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posted 3/24/2000
A young teenage girl fell asleep at the wheel and ran over a group of other kids who were cleaning up the road of litter, a Terrible Tragedy all the way around, but seemingly "unintentional". Yet due to the fact that the young girl had smoked some marijuana more than 3 hours before the accident, or perhaps the night before (only a mild and negligible influence at that point), she may have to serve around 50 years in jail. I seriously, very seriously doubt that marijuana had anything to do with it. Perhaps lack of sleep, combined with too much sugar (improper diet, quite common), or emotional exhaustion (being a teenager isn't easy, the world tends to turn against you when you become 18). There is no doubt that this is a Terrible Tragedy, but was apparently non-intentional, and I seriously doubt that marijuana was the cause, just the scapegoat. 50 years in jail (not parole).
In the mean time, a Rich Beverly Hills Doctor (who drives a Rolls Royce), hired at Hit Man to kill his wife here in Las Vegas. An informant turned him in, he fled to Mexico; but his lawyer got him off with one year probation, and a $20,000 fine, as the lawyer stated that his client was under a state of intoxication when he hired the hit man. An intentional crime ($20,000 that will put him back a payment on his Rolls Royce, if its not yet paid for).
you decide

ADDENDUM 1: shortly after this story aired on the News, here in Las Vegas, a Dump Truck backed up and ran over a kid on a bicycle, the driver was not cited.

ADDENDUM 2: The effects of marijuana are considered negligible at 3 hours after use, as per "Marijuana Myths; Marijuana Facts by Zimmer and Morgan (a book endorsed by Dr Dean Edell (famous M.D. Doctor TV News health tips advisor), and endorsed by William F. Buckley Jr (endorsement and praise of this book, in the National Review)

ADDENDUM 3: As a health/nutrition expert, I sincerely believe that the real reason for the accident was probably due to sleepiness, due to too much sugar. The facts are that she had been eating at McDonalds, and Sodas are filled with sugar, and Potatoes are one of the highest foods in Glycemic Index (strong natural sugar, which makes people drowsy).

ADDENDUM 4: I feel sorry for the lives lost, and the families of those who lost loved ones in the accident. But thru the trial, there was no doubt that it was an unintentional accident. Just like the truck driver who backed up over the kid on a bicycle, where the driver was not cited. This woman has greatly suffered, and has all along been in misery over the lives lost. Seeking revenge for an unintentional accident is not going to help anyone or anything. It is long past time to free the woman.

(Addendum 5: If we as a society are to take revenge in this manner, then we must act equally to all persons, including persons who killed people in wars, people who kill animals, etc. And I doubt that this is going to happen. Thus I think that we should treat this woman fairly by letting her go. Prisoners jailed for intentional murder have suffered less punishment that she has. Unless one can begin to prove the tragedy as intentional, or not an accident. That would be different, but that was not the issue in court.)

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A five pointed star, pointed UP is a symbol of GOOD (anti-evil)
A five pointed star, pointed DOWN is a symbol of EVIL. 
(according to long standing tradition, as well as various Dictionaries of Symbols) 

INTRO: The 5 Pointed Star ("pentagram" has a long history and association with Magic (not of magic tricks, but magical powers).
PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE:  Sigmund Freud, the most noted man in the history of Psychology, had a student named Carl Jung.  Carl Jung is the second most famous name in Psychology. "Jung" (with associates) wrote "Man & His Symbols", which explains in the text, that SYMBOLS carry a Universal meaning (much like Body Language, which can be used around the World, I hear people talking foreign languages, but the emotions and gestures are often the same, and Universal). Jung goes so far as to say that SYMBOLS and their associated meanings are not only Universal, but also Hereditary (a bold assumption to make).
One way or the other, a 5 pointed star pointing DOWNWARD has always been associated with Evil Powers, and the Devil. ("Dictionary of Symbols" by Carl G. Liungman, BL603.L5413 1938, English translation 1974, 1991 and paperback 1994, pgs 298-300 (and pgs 316-318)); as well as mentioned in many other books on Symbols and other subjects. Liungman states "When the sign is turned so that two of its ends are pointing upward, like (example shows one point exactly downward), it represents the DEVIL" (bottom of pg 299).  Other dictionaries of Symbols also say the same thing.  You can find these books in most college libraries.   Colleges and Universities often allow non-students in their libraries (some even allow non-students to check out books, if you have a credit card to back up the potential cost of the books in case of non-return or damage).  But you can also find these books in Public Libraries and Bookstores (I got mine from Borders Books).  
While the 5 pointed stare Pointed UPWARD (one point, directly upward, such as in the USA Flag and the Texas Flag) has long been used to ward off evil influences.

