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The Unauthorized Autobiography
ARCHURE studied MUSIC, ART, and ACTING growing up in Hollywood and Mendocino for many years. Drums age 5, Guitar age 6, a bit of Piano, and Improvisational Music and Improvisational Acting as well as various parts in stage performances.


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I am an Artist, Musician, Photographer, Writer, Health Expert, Straight Hetero (I am not prejudice as to one gender preference, but I myself am strictly hetero, with a healthy enough libido; defined as, I am romantically attracted to Women ONLY). I am Not a Prejudice person, regardless of race, creed color, national origin, gender, gender preference, age, social or financial status, diet, IQ, species, I try to get along with everyone, and man I expect the same. OK?

Copyrighted Songs, and ARCHURE It is a fully registered trademark and my nickname.
Astrological Data:  Born 6-6-53 at 8:31 AM in San Diego. 
Moon MC and Venus 10th, Mercury conj Mars, Sat conj Nep, Ur Asc 
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I listen to Rock, Classical, Renaissance, New Age, and Jazz.
I am not a Jazz Musician, in that I don't have the familiar standards memorized, but am influenced by jazz styles, in that sense I would call myself a jazz musician (not intending to offend those who know all the classics, and tend to scoff rock and roll people), my style is sometimes jazz oriented.

Joe Pass, Elvin Bishop, Mike Bloomfield, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Free, Tom Petty, Grateful Dead, The Who, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Bonnie Rait, Linda Ronstat, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Moody Blues, Byrds, Jack Sheldon, Eric Clapton, Van Halen, Spirit, Ed Cassidy (drummer/Spirit), Boston, Yes, Beatles, Doors, Steve Miller, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, James Brown, early Fleetwood Mac ("English Rose"), later Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Willie Nelson, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Albert King, Santana Abraxis, Flying Burito Brothers, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Sons of Champlin, Taj Mahal, Alan Lomax series, various Bluegrass artists, Hearts of Space (my keyboard style), various Classical composers: Ravel, Debussy, JS Bach, Chopin, Sebelius, Vivaldi, Attaignant, etc. Reggae, Native American music, AfrIcan, Tibetian music, Ravi Shankar, Renaissance & Pre-Renaissance, Ancient Greek Music, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin

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Rock Till You Drop
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MCS: Formerly listed with in the Hollywood Area

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"Todays Music, Tomorrow"
For the Finest "Cutting Edge" of Sound Transcendence Technology with Deluxe Dynamic Psychedelic Engineering for full phase Alpha States of Ultra Conscious Realization Imagery, in practical down to earth realistic simplistic easy to percptualize musical terms.
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Dont Read It, Save Yourself, Long and Boring Bio. Just listen to the Music.

But, the deails are there, if anyone really has to know

Born 6-6-53 at 8:31 AM in San Diego as William Christopher Holley aka ARCHURE (known to some as Chris Holly (stage name omited "e" in Holley, "Chris Holley" (chart link), Raised in Hollywood and Mendocino (Villiage) CA:


HOLLYWOOD: Age 5, I had a small drum set, jammed with radio (rock & jazz), age 6 started playing the guitar my father left behind. Guitar lessons age 7 from George Economidas (who played the Hollywood Bowl & World Tours), and George Jr. Age 8 & 9 lessons from Buddy Rich (famous drummer), but I had no drum set; and had was greatly influenced by Herbie Mann who knew my family (I wanted to learn flute, but he suggested I stick with guitar). I got to hear Herbie Mann play a number of times (at home). My grandparents (Moms side) were from Russia (left in the 1917 Revolution, before the Commies took over), but reading a book "GESTURES" (about body language in different countries), my family traits match FINLAND (not Russia), my grandmother being from St Petersberg Russia, right next to Finland (and she also lived in France, she liked their ways).
PHOTO above right: ARCHURE aka Chris Holley around age 5.

