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by William Christopher Holley
My heart, my throbbing, yearning, everlasting passion for your soft, sweet, clinging, love. Through the darkness of the night, and through the Suns glittering rays of eternal passion, through the air, the wind, the trees, across the water, through the canyons, and back to the fire of my heart and the Sun. You and only you my love. I carry the image of your spirit, the reflection of your soul, through time, now and forever. Please say you can, please say you will, please say Yes, I beg you Yes, and only Yes.
And I will lay upon you, like a heard of wild stallions, with your breasts upon the earth, and your lips breathing life into the grass. The Phoenix born again, into the moment that is Now, and forever. Your passion and my will, your tenderness and my love, your beauty and my strength, in a moment of time, a place of destiny, a feeling of eternity, a glimpse of our purpose, a realization of truth, righteousness, meaning, and fulfillment. For ever, and ever, and beyond. For ever and ever, my love, for you. Please say you can, please say you will, please say Yes, I beg you Yes and only Yes......
William Christopher Holley copyright 1994

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