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The VOO DOO Lounge, Las Vegas (scroll down for all the photos and true story Aug 6th 2009)

It was just past a full moon, I went to the VooDoo Lounge for a drink,

I opted for a Jack Danials and Water

J&B Not Veg OK At the time, it had said that J&B Scotch was vegan ok at, but their status had changed, I didn't realize what a close call I had, because it's no longer vegan, and watch out for the JD with Honey, you have pours and bees have the sense of smell (like HAL9000 reads lips)
UPDATE 2021: Johnnie Walker is no longer vegan friendly as of Jan 2021 Check before you drink
JACK DANIELS Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is veg ok, but the "Tennessee Fire", "Honey", and "Ready to Drink" are NOT veg

Smoke filled the room, and I fell into a dream

I stepped outside to balcony on the 51st floor, with an outdoor bar and loud music. The Moon and Jupiter were aligned with Neptune (Neptune not visible to the naked eye). There was a wind (17 mph), and it felt like 74 F degrees (actually 82F or 27C, but cooler with wind chill), such cool temperatures are unheard of in August, I knew something was up; and then I saw dancers in a zombie trance

Wild Music filled the air, and VoooDooo Dancers danced with a Frenzy

Hypnotic bodies writhed in beads of sweat to the pounding beats of magical drums

Whoomp There It Is -Tag Team
The DJ played Whoomp There It Is by Tag Team (no video but different version of music), so cool

Oooh, check out this Video Version of Whoomp There It Is by Tag Team

I looked to the East and saw the Moon and Jupiter high above Las Vegas, with jets flying into Las Vegas from above the horizon


I escaped and stumbled down a flight of stairs to the 50th level (very carefully please)

On the lower level, there was more room and more people. Had I reached civilization?

Suddenly I realized that people doing Vooo Dooo things; there was no escape....

In a trance, I looked towards the South end of the Las Vegas strip

I looked up to the Moon and Jupiter (and Neptune)


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