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This is covered in Physical Anthropology (core of the social sciences); and is required for Law and Government majors, but forbidden to Pre-Med majors (due to the strong associations between religion and medicine). The day professor Mike Merrifield, Saddleback College, covered this material, quite a few students, packed up their books, pens, and stormed right out the door very upset, during the lecture. "This class is required for Law, Government, and Poli Sci majors; and it's the same material wherever you go to college". READ to the 3 Orange Lines.

INTRO: Around 5 million years ago, some of our ancestors went swimming, for what turned out to be millions of years; and like aquatic mammals that have returned to the sea, like aquatic mammals Whales and Dolphins, we developed "Aquatic Mammal Characteristics", less body hair, a larger head, an extra layer of fat for buoyancy and temperature control, a recessed voice box making speech capable, in water a while and our fingers wrinkle to get a better grip in the water, the rest of the body does not wrinkle; and humans instinctively swim at birth. In 1928, scientists discovered the descendants, of those we left behind 5 million years ago, those who stayed on land. They are still living on the equator in Africa today, 10,000 of them. Genetically they are 98.7% the same DNA as us. They are Bonobo's; and you are an Aquatic Bonobo.

Wikipedia re-writes all the time, check link for current version:
"The Hominidae, also known as GREAT APES or hominids, are a taxonomic family of primates that includes eight extant species in four genera: Pongo, the Bornean, Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutan; Gorilla, the eastern and western gorilla; Pan, the common chimpanzee and the bonobo; and Homo, which includes modern humans and its extinct relatives"

"The closest relatives of gorillas are chimpanzees and humans, all of the Hominidae having diverged from a common ancestor about 7 million years ago"

"The gibbons (Hylobatidae) and orangutans (genus Pongo) were the first groups to split from the line leading to the humans, then gorillas (genus Gorilla) followed by the chimpanzees and bonobos (genus Pan). The splitting date between human and chimpanzee lineages is placed around 4-8 million years ago during the late Miocene epoch."

"Chimpanzees split from the human branch of the family about four to six million years ago" ........ ............... "The two Pan species split only about one million years ago"
In the above quote: "Chimpanzee" refers to Bonobo, as the "Common Chimpanzee" did not exist till one million years ago.

Thus humans split from Bonobos before the Common Chimpanzee split from Bonobos.


Chimpanzees split from us around 5 million years ago, when our ancestors went Aquatic, swimming for an extensive length of time, which explains why we have "Aquatic Mammal Characteristics"; like Whales and Dolphins, humans have:
1) an extra layer of fat (buoyancy and temperature control),
2) a recessed larynx (making speech capable),
3) larger heads (like whales and dolphins),
4) less body hair (for streamline swimming),
5) human fingers wrinkle in the water for a better grip, the rest of the body does not wrinkle, and
6) humans instinctively know how to swim at birth, other Great Apes don't.

Just WATCH ONE MINUTE of this BBC video = just 60 Seconds (of 49 min)
The Aquatic Ape: Elaine Morgan pt 1
NEW LINK UPDATED 2019.11.20..16:18 (old link had fizzled?)

JUST WATCH 3 MINUTES OF THIS VIDEO by Desmond Morris (sounds like Desmond Morris)
Aquatic Ape Part 3 NEW LINK

The Aquatic Ape Theory was first observed around the 1950's; but since then, with advances in science, dna, and varieties of more evidence and observations, this is now mainstream anthropology for most. My only challenge: how does man have facial hair specifically a mustache, when gorillas and bonobos do not? going aquatic should diminish hair, not increase it? but I am not the expert, I am just reporting what I read. Don't blame me because you are a bonobo.

"the ancestors of modern humans spent a period of time adapting to a semi aquatic existence. AAH (Aquatic Ape Hypothesis) emerged from the observation that some traits that set humans apart from other primates have parallels in aquatic mammals".