Pentagrams have been found in Palestine dating from 4000 BC, and were common among the Sumerians around 2700 BC.
As a kid, I argued with my educated genius grandfather, saying that a down pointed star should not be reserved for a symbol of evil, that good people could use that symbol; but after reading many books on Symbols, and Jung's "Man & His Symbols", I realized that a "Down Pointed" 5 pointed star has a long time and permanent association with the Devil. (note: the Swastika was used in Pakistan around 3000 BC, and is also an ancient American Indian Symbol denoting "uphill" or "downhill" paths for travelers, was only Recently (1930's) borrowed by Nazi Germany, and has only a Recent association with evil energy, but the down pointed 5 pointed star has been a symbol of evil for much longer).
Both of our major political parties have unfortunately been using "down pointed" pentagrams for many years, and many elections.

Typically, the 2 major parties use 3 stars, which is not good either. Three 5 pointed stars, making a total of 15 points. And as anyone who is familiar with "Tarot Cards" (fortune telling cards, which have been around for many centuries, a long standing tradition (and the same concept of Symbols and Universal Meaning is also applied here).  The Number 15 is also representative of The Devil.  (In the Tarot, the cards are numbered, with card "#15" being The Devil.   At the same time, one of the Best Good Cards is card #5, "the Pope" (or "Hierophant").  Thus 5 Stars, or one star with 5 points would be a Positive Influence. (While three 5 pointed stars denotes evil, as does the downward pointing of those stars).  So use 1 Star, or even 2 or 4, but not 3.  


KEEP THOSE STARS POINTED UP (and use any number of stars except 3 or 15 (15 points in 3 five pointed stars), avoid any association with 15).  Certainly one can not avoid every incidence of the number 15, but when using symbols for major public institutions, be they political or religious or educational, one should take some caution to use symbols of POSITIVE INFLUENCE.  
OPINION:  I believe that "some persons" within political parties are using these symbols to place an unconscious state of Fear upon the public. FDR gave us the 4 Freedoms, Freedom of Speech & Expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear (Jan 6, 1941). (note: actually that totals 5, a good positive number).

FLAG KITS: SCHOOL ROOMS & FRONT PORCHES:   Most "Home Flag Kits" and "School Classroom Flags", have a Bracket, that when screwed or nailed Vertically, hold the Flag so that the stars are "down pointed", but the same bracket placed Horizontally holds the Flag so that the stars are "pointed up".  I used to mention this to my teachers when I was a little kid, and some agreed with me, but no one ever did anything about it.  I think something should be done about it.  Kids should not have the American Flags set to a down pointed pointed star position, when they can easily be pointed upward.  

(Democrats, Republicans, School Rooms, Front Porches, etc)

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An Astrological Chart Perspective
With the North Node in Taurus (sidereal system), this man belongs in Business, perhaps Real Estate, not Government, and what the heck is he doing in Texas? ("sidereal" chart interpretation, with the difficult "South Node" in Scorpio the sign of the Eagle, just like Quayle (see article below on Quayle)).
North Node in Aries (sidereal system), and Saturn Mars rising, if anyone is getting anything done in Washington, it is due to this man. His North Node also matches up with the Federation Chart of the USA (some believe this to be the true USA chart, as before that, the states were separate, and only joined together to form an official United States, with the Federation 3/1/1781 2:42 pm Philadelphia). And Gore's Mercury is right in line with the first day of the Federal Government Chart (3/4/1789 12.01 am Washington DC), "the" man to communicate with, and behalf of, the Federal Government. But how did a Military Chart like this ever get on such a Pacifist Ticket?, he should be in the Pentagon with a chart like this.
In spite of my Pacifism, I have to go for GORE (the best man for the job by far), and Pray for World Peace.
(2/8/2000 sorry to see Bush Jr looking glum, but I still think that Gore is a shoe in as well as better qualified to do the job)
Other candidates were not considered, as the race is obviously between Gore and Bush (and 3rd Party Candidates do not stand any chance, if you have ever studied how the Electoral College works, a vote for a 3rd Party Candidate is either a Protest Vote, or a wasted vote, with no realistic chance) note: the "sidereal" system (by the actual Stars) is 25 degrees back from the regular system (by the Seasons, not the Stars) used by many. After over 27 years researching both systems, I go by the Stars (get an "Astrology" magazine, and compare it with an "Astronomy" magazine for the same month/year, and you will see that most of the planets are off by nearly one full sign (a sign is 30 degrees, and the stars are off from the seasons by 25 degrees)
Hey, I keep saying bring back Jimmy Carter (my Poli Sci professor says the difficulties of his term were not his own, they were handed to him, it was just the timing, not Jimmy)

