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FAMILY CREST: My Mothers side of the family (Russian); family name "Imeretinsky" from Imeretia or Imereti, a small country which got absorbed by Russia (area of Georgia), located north of Eastern Turkey, right next to, west of Armenia (technically Asia, while east of Armenia is Europe, aka East/West), and less than 100 miles to Iran, 1000 miles east of Istanbul. more info at bottom. Encyclopedia Britannica used to list "Imeretia" (older editions). My mom's DNA is HV1 found in Georgia Russian but mostly in Turkey (there is much prejudice against their Scythian blond hair and blue eyes in Turkey, that has followed me to Las Vegas, I was born in San Diego myself), but also the HV1 dna is found in Ethiopia due to the Arabic Slave Trade, neanderthal remains have been found with HV1 dna (see my dna link). Archure's DNA. My mother went to Russia in her later years, and tried to do research on the family tree, she did get a Family Crest (must like so many others, pictured on the right). But in the early days of the aristocracy system, this was early Russia. I am proud to be part Scythian Royalty and a descendant of Tamar the Great The Scythians wore elaborate attire (picture at left, wikipedia Creative Commons) and also had elaborate attire for their Horses. They have found them buried in the northern permafrost buried with elaborate attire and bags of marijuana which they carried at their side, they had a city 10 square miles, and also lived in caves in what is now Georgia Russia. My grandmother left during the Russian Revolution of 1917. She had a royal childhood, living in Georgia, St Petersburg, and Poland (castle); but after the revolution she was an silent film actress in England and Hollywood (best pals with Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff) who also wore good clothing with bags, and my grandmother later sewed sequins on gowns for the Academy Awards, carrying on the elaborate Scythian Attire tradition (in a lowly peasant sweat shop in Glendale CA which also did attire for Disney and school uniforms. Many Mexicans, Cubans, and I were ushered into secret hiding places during Immigration Raids in my childhood, I remained quiet as the foot steps investigated just a few feet away). After reading "Gestures" a book on body language which goes into various Euro cultures, my upbring and family habits where not as much Russian as they were Finish (Finland, right next to St Petersburg, she was raised by servants in St Petersburg, and perhaps the book did not go into the culture of Western Asian Georgia Russia). On the non-Scythian side of the family, my fathers sister worked for Disney as a singer. My cousins are both top pro singers. My cousins did some genealogical research which they will not divulge until such a time that I pay a portion of the research (have never been able to afford, being a lowly peasant person all my life). Ask my famous child actress cousin Heidi? (possibly some Thomas Jefferson whom I resemble with longer hair, who had Uranus in the 12th like I do, it hide ones intelligence, perhaps they thought he was fool?).

(many of?) The Pictures on the Right, are people in my family tree, bottom of page for my mom and her mom in family tree. Some of the lists are just leadership changeovers, but I know I have lineage to Tamar The Great & David Soslan

BELOW: MY GENEALOGICAL TREE (at bottom, much of the upper portion is a list of political changeovers but from the same families): from the country "Imereti", more recently known as "Georgia" (a part of Russia, the original Russia).
King David The Builder David Aghmashenebeli 1073  January 24 1125 Aschot Ist 830 David 4 Builder Restorer 1125
Bagrat III 1014 George 1st 1014 Demetre I

Bagrat IV 1072

Queen Tamara Demetre II George 4th 1210
Alexander II

Actual Family Tree: but I know it goes back to Tamar The Great

Leading to me Born as
"William Christopher Holley"

I have dubed myself


My Great Great Great Grandmother Constantine 1827-1885 was the sister of who is listed on my family tree above tells about the small country of Imereti, from which comes my royal ancestory. My great great great great great great great grandfather was the Czar of Imereti

LOCATION: GOOGLE MAP Arial Photo just to the northwest of Armenia (allies).

The Royalty is from my Mothers Mothers side of the family. My grandmother lived part of the year in St Petersberg, and part of the year in Georgia. I read a book about GESTURES which discusses not only gestures of different lands, but also of customs, manners, and habits; and my upbringing closely matched Finland (next to St Petersberg. My grandmother was probably raised by servants from Finland, not Russians (but my family seems tied to our official Russian ancestory). My grandmother was a rich kid, but then the 1917 Russian Revolution struck, my grandmothers family was killed by soldiers, except her and her uncle (photo on left), who took her (around age 13) to France, then to England where she worked in silent films, smoked a pipe and wore striped pants (radical in those days), and eventually to moved to Los Angeles where she met and married my grandfather, and my mom was born). PHOTO of me (Jr High Graduation) and my Royal Grandmother (who we called "KIKI", she lived in Echo Park L.A. CA, and was a Hollywood Seamstress, hand sewing sequins). Photo of my Mom (Lyda) as a kid

Of course, there are many people with Royal Ancestory, there are many family crests with the same basic pictures, lions, horses, scales, St. George, swords, crowns, I found nearly an identical one on a package of Rye Crackers. In the long run, many people are more related than they might think, it's just a matter of keeping track of it, which is not easy. I have tried to search out my ancestory on my Fathers side (my cousins have done a bit of that, I am still trying to coax them out of the info).

FATHER's SIDE: My Fathers parents came from West Virginia or Virginia "Don't cha know?" (my grandfathers second wife used to say). I was not raised by my father (whom I met a couple of times), but I did meet his father (my grandfather) on a few occaisions. He (grandfather) was a minister, who believed that God loved everyone. He visited the Holy Land and wrote several books "The Healing Presence" by J.E. Holley phD Divinity. I have gone thru Federal Census Records (if you have ever tried to do that, its all phonetic spelling, as 100 years ago and before, many people did not know how to write, nore even spell their own names, so when the census came, they wrote everything phonetically.

There are lots of Holleys in Virginia and West Virginia (and Texas, New York, etc), but I could not find anything specific that I could narrow down to a relative, using the Federal Governments data (on microfilm/microfish).

Read about ARCHURE's DNA at