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My showbiz family from Hollywood knew Quakers / Soc of Friends people in show biz; and they knew this Quaker Scientist inventor of the kick down doorstop John Sinclair Sr, who invented over 100 patents for the US Government, and had a government grant to research Bio Feedback. Your brain waves fluctuate at 10 cycles per second, when in a nice normal mood, that is the Alpha State, but down the street, a car with a damaged muffler rrrRRRRAOOOOARRrs beyond 10 cycles per second to 18 cycles per second like a bbbBBBRRRRRRRrrr (which you should try to avoid verbally), as the muffler roar or the bbBBBBRRrr can "induce" your brain waves to the agitation level of Beta Waves (double the frequency of Alpha 10 cps is Beta 20 cps (variable 18 cps on up aways...). But YOU can induce Alpha waves, to get yourself back on track. These Alpha music samples are MIDI not audio files (and I have a collection of MIDI music, quick to load for dial up computers). I have done some music with Alpha and will post them here. YOU can do something about it (this should be in CPR training). Method: if you think 123 123 like a fast waltz tempo as fast as you can think it and if you can verbalize it with a click OR alternate hand slaps on your belly lft rgt lft, Rgt lft rgt (except there is no comma at that speed), and if you can drum on your belly or a counter top or a drum the fast tempo begins to sound like a helicopter, it begins to take off, and Alpha State is Restored. Alpha can pull people out of Seizures (epilepsy or tourettes, just as Beta can Induce Seizures). Beta induces a state of FEAR in people. The command to HALT or STOP affect the area of the brain that creates Fear. The Beta rrRROARr of a motorcycle, and even Doubling UP on Alpha 10 cps + 10 cps = 20 cps, if you have 2 going at the same time, then it can have a Beta effect. There is a jet fuel which induces seizures, and stored in various tanks, some people know where they, are people like me don't. And this jet fuel can be put into little high pressure spray pens for Beta Gas. (sounds paranoid doesn't it?). I not aware of Alpha gas? if there is such a thing? I think it best to get rid of the supply of Jet Fuel or what ever they are using now; and have brought it to the attention of the United Nations Human Rights page at FaceBook (I think the World of FaceBook), and to Senator Reid, I think he does not like Beta either. Drum Circles can get an Alpha thing going, but if they alternate it can go Beta; likewise the Disco Show can Alpha or go Beta. Some of my musical equipment, which is the best (Korg) has incidental Beta within certain sound patterns programmed in, going fast to slow or slow to fast, as well as passing thru Alpha; and between various musicians Beta occurs, as well as Alpha, but we try to keep the Beta down, and if you can, induce some sort of Alpha, get some Alpha going.

WIKI QUOTE: "The second progenitor of biofeedback is Dr. Barry Sterman, from the University of California, Los Angeles. He was working with monitoring brain waves in cats and found that, when the cats were trained to withhold motor movement, they released SMR, or mu, waves, a wave similar to alpha waves. Using a reward system, he further trained these cats to enter this state more easily. Later, he was approached by the United States Air Force to test the effects of a jet fuel that was known to cause seizures in humans. Sterman tested the effects of this fuel on the previously-trained cats, and discovered that they had a higher resistance to seizures than non-trained cats." :UNQUOTE

The same things (such as certain chemicals, or sounds at 20 cycles per second, like the roar of a wild animal) which cause epileptics to have seizures, also causes most people to freeze in terror, while the Tourettes person may get angered and stand up against it, being the only one left to defend everyone else.

The frequency of Brain waves determines mood.
The question is: Can playing these frequencies "induce" behavior? Answer: Most certainly so, such as the roaring of a motorcycle at beta frequency can induce fear {or even seizures} in bystanders who remember their "genetic memory" {Carl Jung "Man and his Symbols"} of dinosaurs that our pre-human ancestors fled from), or like those large Military Helicopters that make an Alpha sound to induce calm to the large crowds (probably their sole purpose, (as in Joan Rivers e coast) "What? where they going to swoop down and do something?" (they didn't use them on the Twin Towers on 9/11 did they?, I was watching TV saying "bring in the helicopters! rescue those people from the roof", but no. Also note that Chemicals can induce change in brainwave frequency: (Sterman) "....was approached by the United States Air Force to test the effects of a jet fuel that was known to cause seizures in humans." ~
Such as in spray canisters. What did they do with all the jet fuel? Who has access to it? People with Epilepsy go into seizures, while people with Tourettes Syndrome just get lividly pissed, and will tell you so (1 in 50 men have it, 1 in 200 women). (People with Tourettes have shakes or twitches which people often confuse for Epilepsy). Its bound to put most people in a state of Fear. "FEAR GAS"

