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"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here" -Ehrmann

"Its Your World" -U.N. front page

"3rd World Blues" copyright 2005 by Will Chris Holley aka "ARCHURE"

This song is in no relation to the famous Reggae Band "Third World" (I found lots of photos of them on the internet, while searching for photos for this page). This song was motivated, while looking at a series of News Photos (slideshow) at Yahoo, seeing people in 3rd World Countries, and empathy, or sympathy for these people. I believe in International Trade. Even if I lost my career in electronics due to NAFTA, now that electronics and manufacturing has gone to Mexico, China, and Taiwan; (and programming & tech support to India), at the same time, I now have a nicer job, and bought a cheaper guitar (Strat Squire, made in CHINA (not Mexico as previously stated, sorry), same as the expensive Fender Stratocaster), and cheaper goods made in China at Walmart (where lower paid people can nearly afford the things they need, I have been investigating the Wal-Mart controversy, and will post updates: Is the issue slavery? or jealous price gouging competetors? I don't watch the TV, so I must get my info from other sources re: slavery in China, India, and the USA). World Trade, will lead to World Equality, World Civilization (indoor plumbing, sidewalks, medical care, food, water, shelter, for everyone), and thus World Peace, and safer, better, World Travel, World Education, World Sanity, World Friendship, and investment in World Government: The United Nations. Check out my page listing the UN Declaration of Human Rights (with 30 brief 1 or 2 sentence "Articles"/Rights), according to which, everyone, you, me, people in 3rd World Countries, everyone, is entitled to food, water, shelter, freedom to travel, freedom to leave, freedom to come back, freedom to help, education, leisure time, etc. I do give to UNICEF (United Nations relief fund for the worlds children, they help quake and tsunami victims, or starving persons), and I donate to the Red Cross. The American Friends Service Committee is also very helpful to 3rd World Countries in need We, The United States of America, should be Helping people, not warring people. And we are helping others, as well as ourselves (in the long run), with international trade. And also consider, my college professors say WE, THE UNITED STATES, ARE GRADUALLY BECOMMING A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY OURSELVES.

A good BBC Article on this all

There is enough for everyone, except for politics, special interest, and greed. SOY is the future of the world, there is enough protein and fiber in soy to feed the world (you can get 17 times more protein per plot of land with soy than with meat). Go Vegetarian, Go Vegan, stop the enslavement of animals, and in turn, stop the suffering of mankind. SCIENCE is the KEY. Solar Energy, Recycling, Health, Nutrition, etc. More info: (non-commercial)

If you can't already hear it