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REPRINT from the early 1990's
DAN QUAYLE: Mr Potaytoe Head
As Vice President of the United States of America, Dan Quayle stood against all single parents, when he lashed out at Candice Bergen for portraying (on TV) a woman having a child, and raising a child, out of wedlock. He feverishly, revengefully implied that all of Hollywood was immoral, and thus struck at every single mother, or at least every woman who has had a child out of wedlock.
We need to be a "United" States, not a bunch of States for "some of the people", but for "all of the people", including women who have had, and raised children out of wedlock; not just a country for "politicians", but a country where people of "The Arts" are welcome also.
Would you want someone like Dan Quayle in charge of the Red Phone?, the Big Button? the Armed Forces?, someone who sticks his foot in his mouth so badly over a TV Sitcom? Whets he going to do with the Real World?
We all stick our own feet in our own mouths from time to time; but Dan Quayle has a history (in debate) of being overly caught up, taking things personally, being bitter, aggravated, and angered. His venom and revengefulness do not make him a realistic candidate for a Political Candidate. Dan Quayle is a fine Business Man, leave him to the Business World. Just keep him out of Politics, please, for the sake of single parents, unwed mothers, fatherless children, the media, Hollywood, the cultural arts, and who knows who else would be next? (more Americans no doubt)

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I am now reading "Idiots Guide to Lost Civilizations" which goes into world pre-history, and includes ancient Greece, Rome (nearly every Emperor and positive intellectuals were all murdered), the world has always been a mess, and what has not gone abused? Life is splendid, but we soon learn that we as individuals are not eternal, and thus, we, mankind, remembering how Protest got us our way when we were kids, abuse the world, in the hopes of wining Eternity, and in the process, ruin what little we have
follow-up: I have been saying this for years, and just found out that Hermes said the same thing back in 3000 BC, as documented in "The Hermetica" see...

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Desmond Morris, Anthropologist/Zoologist famed author & TV personality, has stated that "the human brain has not evolved much in the past million years", and since the History of our civilization goes back only around 10,000 years at best, we know that those who built the Pyramids were just as smart then, as we are today. Why then? (you may ask) did they not have the Technology back then, that we have today? #1) I believe we have yet to discover more about our ancestors or predecessors than we now know, and perhaps much we may never know, due to deterioration of artifacts ("dust in the wind"). #2) I ask you back "Are we so smart today that we War amongst ourselves? That we are so Greedy that there is not enough for all? That we cant get along in Honesty? That we cant face up to the Truth of many issues?" Being a vegetarian (oops that popped up again, nothing personal) and researching the subject, I have found that Franklin, and Newton (with 190 IQ, and whom Franklin admired), modern day Einstein, as well as the ancient Plato (400 BC, not that long ago when we consider that past million years back) were all Vegetarians (see my Main Menu, leading to "Health" for documentation & substantiation). And it makes way better sense to be a Vegetarian, its the only reasonable thing to do, eating meat is for idiots, as, eating meat is unhealthy (acidic), eating meat is not cost efficient (you can feed 15 vegetarians off a parcel of land that will only feed one meat eater), and lastly "eating meat causes Aggression, unhappiness, sadness and tears". I know that this may not be so obvious to you, but I have studied it, and it is plain as day to me, that Mankind and the World would be so much better off on a Vegetarian diet, yet we choose to grovel in ignorance and unhappiness, that does not sound smart to me. Perhaps we may have a some Technological advances, but what good are they with so much unhappiness (better than nothing no doubt, but we could be doing better). "Technologically we have gone to the Moon, but Sociologically we are crawling out of the swamp". And even Desmond Morris is not a Vegetarian (he scoffs it). Oh well, if they wouldn't listen to Franklin, Newton, and Plato way back when, whose gonna listen to me?

Graphics by Chris Holley  

Abe with Tie by Chris Holley (pixel by pixel, not scanned, not copied; by hand on computer from scratch)

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Back in the 1970's when I was a long haired musician in Marin County CA (home to many rock stars, some whom I socialized with), I heard on the TV NEWS that President Nixon was going to visit nearby Sausalito CA and I could not resist going down to see him in person. My hip roommates scoffed and suggested I yell nasty things at him, but I did not want to dampen my karma, only just to see a President. So I went to Sausalito and waited outside the famous restaurant, near the limo and security, along with a small crowd of bystanders. President Nixon came out in a rush, looked at 6'2" 145 lb me, and said "buy this man a steak", and as he jumped into his limo I replied "no thanks, I am a vegetarian" for which I was immediately tackled to the ground by at least 4 or more top security in plain clothes. One of the group (it may have been Eisenhower) rushed to save me saying "let him go, let him go" and helped me up (he was very nice). I explained that I had not come of any ill intent, that I really was a vegetarian, and that if I had thought of it a moment more, perhaps I would have not blurted out my "No thanks...." and apologized and thanked him for saving me.  We briefly discussed the issue and I was granted a free Salad in the restaurant instead of a steak (I had fun explaining it all to the waitress).  



