Well, I finally voted again, this time FOR the LIBRARY funding, as I think that Libraries are one of the few hopes that civilization has.
PREVIOUSLY I WROTE: I have decided to no longer vote. I do have a clean legal record. I was registered to vote and did vote all of my eligible life (till Nov 2002). I can, for employment purposes, re-register to vote in order to provide proof of eligibility to vote (some employers have used this method to ensure proof of clean legal record). But
1) Ideally, I am considered an Equal in society, but I have been treated like a second class citizen for far too long. Voting gives the false image that I am considered an equal. Don't get me wrong. I love America, and the Ideals set up by Franklin and friends. Things could be worse, and I probably would not like it better elsewhere (except, in some countries I can see a doctor). But the over all truth is, I have been considered a second class citizen for the majority of my life.
2) Many issues which I strongly believe in, have signed petitions for, have done volunteer political work for, have failed. If society has failed, and our elected political representatives have failed, you wont find my voting record at fault.
3) The Representatives whom I am to vote for (every category from Judge to US President), have provided little for me to go on. At best, they all support Mom & Apple Pie, and Kiss Babies, which is all fine and good, but they all do that, and so that can not be a determining factor. Often, I am given a choice between someone with a name like Jones, and Smith. What name do you like better? Then perhaps I voted for them, they get into office, and they do bad things? Don't blame me. I am not voting any more.
4) I was born free, I was born an equal. I don't need to vote to pretend like it is so. God and/or the Universal Truth (same difference) has already granted me equality and freedom. I don't need a bunch of bullies oppressing me by saying "we voted to oppress you, its ok" because its not ok. Certainly society needs structure, laws, regulations, what with the corrupt people within society, but they will just find a loophole. You wont find me validating it with a vote. And you wont find me being corrupt, I am an ethical, truthful, good, humanitarian. I treat everyone as an equal.
5) I cast my vote, to not vote. In doing so, I am not telling you what to do, please don't expect me to do what you want me to, because, I have been treated like a second class citizen, ineligible for government benefits which I should be entitled to: food stamps, unemployment compensation, etc, and its a long list, during times of need, when I sought and could not find any reasonable employment, even low wage pitiful work (which would not even pay the bills if I could get it). And I have not been paid a fair share of what I am worth. Even now I can not afford to pay for food, transportation, utillities, and rent (in a private studio apartment), without borrowing money, which I can not currently pay back (written Dec 4, 2002), let alone have enough to pay for a date, and have thus been condsidered a social outcast, undateable. (and I think a person should be entitled to a decent place to live, without having to sharing it with other people they are not related to, a person should be entitled to personal privacy, and reasonable living conditions).

& EQUAL (regardless of the prejudices against me)
William Christopher Holley, top 1% IQ
Associate in Electronics (accrdited trade college)
Bachelor in Robotics (accrdited trade college)
AA Fine Arts Music
AS Computer Operations (computer operator)
All degrees either Honor Grad, or Honor Society
Other than that, I think that President George W Bush Jr is doing a Fine and Splendid job (considering the ciercumstances). I am more impressed than I thought I would be. (its not easy to be President, very stressful at best, for any President). And he rarely sticks his foot in his mouth anymore (fun times over, was it just an act?). But in troubled times like this, he is doing fine job (and was also doing fine well before Sept 11th). Good Work.