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To: George Knapp c/o KLAS CBS TV News

Re: Spirit Caveman (oldest Mummy in America) From: Will Christopher Holley 147 I.Q.

1) Zoologist/Anthropologist Desmond Morris says that the Human Brain has not changed much in the past million years, and that Ancient Cavepersons were just as smart as we are today. And, I heard the same thing from a Human Evolutionist (branch of science) who was on Meet the Press (or some show like that) months ago.

2) I heard on TV (I believe it was on Tom Snyder around a year ago, and I believe that the guest may have been Graham Hancock, I have recently purchased some books by him "Heavens Mirror" and "Fingerprints of the Gods"), that they have found evidence of certain Plants which only come from the Americas (including Cocaine) in the Pyramids in Egypt. And the TV guest continued with overwhelming evidence that there were established trade routes from Egypt to the Americas in the times of the Ancient Egyptians. (non-related non-essential note: Those who are against Cocaine tend to pronounce it CO-caine, while the traditional way to pronounce it has always been co-CAINE, sorry, just had to toss that in).

3) As each generation comes along, as every new decade comes along; Society tends to say "now is the time of wisdom and knowledge, now we know what really happened, the things that were previously believed have been proven false". Well if that were true, then in another 5 or 10 years, all that we hold sacred today would be found false in due time. Thus we would conclude that there is no truth anywhere at any time, which is of course not so; but then again we must not jump to say we know it all.

IN A NUT SHELL: We Cant Believe Everything We Learn In School, as school tends to cover over the flaws of society, randomly guess at blank points in history, and then proclaim this all as definite Fact. (At the same time we should not be so quick to out date our greatest deceased geniuses such as Freud, Newton, etc)

4) CONCLUSION: We may never know the truth. Each generation lives such a short time, and passes things on to the next generation; like a game of Telephone (line of chairs, on one end one person whispers to the next and passes the info on, and the person who is last says it out loud, and it tends to be quite different than the original message, and that's just with 10 to 20 kids, compared with 3,000 years or 1,200 generations, passing from one to the next. And as Einstein said "Common sense is the accumulation of all prejudice acquired by the end of High School" points out that most of society is of average and lower intelligence, and they just don't care about Truth or Knowledge, thus great loss over generations.

5) But who ever the Spirit Caveman was, he was probably a lot more like us today than we would realize, and people probably moved around a lot more then than we like to think. They were just as smart then as the people who put a man on the moon, so why not cross the oceans in Ancient Times, most certainly they must have.

6) Looking at photos from NASA's web sites (JPL, especially). I see patterns of repetition throughout the cosmos. And considering that when one follows the rules of Chemistry, there are only so many Elements, and things naturally, by the laws of nature evolve the way that they do; and these truths, these laws must hold true in distant Galaxies. Thus, I conclude that there is a strong chance of life on other planets, in other Galaxies, and there is a strong chance that they could be similar to us (I did not feel this way until I saw more repetition in the Universe backed up by Laws of Science). Perhaps we came from another Galaxy, in a space ship, like Noah's Ark. Perhaps Adam and Eve were the first astronauts to land on earth. Sure, I saw a great, old, Sci Fi movie about this, but according to Carl Jung (Freud's most famous student), we, mankind, have a "collective unconscious", a common Inherited Memory. Perhaps we know more than we think. (this last paragraph is not directly related to Spirit Caveman, but is used to illustrate some points).

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Pardon me Miss. Pardon me if I quiver and drool. Mind if I touch you, just on your arm, can I stroke your hair? OH TO BE BORN MALE, born with the instinct to lust after women (who say "eeewww ick what a Creep, your such a Jerk"). If only women appreciated my advances, but alas, I am not rich. Pardon me if I quiver and drool.

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"I LOVE YOU" COMPUTER VIRUS. It only activates if you open it up, so why couldnt the author have titled it "Want to earn extra cash sending Spam?"

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Poor "Elian" (the kid whose mother died after they fled from Cuba, and now the Father in Cuba wants him back, and the INS and Cuba and many people are all bickering, and tearing poor Elian apart), Poor Elian. Of course there are other kids way worse off than Elian, many are dying of starvation, many are abused, and most kids live in a world of aggression (in one form or another), poor kids (Elian inclusive) 2000.04.07.07:35