NORTH OF S.F. REDWOOD FOREST by THE SEA 1964: Moved to Mendocino CA Redwood Coast, north of SF, when my grandfather retired from Desilu Paramount Studios): Age 11 drum lesson from Willie Nelsons drummer (forgot his name), at this point I only had a snare drum, and lots of lessons continued on Guitar (from Hollywood CA and Mendocino CA and at The Farm (Quaker school run by the Van Dolsens, Foy and Libby Van Dolsen, related to Joan Baez), and got lots of guitar lessons from Jack Knox (folk and blues), and Michael Mathay (photo below).

Friend: Michael Mathay, Guitarist, Potter

BACK TO L.A. 1966-68 age 13/14: I was in a Folk Group with Keith Wintermute, and a lady singer (forgot her name), and for a while another guitarist Dan Landau.

Age 13 & 14 I receivied piano and organ lessons from my grandmother Mimi (church organist, choir director, voice coach for famous stars).

Boogaloo Walk Band
The Boogaloo Walk Band (a Blues Band)

BACK TO THE REDWOODS in MENDOCINO village Summer of 68 at age 15: In a Rock Band "The Boogaloo Walk Band" with Marcus McCallen III, Steve Nelson, and excellent drummer Eric Geisreiter and a Real Estate Agent (We did Blues in the early Fleetwood Mac style, when they had Peter Green, the English Rose album, before they had the lovely ladies), we did Howlin Wolf, etc. Marcus and his Violinist mom Jeannie Doe got me started being a Vegetarian (prviously I had wanted to, but due to my family I was unable to do it solid till 1968 or 1969).

my good friend Marcus M. McCallen III (new web site to push his new CD): lived around the corner from my grandparents and I. His mom Jeanie who played violin, talked me into being a vegetarian (age 16 - 29, gave it up due to social & work situations, and doctors orders etc, and that was a big mistake, but I was forced into it. Then I became a vegetarian again (despite all the protests) age 39 on, and now a vegetarian vegan). Marcus and I often played music together (we had both been in the Boogaloo Walk Band (blues band)). And we drove around together with "Io" sitting between us in the front seat (prn "Eo, everything she does is magic". Marcus McCallen and Steve Nelson graduated from high school and move to Marin, I was younger and graduated later. I later moved to Marin (a couple of years later).

GARY LARSON CARTOON ON LEFT: As teenagers, we used to party late at night, then Marcus would give me a ride home, or if I was hanging out with others, I would walk home (2 miles by moonlight or starlight, but if there was fog and no moon, I had to feel the road with my feet). Then I would quietly go into my grandparents house (Ted & Mimi), and start sneaking around the refrigerator for some midnight munchies.

STILL IN MENDOCINO and still in high school, but Visiting my mom in L.A..

High School photo, around 1970

I took piano lessons from Carl Schager, who also directed local plays and musicals which I was also in. I hung out with actor Randy Denham, actress Roberta Whiteside, her family. My grandmother produced "Retablo" directed by Chuck Perlee (with a small orchestra), I did the stage lighting for a while.

MORE REDWOODS in MENDOCINO by THE SEA: Photo of ARCHURE (Chris Holley) around 1971 in Mendocino, Headlands

My grandmother Mimi knew lots of people, being a real estate broker, a writer, a musician, a musical producer, and a philanthrhopist. She had dealings with many Hollywood and Show Biz people.

BACK TO L.A. after graduating from High School: I briefly stayed with my mom in Hollywood, and performed in Passadena CA

Russel Connor & Chris Holly aka ARCHURE in SF 1970's TO MARIN (just north of SF, the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge) age 19 in 1972 thru age 26 in 1979: Music Major at College of Marin in the early 70's (professors Delaney, Dr. Stan Krazic (a major musical influence for me), Mrs. Whitt (very nice lady, voice teacher), in theory class with Tom Scott, former TV show band leader for Dennis Miller). My college roommate Craig Peterson (keyboardist, guitarist, drummer, singer, vegetarian vegan) was a good influence on me. I was in a (north of SF) Marin County band called "Raven" (Larry Wiener, Lista Brown, Russel Connor), we played in S.F. and one night in San Rafael (1 bartender, 1 man at the bar, then a blonde and her drunk boyfriend came in, he started spinning and fell right over kocking down the microphone stands), and later reformed a new band (we were real good but never performed) with Russel Connor.

