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Put your self on the National Do Not Call list
It works so well I am amazed

Tips from a Canadian friend, A?

Uncle Sam wants YOU to Fight Spam!
Turn them in to The Federal Trade Commission (US GOV).
The Feds change things, so you may want to check out these Links
Which links to..... 
That page will tell you that YOU MAY FORWARD SPAM TO (easy to do, you don't have to include any comments, just forward it). Put "" in your Address Book, and title it _SPAM (the "_" underscore will put it alphabetically 1st in your address book). Quite Frankly, Uncle Sam has not done as well with the SPAM as he has with the National Do Not Call list, but perhaps someday? Perhaps our economy is based on Spam, now that we are becomming a 3rd World county. Maybe we can instead, manufacture cheap trinket toys to sell to Japan? More Below....

IF YOU GET SPAM with a LONG LIST of ADDRESSES, You may select REPLY ALL and send them a copy of this page (subject line FIGHT SPAM), telling them you got their address from a Spam. And as per MSN, dont bother requesting they remove you from their Spam List, they will only send more Spam (from different addresses)
BOOK: "SPAM" by O'Reilly publications: how to locate the source of Spam & how to stop it (its a bit complex, I have not followed thru, not enough time, I just forward it to the Feds (for now)).

SPAM : does anyone really read it? those who do, are they smart enough to own money? SPAM IS STUPID. Dont waste everyones time & net space by sending it.

AND CUT OUT THOSE FLASHING ADS. I see those and I back page out, cant read anything with those things flashing. Make your own bumper sticker "HANG UP AND DRIVE".