"AAH (Aquatic Ape Hypothesis) suggests that many features that distinguish humans from their nearest evolutionary relatives emerged because the ancestors of humans underwent a period when they were adapting to an aquatic or semi-aquatic way of life, but returned to terrestrial life before having become fully adapted to the aquatic environment"

These quotations were Previously at the link, but some writer has seriously Hacked the article, with comments such as...... "The hypothesis was initially proposed by the marine biologist Alister Hardy in 1960, who argued....." ...... "was subject to criticism from the anthropologist John Langdon in 1997, who characterized it as an "umbrella hypothesis" with inconsistencies that were unresolved and a claim to parsimony that was false" ..... and then the critic who hacked the article said "The hypothesis has been characterized as pseudoscience. It remains highly controversial and is generally more popular with the lay public than with scientists; it is generally ignored by anthropologists."
A mal intent re-write, ruining the article.

BUT I COULD NOT FIND WHAT THE INCONSISTENCIES ARE LISTED IN THE ARTICLE? who ever rewrote it, rewrote it with EMOTION and no facts behind the criticisms. There is obviously a great deal of medical proof, humans have an extra layer of fat..... a recessed voice box just like whales and dolphins, doctors know that we have an extra layer of fat, but pre-med majors in college are Forbidden to study Anthropology, based on archeologists dig up dead bodies and anthropologist examine dead bodies, yet a premed major could take Physical Anthropology 102 without digging up bodies in the intro course. Lets face it, The Church is long tied in with the Medical Industry. I don't see why The Chruch persists in criticizing the idea, as geneticists have proven we are 98.7% the same DNA as Bonobos.
Proof? Google > 98.7% DNA (many articles on the internet). So what difference does it make to The Church, if we were swimmers or just walked upright to see over the tall savanna grass (the only other theory), either way, you are a form of Bonobo. A picture tells 1000 words, Google Bonobo and select Images Google Search Bonobo Photos

I also have my doubts about the rewrite's claims "it is generally ignored by anthropologists". While it has been over 20 years since I took Physical Anthropology, I seriously doubt that the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis has been diminished in the eyes of science and the universities. If you know someone who is currently taking anthropology (law and government majors require it), ask them. I might be going back to college after a while, I can't get enough, and now I have more time.

Who is the newest? the Common Chimpanzee, God's improvement on all of us.

Had Bonobos and the Common Chimpanzee not split one million years ago,
AND had Cro Magnon and Neanderthal not interbred becoming one species;
then the chart would read in this order:
Cro Magnon,

The controversy, some mistakenly think the Bonobo is newer, and humans even newer, but Bonobos and Humans have so much in common (google "bonobo" and view Photos), while the Common Chimpanzee is much newer with different characteristics than all the others. The other unclear item is, how did some Orangutans evolve to Gorillas??? they are in different areas of the world and look so different. But we now see how we evolved from Gorillas; we went Aquatic. Human's retain the Orange color of Orangutans

BONOBOS look more like HUMANS than the Common Chimpanzee: Google Search Bonobo Photos for STANDING and walking photos. It is harder to find Standing photos (due to religious oppression I assume)

The Aquatic Ape
ELAINE MORGAN TV Interview: In order to better understand, it helps to have some college education in the Social Sciences with standard terms such as: bipedal = walks on 2 legs, or "naked" = without fur

See this chart from wikipedia, note: Red numbers "mya" = Millions of Years Ago, and blue numbers are Brain Size in cubic centimeters.
Evolution of Brain Size

Notice the increase in human brain size is less than 3 million years ago (2.3 mya a slight increase), also note less body hair in humans

COMMENTS: Man was a swimmer from 4 to 5 million years ago, till fairly recent times. Long enough to acquire certain Aquatic Mammal Characteristics, but not long enough for a blow hole as found on whales and dolphins (both Aquatic mammals for much longer); but whales, dolphins, and humans all have a recessed larynx and an extra layer of fat, etc

It's hard to find Fossils in the Ocean; AND AND its hard to find Fossils of Early Man at all, very rare; its considered a mystery? Probably because they were all out swimming in the ocean.