Griffith Park Concert VISITING L.A. I managed to sign up to play for a City of L.A. ROCK CONCERT in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Before the concert, there was a meeting for all who signed up, to attend. I met a bassist and drummer at the meeting. The drummer lived by the Hollywood Bowl. We agreed to join musical talents (I much prefer to rock in a band than play a solo folk song performance). So we played, no money made, but we had fun, and we were invited to play an outdoor rock party near Santa Monica (just north of) near the beach, the next day. So I borrowed my moms gold convertible, and went to the party, and played music. Griffith Park Concert

BACK TO L.A. age 26 in 1979 I moved back to the Hollywood area ("Baja" Glendale CA) around 1979 and used to jam with some famous stars. Chris Holly aka ARCHURE in the 70's

GOOD MAN TURNED BAD around 1982: Due to Family (mom), employers and fellow workers, lack of employment, and women who would not date a vegetarian, and doctors orders, I gave up being a vegetarian (with the intent of coming back to it some day, which I did 10 or so years later).

Played in a couple of bands, played free gigs at Cal Tech U. After getting my degree in Electronics, I worked solid in electronics for years (just as the MBA's started moving both Electronics and Manufacturing out of the USA for cheap labor), I got laid off several times, got married, got the pink slip from company and eventually from my wife. Got told I had one year to live (medically) around 1992, went back to being vegetarian (against the doctors orders, but if I had only one years to live, thats how I wanted it, and this time around I knew what I was doing as a vegetarian, thanks to lots of advice from The Vegetarian Society's Mary Cizmas (Hollywood Makeup Artist), and Earth Save Orange County CA. And with all the health tips I picked up, I lost weight and survived.

VIVA LAS VEGAS in 1995: I couldn't get any reasonable work in California. Potential employers and human resources people whittled my 6 years of honor grad higher education down to counting as zero in their estimation, everywhere I went (this is supposed to be America, your supposed to get credit for your Honor Grad Higher Education). I eventually moved to Las Vegas with my mom (broke and no where else to go, and did not do any better in Las Vegas for a long long time. I am not really a Las Vegas type of person (BUT I GUESS I AM NOW), I belong in the Redwoods by the sea). In 1995 I was living in mom's carpeted garage, I tried out for various bands (didnt get the gig). I progressed my vegetarianism to being a vegan Dec 1998, my mom moved back to Californa in a couple of years. I got a Full Set of Electronic Drums (Yamaha) Aug 2001: I soon began putting my music on the internet (starting with my own web page at Web TV and progressing to Yahoo (good deal, currently 2010 $12/mo for Flat Broke and near homeless in 2003, I jammed at KKLZ Radio 96.3 FM Las Vegas NV jam sessions at The Rampart hotel casino, and The Cannery hotel casinos "The Club" (great place to play), sponsered by Sam Ash and The Guitar Center. When the KKLZ signup's ended; the same musicians who attended the sign up jams, regularly got together at various locations in Las Vegas, including The Emergency Room, Palace Stations Irish Pub, some bar on West Flamingo (just past Arville), the "Island Grill" (Karen & Maryland), "Norma Jeans" at Decatur & Twain, and Green Valley's downstairs "Whiskey Bar" club (very nice, cool place), typically (usually) playing with new friends.

I have always had a knack for fixing perplexing electronic issues. I only got my education in electronics to back up my education in music.

ARCHURE and his PURPLE Stratocaster