These are not actual brain waves, but are at the same tempo
"Hz" = Hertz or Cycles per Second aka "CPS", Metronome Tempo = beats per minute.
These samples are TEMPO GENERATED unless specificed TONE GENERATED (New Improved: The Tempo generated samples have been raised from low frequencies, to gamma tones at specified tempos (due to beta contamination). If your speakers can not play notes this low, try headphones

Delta waves 2 hz (cps: cycles per second) DEEP SLEEP

Delta wave – (0.1–4 Hz) ~wikipedia

Theta waves 4 - 8 Hz (cps: cycles per second) MEDITATIVE and SLEEP

Theta wave – (4–7 Hz) ~wikipedia

ALPHA your best bet
MU (alpha) waves, TEMPO GENERATED (BEST) AND 2010 percussion version percussion MU (alpha) waves
Alpha wave – (7.5–12.5 Hz) ~wikipedia
Mu wave – (7.5–12.5 Hz)

10 hz (cps) brain wave speed with CALM MIND. {Tempo: like a military helicopter, or bang the bongos extremely fast, or alternating double handed hand face down slaps to a table surface as fast as possible, as in samples.
LISTEN to the tempo generated 10Hz (above) first, then listen to this tone generated sample, they should be both the same, in that they sound like a helicopter.
Note: the TEMPO generated Alpha midi above, is much better and more reliable than the Tone Generated file (below). The Tone Generated one sounds more interesting, but it starts out a bit fast, potentially Beta, so for serious ALPA needs, stick with the one above
"Alpha" or "MU" wave explanation: CONDUCIVE TO GOOD BEHAVIOR, CALMS PEOPLE DOWN may prevent epileptic seizures, and can pull someone out of a seizure. DANGER/CAUTION: one person playing Alpha while another is also playing Alpha (10 cps) if alternating it is 20 cps which is BETA, so only ONE ALPHA AT A TIME PLEASE. (2 alpha signals in sync is still alpha, but 2 alpha signals alternating = Beta (more below, avoid Beta). John Sinclair SR of Little River CA pioneered biofeedback on a government grant related to epilepsy control using biofeedback. I knew John personally, and as to if hearing certain frequencies affects the speed of ones brain waves, was at the time debatable. However, he hooked electrodes to my scalp, and let me hear my own alpha waves (he said I have a strong "alpha" tendency, more than most, and only reluctantly, and at my demand, did he say something to anger me so I could hear my own Beta waves (below), and the hearing of the waves intensified and escalated the anger, I yanked off the electrodes, and steamed off, and John laughed. I soon apologized for my anger and my demand to hear my own beta waves). Some sources recently say that the sound waves do indeed stimulate mood accordingly. But officially, is it still debatable? have found nothing on the net as to this debate). John Sr and I were good friends and agreed on most things (both of us geniuses), except Astrology. Also note: John invented over 100 patents for the Federal Government, and his first patent (on his own) was the Kick Down Doorstop. HEAR MY ALPA11 SONG, with more details and info

TONE GENERATED ALPHA MU sample (not as reliable) (previous copy was contaminated with some Beta waves, this new copy is much better, but may have a trace of beta overtones, but which seem to resolve to Alpha MU. The Tempo generated Alpha MU wave sample is now better than this (but this tone generated sample is very interesting). This Purple color used for the line below html color #9d00ff Adobe 277 is an approximate higher octave of Alpha frequency

Beta (AVOID, optional but discouraged)
Beta wave – Beta wave – (13–30 Hz) ~wikipedia
SMR wave – (13–15 Hz) ~wikipedia

Beta Waves 18 hz (13-19 hz)(cps) - AGITATED brain waves {Tempo: as in rrrrRolling your "R"s, don't do it; or as in a playing card attached to a bicycle wheel, again, don't do it. Conducive to bad behavior, and a threat}. I suggest that you do not experiment on others with Beta Waves, but if you insist on hearing them yourself (tone generated)
XXX!(Beta) but be aware, it may promote an agitated state of mind for those in hearing range, be prepared to follow it up with MU Alpha waves (listed directly above) or more direct: "Click Here for Emergency Alpha" in fact dowload it first to have it handy and remember Karma, goes around comes around, OK? In order to Activate the URL on this one (safety device), remove the "q" from the URL

