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A five pointed star, pointed UP is a symbol of GOOD (anti-evil)
A five pointed star, pointed DOWN is a symbol of EVIL. 
(according to long standing tradition, as well as various Dictionaries of Symbols) 

INTRO: The 5 Pointed Star ("pentagram" has a long history and association with Magic (not of magic tricks, but magical powers).
PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE:  Sigmund Freud, the most noted man in the history of Psychology, had a student named Carl Jung.  Carl Jung is the second most famous name in Psychology. "Jung" (with associates) wrote "Man & His Symbols", which explains in the text, that SYMBOLS carry a Universal meaning (much like Body Language, which can be used around the World, I hear people talking foreign languages, but the emotions and gestures are often the same, and Universal). Jung goes so far as to say that SYMBOLS and their associated meanings are not only Universal, but also Hereditary (a bold assumption to make).
One way or the other, a 5 pointed star pointing DOWNWARD has always been associated with Evil Powers, and the Devil. ("Dictionary of Symbols" by Carl G. Liungman, BL603.L5413 1938, English translation 1974, 1991 and paperback 1994, pgs 298-300 (and pgs 316-318)); as well as mentioned in many other books on Symbols and other subjects. Liungman states "When the sign is turned so that two of its ends are pointing upward, like (example shows one point exactly downward), it represents the DEVIL" (bottom of pg 299).  Other dictionaries of Symbols also say the same thing.  You can find these books in most college libraries.   Colleges and Universities often allow non-students in their libraries (some even allow non-students to check out books, if you have a credit card to back up the potential cost of the books in case of non-return or damage).  But you can also find these books in Public Libraries and Bookstores (I got mine from Borders Books).  
While the 5 pointed stare Pointed UPWARD (one point, directly upward, such as in the USA Flag and the Texas Flag) has long been used to ward off evil influences.

Pentagrams have been found in Palestine dating from 4000 BC, and were common among the Sumerians around 2700 BC.
As a kid, I argued with my educated genius grandfather, saying that a down pointed star should not be reserved for a symbol of evil, that good people could use that symbol; but after reading many books on Symbols, and Jung's "Man & His Symbols", I realized that a "Down Pointed" 5 pointed star has a long time and permanent association with the Devil. (note: the Swastika was used in Pakistan around 3000 BC, and is also an ancient American Indian Symbol denoting "uphill" or "downhill" paths for travelers, was only Recently (1930's) borrowed by Nazi Germany, and has only a Recent association with evil energy, but the down pointed 5 pointed star has been a symbol of evil for much longer).
Both of our major political parties have unfortunately been using "down pointed" pentagrams for many years, and many elections.

Typically, the 2 major parties use 3 stars, which is not good either. Three 5 pointed stars, making a total of 15 points. And as anyone who is familiar with "Tarot Cards" (fortune telling cards, which have been around for many centuries, a long standing tradition (and the same concept of Symbols and Universal Meaning is also applied here).  The Number 15 is also representative of The Devil.  (In the Tarot, the cards are numbered, with card "#15" being The Devil.   At the same time, one of the Best Good Cards is card #5, "the Pope" (or "Hierophant").  Thus 5 Stars, or one star with 5 points would be a Positive Influence. (While three 5 pointed stars denotes evil, as does the downward pointing of those stars).  So use 1 Star, or even 2 or 4, but not 3.  


KEEP THOSE STARS POINTED UP (and use any number of stars except 3 or 15 (15 points in 3 five pointed stars), avoid any association with 15).  Certainly one can not avoid every incidence of the number 15, but when using symbols for major public institutions, be they political or religious or educational, one should take some caution to use symbols of POSITIVE INFLUENCE.  
OPINION:  I believe that "some persons" within political parties are using these symbols to place an unconscious state of Fear upon the public. FDR gave us the 4 Freedoms, Freedom of Speech & Expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear (Jan 6, 1941). (note: actually that totals 5, a good positive number).

FLAG KITS: SCHOOL ROOMS & FRONT PORCHES:   Most "Home Flag Kits" and "School Classroom Flags", have a Bracket, that when screwed or nailed Vertically, hold the Flag so that the stars are "down pointed", but the same bracket placed Horizontally holds the Flag so that the stars are "pointed up".  I used to mention this to my teachers when I was a little kid, and some agreed with me, but no one ever did anything about it.  I think something should be done about it.  Kids should not have the American Flags set to a down pointed pointed star position, when they can easily be pointed upward.  

(Democrats, Republicans, School Rooms, Front Porches, etc)