nice company, and loves his job (must be on time for work, it pays the bills).

ARCHURE Sings, and plays Drums (electronic), Guitar, Keyboards, and Bass (Keyboard Bass or 6 string guitar octaved down electronically). Archure has 250 WATTS of stereophonic amplification POWER (for drums, guitar, keyboards, vocals), but is willing to invest in more equipment for more Wattage Power (high decibel, wide range frequency response, with balanced impedance). 250 Watts Stereo with an adittional 50 Watts RMS (old Fender Showman amp). Archure can ALSO play Guitar with MIDI patches, sounds like a Flute, or Sax, or whatever (the flute and vibes solos in Archures MIDI music can be done LIVE). Archure has a strong education in Electronics, with lots of Sound Recording and Speaker System experience and knowledge, to go along with his education in Music. As well as some lighting, electro mechanical, and robotic education and experience.
DISCLAIMER: Archure plays many types and styles of music, soul, bluegrass, rock, renaissance, new age, and sometimes, while playing western music, some soul might slip in by mistake, or maybe some south of the border riffs, and/or, while playing blues or soul, Archure might be so inclined as to interject a western riff (its an unconscious impulse thing); so if your real touchy on this, don't call
A.A. Fine Arts Music; A.S. Computer Info Mgmt; A.A.S. Electronics; B.A.S. Automated Mfg Technology (robotics, computerized motor controls); plus many years experience and training in Music, Painting, Photography (professional); with Theatrical Stage Performance (many years acting, and in college studied and worked directly with John Ritter in acting class, a good friend at the time). Grew up in Hollywood with an "In The Biz" family.
Background Music on this page written and performed entirely by ARCHURE

Archure is a Gifted Ear Musician; Archure does not Sight Read instrumental notation (aversion to it), but can read some vocal music. Many units in college choir & voice class, used to sight read vocal music a bit, can memorize.

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