I was reading about Beta at wikipedia and it said "Beta activity is increased when movement has to be resisted or voluntarily suppressed.[5] The artificial induction of increased beta waves over the motor cortex by a form of electrical stimulation called Transcranial alternating-current stimulation consistent with its link to isotonic contraction produces a slowing of motor movements.[6]" CONCLUSION: (my personal opinion) Shouting to a person to "Halt" or "Stop" or "Freeze" can put a person into a Beta state (can possibly cause seizures in epileptics? example: an epileptic with family in a mall goes into a china shop someone tries to warn the epileptic that they are are nearly backing into something expensive easy to knock over and shouts out "wait stop, don't back up" and the epileptic starts to go into a seizure. By the way you can pull someone out of a seizure by making clicking sounds at Alpha frequency or pat your belly at Alpha (if your a musician, its easier to get the knack of it by counting triplets, 123, 123, alternating hands on your belly like a bongo or conga. Actually not a clicking sound but tounge sound (too fast for a full click) such as in TTTTTTTTTT. (same article wiki "Beta") "Bursts of beta activity are associated with a strengthening of sensory feedback in static motor control and reduced when there is movement change", thus possibly one can reduce Beta in a person by having them move around, perhaps asking them to dance around might put one in an Alpha state? A good alternative to "Halt" or "Stop" or "Freeze" would be "step this way please", "come this way please". Putting your arm in front of people to block them induces a Beta state (Im just thinking of all the examples I have experience with people put their arms out blocking me, I hate that, example: I was one of the pre-show Photographers (take photos of families in the theater before the show, sell them afterwards) at the Mystere show in Las Vegas, and they have a Clown running around for entertainment and to cue the show to start, Security comes in and tells the clown to Halt, the clown refuses and is tossed out, but the Ushers must join together, linking hand to arm, to block access to the Security/Clown confrontation, which pissed me off when I was new "I work here let me thru" (and I am the Fandango man), and it pisses everyone else off (I obsereved nightly), but they have to do that they insist, as later in the show they have to keep the main aisle clear for a stunt, which is my very favorite part of the excellent show)

Archure Loves GAMMA WAVES.

Gamma wave – (30.5–100 Hz) ~wikipedia

Gamma Waves 40 cps 26 - 70 hz TONE GENERATED GAMMA WAVES is (as per Gamma brain waves are related to PERCEPTION and CONSCIOUSNESS in the mind), however, note this Tone Generated sample does not match Wikipedias list, more below). Note: this sample is in favor of discrepancy with Wiki info, in that it sounds like an electrical generation plant (I have been around high voltage operations which sound like this), and electrical generation is 60 Hz (very close to 40 Hz).

ALPHA GAMMA combined
HEY, HERES A GOOD ONE FOR YOU! Mu Alpha and Gamma combined, ooooh! Alpha Gamma MU combined, Tone Generated, and Now with Stereophonic Separation of Sound


60 hz to 20,000 hz is Audio Frequency (you can hear with your ears)
60 hz is low bass, most musical instruments range in 100 hz to 800 hz, a good sound system should go to at least 5k hz, but to attain a crisp sound, and overtones making a quality clear sound, its nice to have at least 10K or perhaps(?) 20K frequency response from musical speakers. I have kept these low frequency samples at low volume, as low frequency goes right thru walls (keep the bass down for your neighbors please). Speakers with limited frequency range may not be able to play these low frequency samples (try headphones).

April 2010 NEW VERSION with 3 instrument sounds, pan flute, alto sax, fiddle
HEARING RANGE FREQUENCIES in Octave Steps Yes we can hear just a bit further (maybe 2 octave steps up), but not recognizable notes, just sounds
As per Wikipedia (see revised list further below)
C1 32.7 Hz below hearing range of 60 hz to 20,000 hz, not recognizable as a note, or sounds a half step flat to me
C2 65.41 Hz sounds a half step flat to me, maybe its the sound card?
C3 130.81 Hz
C4 261.63 Hz
C5 523.25 Hz "Middle C"
C6 1046.50 Hz
C7 2093 Hz
C8 4186 Hz
C9 8372 Hz borderline recognizable as a "C" note, sounds off to me
C10 16,744 Hz not recognizable as a "C" note to me, or sounds very sharp
G10 ? Hz above hearing range of 60 hz to 20,000 hz, not recognizable as a "C" note, or Very Sharp (identifiable as a note, but not identifiable as a "C" note specifically), or maybe its the sound card?

But for all I know, there might be limitations to my sound card, or your sound card, perhaps above a certain note they just wing it? who knows? If I had a Frequency Meter I could check and verify my own sound card