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Being a minimum wage slave, I was refused entrance at the Rio hotel/casino, and then knew better to attempt any others, which all had steel cage fencing, trapping the young people and other slaves of society to the "Street Only".
From the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd "the Strip", everywhere I attempted to stand soon turned into the major walk way. Standing between Ballys, Paris, Barbary, Flamingo, Bellagio, and Caesars Casinos, the only place a guy could whiz was on the corner of Caesars, and where could the girls go?, many in the crowd had video cameras.
The center of the street had police on horseback, alternating in direction, one faced East, the next West, the next East....., within a cordoned off pen in the center of the street for handcuffed law offenders. "They're pickin up the prisoners, and put'em in the pen, and all she wants to do is dance; wild eyed pistol wavers, who ain't afraid to die, and all she wants to do is dance, and make romance" -Don Henley came to mind amidst the scene.
I smelled pot and hash, saw several girls raised above the crowd, very briefly displaying their breasts to the cheers of the crowd, guys climbing on light signal poles, and when a black man climbed up and removed his shirt, the crowd booed and threw things, but when he removed his pants to reveal his thing, the crowd laughed and cheered. The fountains of Bellagio were in the distance, and when the clock struck midnight, several fights broke out; and the Paris Eiffel Tower spewed silver confetti for a good beautiful long time.
The Haves, and the Have Nots. The Slaves in the Streets, and the Slave Drivers in the Private Party Registered Guests Only in the safety of Hotel Casinos, with Large Steel Fencing in between. Missing was the Barbed Wire atop the fencing; and the slaves could escape to the cold winter desert if they dared brave the elements and risk death from exposure.

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Date: Tue, Dec 28, 1999, 5:05pm
Subject: Real Millennium?
Some may debate, is this the Real Millennium? After all, there was no year Zero, therefore is the real Millennium 2001?
Time/Millennium is Relative
Its not like we long ago declared the year One AD without a year Zero, in order to Celebrate the Millennium one whole year early.
What Relevancy does our calendar have anyway, What was the real reason for starting at year One. Certainly not the birth of Jesus, as he was born Jan 7th, 3 AD.
Call it what you call it, we are stuck with our current calendar, may as well not confuse the issue; celebrate the Millennium now or miss the party.
William Christopher Holley

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Subject: Legalize Marijuana?

12/28/99 5:21PM
When I tried Pot in the 60's, I was very impressed. It was much better than I thought it would be; and I concluded that it would be legalized quite quickly just as soon as everyone found out just how good it really is.
I remember as a kid when Homosexuality was illegal. And to my surprise, the government legalized it.
You can suck each others cocks but you cant smoke a joint in order to feel real good. Just goes to show what kind of Government we have.
William Christopher Holley

Photo: The Planet Neptune:  planet astrologically related to Intoxication, Dreams, Religion, Marijuana, and most of the things that governement's unreasonably try to oppress.   You can't send a missile up there and blow it out of the heavens, because if you did, it would set the entire solar system so out of balance, that life on earth would cease to exist, so don't even try.  COEXIST

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Written after viewing CBS's "Face the Nation" 12/26/99 with discussion of more of the same
"The Human Brain has not changed much in the past million years" -Desmond Morris, and the Human Mind and Human Body has not changed at all in recorded history (past 10,000 years). Cave dweller primitives were basically the same as we are today, except we now have technology & the evolution of culture. Yet we are dealing with the same basic people as 100,000 years ago, who have a longevity of around 80 years (same as Ben Franklins parents, in his autobiography) if we take care of ourselves (and perhaps 100 years old if we are lucky).
So we pass things from generation to generation (education). Yet we suffer from fear of death, resultant aggression, and sometimes a resultant repulsion from education and knowledge, resulting in ignorance. Thus, amidst our marvels of technology, we find a "vast sea of primitives", who shun knowledge and truth ("Common Sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen" -Albert Einstein).
We live in a world of near morons, who just don't care; save a few intellectuals & geniuses who are trying to make life better for all, all to no avail, as the "vast sea of primitives" just don't care and take it all for granted, abusing the quality of life we all could enjoy.