This completes the main concept of this page, below is extra added info and fun

Chimpanzees and some Gorillas eat Ants, we don't (I don't) perhaps we went aquatic due to ants, and they just ate them.

OUR DESTINY: comments by ARCHURE / Will Chris Holley
We grew our brains larger by becoming Aquatic, yet were driven away by Sharks (etc); let us Return to the SEA (the mother of all life) to fulfill our destiny, using land based Technology to protect ourselves from Sharks (etc) aka I am not too fond of ants. Maybe we can bring some Chimpanzees along too (Gorillas? Orangutans?) ~ (uric 2014.02.07)
BUT perhaps I forgot (God Help Me) that women experience pain during childbirth due to large heads, so maybe after some more evolution; or is childbirth easier in water? (currently there are way too many tailless water monkeys all over the planet anyway)

Possible Shark Deterrents: While I have not investigated how to keep sharks away, I am thinking along lines of surrounded communities, surrounded by buoys supporting nets, and sonic, visual stimuli, olfactory, temperature, electrical fields, etc, that deters sharks, in coastal equatorial ocean waters where seaweed naturally flourishes; with cultural education and exchange between living on land for technology and foods, and living in the water

To Anthropology (the core of the social sciences, the study of man) The Sphinx represents the Beginning of Civilization 10,500 BC, behind The Sphinx a photo of Sirius A the dog star, the rays forming a Pyramid and in the lower left lesser shining Sirius B over the shoulder of The Sphinx, surrounded by a reflected crescent Neptune, held in the leaf branches of the United Nations Sigmund Freud's most famous student Carl Jung, wrote in "Man and his Symbols" that the meaning of Symbols is passed down thru genetic memory, and these symbols represent the first road towards brotherhood and freedom

Also see "The Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris

The Aquatic Ape

"Within apes (superfamily Hominoidea), the gibbons diverged during the early Miocene (between 19.7 and 24.1 mya, according to molecular evidence) and the orangutans split from the African great ape lineage between 15.7 and 19.3 mya"

"Orangutans diverged from the rest of the great apes 15.7 to 19.3 million years ago (mya)."

Anthropology (study of man, core of the social sciences) did you know that your just another Ape? except since going separate ways with Chimpanzees around 5 million years ago, our ancestors went Swimming for at least a million years, giving us Aquatic Mammal Characteristics: less body hair, an extra layer of fat, a larger head and brain size, and human babies instinctively know how to swim at birth, while other Apes don't, and human babies (higher frequency) make sounds like whales (lower frequency)

NOTE: We split from Gorillas -8 mya and Chimpanzees split from us slightly more than -5 mya, what does not show (in the wikipedia pdf) is that before the 8 mya split Gorillas split from Orangutans around 12 mya. Between 5 mya and 8 mya we were a combination of human and bonobo, then around 1 mya bonobos split with todays newest, the common chimpanzee, the latest of God's Creatures; and before we split with Gorillas between 8 mya and 12 mya our ancestors were like a gorilla/human/chimpanzee mix. It's the newest species that split, next the Common Chimpanzee will split with a newer type with more dna improvements. I estimate the new species will derive from #4 of 4 subspecies " P. t. schweinfurthii" which lives in the most lightning struck place on earth, the Eastern Congo It was just East of the lightning struck area where they have found traces of H. Habillis who had the first noticeable brain size increase around 2 mya, that area is easier for archaeological digs, while the lightning struck areas have more moisture and plant growth, that was probably the real source of H. Habillis

Darwinism. Science, Intelligence, Study, Record

You are a "Great Ape"

The only reason you are not a Monkey is "monophyletic groups"
Another way of saying you have No Tail = Ape (not Monkey)
You've lost your Monkey Privileges; but you an Ape; you are a Great Ape

You are an Ape after all (previous typo corrected),
"Biologists have used the term "ape" to mean a member of the superfamily Hominoidea other than humans,[3] or more recently to mean all members of the superfamily Hominoidea"

You descended from Monkeys, you descended from Apes, but due to official classifications you are not a Monkey (probably an influence of The Church), they might consider putting you in the nut house if you consider yourself a Monkey, however, you are indeed a Great Ape and that is acceptable as that is what you are. You know longer swing in trees, you are not a Monkey; but you do what you feel like, you hang loose, you are an Ape. You are a Great Ape.