INFO CHALLENGE: (I am just in the process of writing this article).
MIDI has over 100 various sound types (flute, strings, horn, guitar, oboe, harpsichord), and SOME OF THE sound modules, are at least 1 octave off, so depending upon what sounds are chosen, this list above may be valid (lead 1 square, or synth bass 2), or, the revised list below may be valid for other modules (lead 2 sawtooth, or synth bass 1), I am still working on this issue
IN SUPPORT OF THE INFO: The list above seems valid, in that the low C1 is not noticeably a “C”, and the low C1 is outside our hearing frequency range (we recognize the pressure, but what “note” (a person with perfect pitch could not differentiate, probably). So that tends to validate the Wikipedia info. THE DEBATE: when I was making a low ALPHA MU NOTE at 10 Hz, I found that MIDI NOTE “F0” was 10 Hz, but according to this data from Wikipedia on MIDI, 10 Hz would be “F-1” (that’s one octave below F0, note the “-“ negative sign, below F0, not “F0”. Previously I have made many Alpha & MU wave samples, not by designating the TONE frequency, but by designation of TEMPO FREQUENCY (I know the Tempo Frequency MIDIs are correct), but the Tempo Frequency MIDIs match in sound to Note Frequency (Cakewalk software) "F0" (not an octave lower at F-1). SEE & HEAR ABOVE in the ALPHA MU section: compare the TEMPO GENERATED and TONE GENERATED samples for comparison, the F0 tone generated, seems to match the Tempo generated samples, which Wiki claims is F-1). Causes: This is due to SOUND MODULES. MIDI can make any note, various sounds, such as Flute, Organ, String, Horn, and some of these sounds may involve Overtones and/or Undertones, which may be one octave off (or possibly more than one octave, especially with some of the Organ and Pad sounds). I am investigating further.

FOLLOW-UP: I have found that the second chart is valid with MIDI module "Lead 2 (sawtooth)", while the first chart (further above) is valid with "Lead 1 (square)". More work needs to be revised on this page, more later.
REVISED LIST: based on comparison of Tempo generated and Tone generated samples.
The 11 notes (midi link above) in order......
C1 16.35
C2 32.7 Hz
C3 65.41 Hz
C4 130.81 Hz
C5 261.63 Hz
C6 523.25 Hz
C7 1046.50 Hz
C8 2093 Hz
C9 4186 Hz
C10 8372 Hz (tone differentiation gets vague)
C11 16,744 Hz
above hearing range of 60 hz to 20,000 hz, not recognizable as a "C" note, or Very Sharp (identifiable as a note, but not identifiable as a "C" note specifically)
(As per a Music Textbook Chart:) Only a few Orchestra Instruments go up to 4186 Hz (piccolo, Glockenspiel, Celesta, and a Harp goes up to 3322 Hz, and a Violin 2636 max. Human vocal range (for written music) is generally 98 Hz to 1046 Hz according to a Music Textbook chart (1970s, I am not certain, the chart may be 1 octave off?, perhaps double each of those frequencies?, will investigate) or according to Wikipedia 512 Hz to 2048 Hz = "Defines human speech intelligibility (horn-like or tinny quality to sound)

Handy Dandy MIDI and CHART for determining what Frequency Range one needs for a sound system (speakers). NOTE: a 5 string bass (with low B) = 61.7 hz, the ideal low for audio frequency (if your bass speakers go that low, and well they should). A regular Bass guitar is 82.4 Hz (low "E"). I would say that 60 Hz to 10,000 Hz would be a very good range, but perhaps a little lower than 60 Hz might be nice (but uncommon, most speaker go down only to 60 Hz, if they go down that low. For a full music system, do start at 60 Hz or lower (not any higher 60 Hz for the lowest range).

Sex Waves frequency at orgasm is 0.8 sec or (1/T = f) 1.2 cps (cycles per second) X 60 (sec/min) = 72 Metronome. Suitable for sex background music, have sex in time with the music, for better sex. Also hear the same tempo in an actual song "Moon Scorpio" Sexy Music LISTEN: Moon Scorpio
NEW 2010 Sex Waves 2010
NEW 2010 Sex Waves with Tabla and Sitar
Note: 1.2 cps also qualifies as Delta Waves (conducive to sex and deep sleep).

1.14 hz (cps: cycles per second) DEEP SLEEP and/or SEX (Archure believes that the official reference to T=0.8 or 1.2 cps, is actually, more accurately 1.14 cps (derived from theory, not actual testing) or Metronome 73 (but 74 is probably close enough)

MU wave or ALPHA WAVE based music

"Moon Pisces" COMPUTER ELECTRONIC Music LISTEN {or original ver LISTEN}
"Space" New Age LISTEN OR ver II LISTEN a better version
"Alpha 11" New Age LISTEN  
"Alpha 1" LISTEN  


"Ascending Augmented" Modern Classical HARMONY LISTEN OR ver II
When studying "Atonal Music" and "Modern Classical" at College of Marin, I submitted this idea for a piece to my professor Dr Stan Krasic, in class, and have used it in concert for "crowd control", as it resolves all present Aug 4ths & Dim 5ths (background noises, or any previous oops by the band, intentional or non-intentional), and is made up of Major 3rds, which are harmonious, it works quite well, mellows people out. I also discussed it with members of the Grateful Dead, who liked the idea. If there is a scuffle or argument in the audience, play ascending augmented triads, and it tends to resolve peacefully (quickly)