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FAMILY ALBUM: Family & Friends of Chris Holley aka ARCHURE
This is my Moms side of the family. My Fathers side is at Holley Photos

"TED" ON LEFT (with cap in background)
My Grandfather "Ted" aka "TomTom" (name I called him as a kid), got me a drum set when I was age 5, and he taught me how to play (and showed me some things on piano too).

"Mimi" (Ted's second wife). Born Jan 2, 1907. Sun conj Uranus (employed in Psychological Testing at one point), and Sun exactly opposite Neptune. She was involved with the Braile Institute (helping the blind, although she was not blind herself). In Mendocino, she was a philanthropitst, helping many poor families (mostly unmarried women with children). She was a Church Organist and Choir Director, and Music Coach for EmmyLou Harris, Rita Coolidge, and good friends with James Taylor.

Close up of Ted. An expert in Bee's. He would pick them up out of the car window (without getting stung and without hurting them) and toss them out (gently enough). His grandfather was a Bee Expert. Ted studied as a Chemistry major, then switched over to the then new Electro Chemistry at UC Berkeley (1920's), became an Electrical Engineer, and was an expert in his field (Saturn conj Uranus).

Ted had lots of Black friends who lived in the Black neighborhoods of L.A., where he would visit and take me along. He had many Native American friends too. He also knew many famous Hollywood Stars (best friends with Ronald Regan), and had nice parties (I used to serve drinks to Johnny Carson etc). I come from a long line of Party People, my Mother is an expert at parties, and I used to have Astrological (Venus & Neptune) parties in Marin. I had a Moon Neptune party (1970's) and some of the Grateful Dead showed up. I had also predicted an Earthquake that day (recent earthquakes in the area showed a correlation with Neptune, and this day looked guaranteed). So Bob Weir was just starting to tell me off for scaring people with my Quake Predictions, he wouldn’t listen to me, and with one finger he poked me at the same instant that the earthquake started and I ran for the door laughing (for Astrologers, the Moon was conjunct Neptune, and Rising aka Asc). More about my Earthquake Predictions at

Ted was also an expert sailor, and had a 30 foot sailboat in his younger years, and sailed across the Bering Straight by himself. An expert at The Sea, and taught many people how to sail. (Pluto conj Neptune). Born 6-19-1897, I estimate (time, location) that MAYBE (birth time unkown), perhaps he had Mars in the 12th house (trapped in the Russian Revolution in 1917, he escaped by stealing a train to Eastern Russia where he and his pals caught a ship to Japan, then San Francisco) square his Venus MC in the 9th (good education, self made man, read lots of books; Venus square Mars = very popular with the ladies, a real dancer), Saturn & Uranus in the 4th (had his own Electrical Workshop at home, and read lots of Psychology), and Moon setting in Aquarius (sociable in the TV Industry).

He was a top Electrical Engineer at Paramount & Desilu Studios, and sidelined at the studios painting sceenery (and working on the minerature train bridge washout in Around the World in 80 Days), worked around many TV show's in the 60's (Desilu). He and Mimi sidelined in Music Production (but kept everything secret).

Ted's Daughter "Lyda" (Lee-Dha), born 4-4-1924 at 1:15pm in Los Angeles CA with Neptune Rising and Uranus in Aquarius. Born on the New Moon (9th house). (Tropically a double Aries, but Sidereally a double Pisces). She likes to swim). North Node in Leo, Party Expert and good with Show Biz

Mom and Ruby disembark

Lyda (mother of Chris Holley)

photo of Kiki and Lyda in Hollywood in the old days
LEFT: Chris & Kiki (Katrina Star, silent film stage name in England). At Chris' 9th grade graduation at James Madison Jr High in Van Nuys, afterwhich it was back to Northern CA and Mendocino for Chris.

RIGHT: Kiki and Lyda (left to right) in Hollywood in the old days

Kiki (Katrina Star, stage name). Born 9-10-1903. Lyda's Mother, Chris' Grandmother, Teds first wife. Wore Striped pants and smoked a pipe in the 1920's in Hollywood. She lived in the Echo Park area of L.A. (behind Dodger Stadium), where she was the Cat Lady (her own, and everyone elses), and served the Post Man a beer daily. Tropically & Sidereally Moon in Pisces, with Sidereal North Node in Virgo conjunct Mercury, she had a Grand Cross with Sun, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter in Aquarius (Sidereal), and probably had Neptune in the 12th house (and Venus, North Node, and Mercury in the 4th).

photo of Kiki

Chris Holley playing his Gibson 12 string, wearing shirt made by Grandmother Kiki (who worked as a Hollwood Movie Seamstress for many years), around 1971, about age 18. Born June 6th 1953 at 8:31 am in San Diego CA with Moon exactly MC (half degree orb), and Venus in the 10th (conj trans-neptunian Hades, thus the love of Egyptology and Ancient Music), with Mercury conj Mars in the 12th (Mars exactly conj trans-neptunian Vulcan, a well kept secret with his girlfriends), and Saturn conj Neptune (half degree orb) in Sidereal Virgo (Tropical Libra) in the 4th. Chris has a T-square to Uranus in the 12th, 7 degrees above the Rising. As you can see, a strong Neptune (and 12th house activity) and strong Uranus runs in the family.

Chris Holley (William Christopher Holley) age 19 Son of Lyda, and Grandson of Ted (meditating in Fern Canyon, amoungst the Birch Trees in Little River State Park CA, around 2 or 3 miles South of Mendocino, around 75 miles north of Ft Ross).

Chris Holley, on the cliffs by the sea, watching the waves, Mendocino Village CA (on the Headlands, near the Point), around 1972

Ted and Friends, large version photo

other family member photos unavailable right now