Great Apes

Ape to Great Ape lineage (mya = million years ago): Gibbons (Ape), 18 mya Orangutans (the first Great Apes) branched off from Gibbons, 12 mya Gorillas branched off, 8 mya Humans branched off, 5 mya Bonobo Chimpanzees branched off, 1 mya Common Chimpanzee branched off (the new ones). Religious colleges must teach anthropology and give degrees to people who meddle and muddle up the clarity of Wikipedia and text books. Religion contends that we did not branch from them and they did not branch from us was previously not even considered. If we did not branch off from Gorillas, then who did we branch off from? a common ancestor, an earlier version of Gorilla but it was Gorilla. and if Bonobos did not branch off from us, who did they branch off of? look at photos of Bonobos body posture when standing and walking ( Google Search Bonobo Photos for standing and walking pictures). We lost our body hair swimming in the ocean to avoid predators millions of years ago, we became semi aquatic, but after Bonobos branched off from us 5 mya.
In General Order..... {over millions of years, common parent/split} No Tail (no balance, don't climb trees) GIBBONS / GREAT GRANDPARENT Howl at moon rise Siamang Howl Sound Recordings Orangutan, Gorilla, Human, Chimpanzee (not Gibbon) Orangutan, Gorilla, Human, Chimpanzee (not Gibbon) GRANDPARENT PARENT YOU / HUMAN Why humans have less body hair HUMAN EVOLUTION CHILD GRANDCHILD OUR 2 MILLION YEAR OLD ADVANTAGE

NOTE: we lost our body hair (Aquatic Ape) after Bonobos branched off from us 5 mya, but we branched off from Gorillas 8 mya, we are older than Bonobos, even if we lost our body hair less than 5 mya.

Wikipedia changes around from time to time, but most of the info remains intact, maybe pushed up or down the page, was such when first published 2012.12.18..7:46 AM PST (UT-8) This page is in progress

Our Parent

Our Child
God's Improvement on us

Quotes from

Behavior and Social Structure

Frequently referred to as the �Make Love, Not War� primate, Bonobos have a reputation for being docile and diplomatic in their social and sexual relationships. Their generally peaceful and cooperative society is attributed to the evolution of a highly complex social system.

Bonobo communities are peace-loving and egalitarian. Bonobos are considered to have a matriarchal society, meaning that females have a higher social status than males and social interactions are female-centered and female-dominated. Females have strong social bonds amoungst themselves, but they do not exclude males.

Bonobos, like their chimpanzee cousins, live in �fission-fusion� societies and therefore tend to vary in party size. Communities of up to 100 bonobos will usually split into small groups when searching for food during the day and come back together to sleep at night. Bonobos have a male philopatric society; males remain with their birth group whereas females migrate to other groups during adolescence.

Sexual activity plays a large role in bonobo society; it is used for pleasure, social bonding, and conflict resolution. Bonobos are extremely diverse in their social and sexual interactions. They do not form permanent monogamous partnerships and have sex without regard to age or gender, except for avoidance of relations between a mother and her adult sons.

Bonobos are the most vocal of the great apes. Their vocal communication is complex, frequent and often accompanied by hand gestures. Vocal communication plays an important role in bonobo society. Bonobos communicate where to find their favorite food using calls and squeals and can provide specific details about food quality and preference using a combination of vocal sequences. The voice of a bonobo is melodic and high pitched, in contrast to the deeper and more guttural vocalizations of a chimpanzee.

Google Search Bonobo Photos
Gorillas: "Gorillas live in groups called troops. Troops tend to be made of one adult male or silverback, multiple adult females and their offspring.[28][29][30] However, multiple-male troops also exist..... .... Both males and females tend to emigrate from their natal groups.... ....The bond a silverback has with his females forms the core of gorilla social life. Bonds between them are maintained by grooming and staying close together.[34] Females form strong relationships with males to gain mating opportunities and protection from predators and infanticidal outside males.[35] However, aggressive behaviors between males and females do occur, but rarely lead to serious injury. Relationships between females may vary. Maternally related females in a troop tend to be friendly towards each other and associate closely. Otherwise, females have few friendly encounters and commonly act aggressively towards each other.[28] Females may fight for social access to males and a male may intervene.[34] Male gorillas have weak social bonds, particularly in multiple-male groups with apparent dominance hierarchies and strong competition for mates. Males in all-male groups, though, tend to have friendly interactions and socialize through play, grooming and staying together,[30] and occasionally they even engage in homosexual interactions"

Bonobo's are bisexual and female dominated society, while male Gorills have Harems groups of females (and sometimes groups of males). And I have noticed that modern trends in psychology tend to favor the Bonobo culture with Bonoboism; so myself being sexually straight, I thought perhaps I should revert to Gorillism, till I found out they are sometimes bi also. So I will stick with being human, a straight human, one of the 75% and proud.

"Humans are one of only two primate species, the other being the bonobo, that frequently have sex outside of female fertile periods and that also often engage in sexual activity for no other purpose than pleasure and enjoyment, something that is very rare among other animals"

Based on that, I am leaning towards "Straight Bonoboism", if that is allowable to the world of psychology, else I will have to revert to straight Gorillaism. Thats where I personally draw the line (I have homo rainbow friends, but I myself am straight). I do like the pacifism and sexuality of Bonobos, in that instead of fighting they have sex, a good feature.

I am still trying to find an exact quote on Humans branched off from Gorillas 8 mya, this page is in progress, and next will be how human brain size has grown after the split 5 million years ago between humans and bonobos, the common ancestor back then had a head the size of a Gorilla or Chimpanzee, we have now grown to double and Neanderthals even larger, 1 to 4% of EurAsians have Neanderthal liniage. What caused this brain growth? Was it trying to evade the advances from oversexed Bonobos? Mans dark past, deep in the heart of the Congo. Bonobo to early man "stay with us or face the lighting" and those who did, moved east where is credited as the home for early man. There may be a chance that Lighting may have had some evolutionary influences in mutation of the human brain, and the most lightning struck place in the world is the Eastern Congo, the Garden of Eden. More later

BRAIN SIZE during HUMAN EVOLUTION in Millions of Years "mya"
The first sizable increase being H. habilis 2.3 mya 700 cm3
What was he up to? What did it to him and those since?
note: this is over millions of years, the average IQ has gone down a bit over the past 20,000 years, just a dent in millions of years.
Evolution of Brain Size

Also note: we are not the newest Great Ape. Bonobos are newer, and Troglodyte or "Common Chimpanzee" are the newest at 1 mya split between Bonobos and Trogs, they both have special genetic advantages that we do not, especially the Trogs. Over a long time, perhaps a million years, if it was Man and Trog with a banana, who would get the banana?
This wikipedia article on Aquatic Mammals, as of Aug 2014, does not list Humans as an Aquatic Mammal; probably taking their filibuster time due to religious opposition. This just helps clarify why we don't look as much like Chimpanzees and Gorillas which is clearly established, you would think they would welcome the concept of Aquatic Ape. I listed Aug 2014 thinking it will eventually list humans as well. Our good friends Dolphins are Aquatic Mammals, way ahead of us, nearly the same brain to body ratio (brains), and obviously helpful to humans. Since our ancestors spent millions of years in the water, combined with so much Iodine deficiency in humans, I am thinking the future of humans would benefit by eating more seaweed, but by the time it gets to Las Vegas Nevada where I am, its in rather poor shape, even if it contains Iodine. I apply Povidone Iodine First Aid liquid to my neck to help my thyroid; and I heard that they used to pack injured people in seaweed (in ships at sea) and they stood a much better chance at survival being packed in seaweed.

It has been established that Neanderthal lineage did get into the current gene pool, but when I see skulls of Homo Erectus I think someone else did too